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Frequently asked questions

  • Q1. Why are our prices so low?
  • A. Simply because we are the manufacturer and deliver direct to you the customer at prices unburdened by additional costs. There are no wholesalers, retailers, etailers or any other middlemen to pay. When you buy from SofaSofa you pay trade prices direct to the manufacturer free from any added overheads or profit margins. Also, being the largest in our field we negotiate substantial bulk discounts from our parts suppliers which reduces the final price to you.

  • Q2. Can I trust you?
  • A. YES! We are the oldest and largest direct selling furniture manufacturer and have been selling direct to the public for over 25 years. We are honoured to supply approximately 1,000 customers with their new furniture every week and we now count our customers in the millions. Indeed, we have been delighted to resupply new furniture to returning customers who first bought from us in the early 1980's! We were the first company to sell upholstery direct to the public by mail order and the first UK company to sell sofas via the internet. We know there are many unreliable businesses out there and you are right to be cautious about where you shop, but Our track record built over 25 years means you can place your trust in SofaSofa.

  • Q3. What happens if I don't like the furniture?
  • A. We recognise that one of the problems about buying furniture without seeing it is that you can't try it out first. That's why we introduced a three week trial period on all our products so you can not only try out the furniture but also try it in the place that matters, your home. Once we have delivered the furniture you have three weeks to decide whether it is right for you. As long as you contact us in writing within 21 days of delivery you can cancel or exchange to another colour, model or size. Should you decide to cancel we will give you a refund. Please note we charge a fee for collection.

  • Q4. What happens if my furniture doesn't fit?
  • A. If your new furniture will not fit into your house we will bring it back to the factory and offer you a refund or alternative size or model. Please note a collection fee will apply in these instances.
    If the furniture has been delivered into your house but you feel it is too big for the room or will not fit into the room of your choice we will collect it and again offer you a refund or exchange. Please note we charge a fee for collection or exchange.

  • Q5. Do you deliver abroad?
  • A. Unfortunately we only deliver on the UK mainland but we can deliver to any port of your choice for onward shipping by your preferred carrier.

  • Q6. How long for delivery?
  • A. All our furniture is made to order and delivered direct from our factories. This usually takes 4 weeks but if you wish a faster or slower delivery please give us a call. Please note November and December can be very busy as everyone orders for pre Christmas delivery and delivery can take 6 weeks.

  • Q7. What happens if the furniture is faulty?
  • A. In the extremely unlikely event of there being a fault with your furniture you can request a refund within three weeks of delivery. If you discover a fault during the next two years we will collect the furniture for inspection and repair at our factory. Collection and repair and redelivery is carried out free of charge under the terms of our two year manufacturing guarantee. We have dedicated after sales staff at each factory who will liaise with you regarding any repair that may be necessary during your two year warranty.

  • Q8. Why should I buy from SofaSofa?
  • A. In short, price, quality, design, reliability, honesty, speedy delivery, pedigree, British Standard specification, 21 day and two year standard warranty, friendly service, Made In Britain, direct from the manufacturer, family business. Well, maybe not short.

  • Q9. Why buy British?
  • A. The majority of our competitors now source their furniture from Eastern Europe and East Asia. They have done this for one reason only; price. Of course we have also investigated manufacturing abroad. We have purchased and tested imported furniture sold by our competitors and found that this reduction in price comes at a cost. We have found that the internal parts used are inferior and also potentially dangerous (many imports have failed the fire regulations).We have also seen first hand the often squalid conditions of factories in both Eastern Europe and Asia and have decided not to associate ourselves with our industries short sighted scramble for lower and lower prices at almost any cost.

    At SofaSofa we have decided to continue to manufacture in Britain. We have done this for a number of reasons. Firstly, we are able to monitor and maintain our quality standards and ensure our products pass the relevant British Standards. Also we reduce the risk of transport damage and reduce our environmental impact by keeping the supply chain short. Our furniture does not spend weeks being transported thousands of miles by road and sea with the consequent environmental damage. Instead our deliver system ensures the shortest and greenest route from factory to customer as well as the quickest.

    As a family business we care passionately about British Manufacturing and most importantly the job security of our skilled employees many of whom have been with us for 20 plus years. We know that by manufacturing in Britain we can produce high quality products that will last, with a minimum environmental impact and still at a price that rivals inferior imported products.

  • Q10. How does the Sofa Finder work?
  • A. The Sofa Finder has three lines for the main categories: Size, Cover Type and Brand. Within each line are options for sub-categories (e.g. 3 seater sofa). Click any number of option boxes to select the sub-categories you are interested in then click on the orange button 'Find Sofas' to display your search results.

    - Select any number of options in one category line to display the products for all of those 'sub-category' options. For example, select '3 seater' and 'Chair' to view all 3 seater sofas and all chairs.

    - If you select options in more than one main category line, it will only display products if they are common between those main category lines. For example, select '3 seater' and 'Chair' (line 1) and 'Contemporary Leather' (line 2) to view 3 seater sofas and chairs with Contemporary Leather.

    - If you would like to see products with a particular name or product you can use the search box in the top right corner.
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How to order

Purchasing your new SofaSofa furniture couldn't be easier. Once you have made your decision simply place your order in one of the following ways.

Internet - Click On Sofa Finder and follow the instructions

Telephone - Call 01495 244226 to place your order by credit/debit card

Post - Compete the Order Form and post to SofaSofa, Viaduct Works, Crumlin Road, Crumlin NP11 3PL

Fax - Fax your completed order from to us on 01495 248823

21 day guarentee

Your Double Guarantee

1. Three weeks from the day of delivery to change your mind.

If, when your furniture arrives, and for whatever reason it is not what you expected, we will remove it and refund your money. Alternatively you can exchange to a different model, colour or size. Please inform us in writing of your decision to return or exchange your furniture within 21 days and we will organise a collection date. A collection charge will be applied.

2. Two year guarantee.

Our guarantee covers any defect in manufacture and materials, allowing for fair wear and tear. In the unlikely event of a claim, we will collect, repair and return the furniture to you entirely free of charge.

Both our guarantees are offered in addition to your statutory rights which remain unaffected. Our full terms and conditions are available by clicking the link below.

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