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Little or large sofas

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There is the Perfect Sofa for Everyone.

Choosing a sofa is not just about choosing the colour or the style. An important consideration is the size as well as the setting into which it has to fit.

A large four-bedroomed detached house with big reception rooms would command a sofa to match. In this case, the choice is vast because the householder only has to select the style and colour that he wants. In a little terraced cottage or a small flat, size will be the first thought, so the householder will have less of a choice. What they will both want, however, is comfort, style, and value for money.

A large sofa is ideal for a household with children because there will be enough room for them all to sit on it together. When guests are present, a large sofa will mean they can be seated without feeling too restricted.

A big room needs a large sofa to give it the correct proportions. In this case, a small sofa would look out of place and would not serve its purpose. As with any large piece of furniture, it won’t matter how big the pattern or how bold the colour; it will always look right.

Choosing a sofa for a small room will be more of a challenge. For a start, the room will need to be measured before going along to the furniture store, to save on costly mistakes later. The sofa will not only have to fit through the door – there are two standard internal door sizes, 27” and 30”, and some smaller houses may well have smaller doors to save space - but it will also have to be placed so that it is not in the way, and doesn’t cause a hazard – a huge sofa will fill the floor space leaving less room to manoeuvre, making living with it difficult.

A sofa for a small room will need to be proportionately smaller in size, too. Buying one that is too large will make the room feel cramped. In this case, it is better to keep the pattern or print smaller and more subtle, and a neutral colour will mean that it won’t take over the room.

A small sofa still needs to sit everyone in comfort. However, small does not mean having to compromise on quality, comfort or style. In many cases, the householder may want a particular sofa that he knows will be too big for his home but, very often, he will be able to purchase a smaller version. This way, he will have the furniture he wants but it will be appropriate for his needs.

Whatever the size of the house, it is still possible to find the perfect sofa.
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