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Sofa Fillings - Fibre, Foam & Feather Filled Sofas

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Information on the Various Sofa Fillings Available from the UK's Largest Direct Selling Sofa Manufacturer.

So you’ve thought about the style of your sofa, as well as the colour, size, material and cost – but have you thought about what’s inside it? Didn’t think so!

Sofas are available with a range of different cushion fillings that influence both the price and the comfort. You might not be sure what the filling of your current sofa is, but before you buy your next sofa – it doesn’t hurt to ask!

There are three different types of sofa fillings – foam, fibre and feather. So what’s the difference?

Is the cheapest option of the three sofa fillings. It’s also firmer and a bit more durable than the other two materials, so will easily bounce back to form after being sat on. Foam cushions can vary in density, which will determine how firm the sofa is.

Is a man-made material, softer than foam yet harder than feather. The firmness of the cushion will be between a medium and soft density. Fibre sofas are also less expensive than feather filled sofas.

Is considered the most luxurious of the three sofa fillings. Because of its softness, the seats mould to the shape of your body and will need plumping to restore their shape.

Often sofa manufactures will use multiple filling types to create a different texture, including harder foam in the center and softer fibre or feather on the outer layer. Try out a range of sofas to test what you prefer the feel and look of before you purchase!

Each of Our 70+ Sofa Styles state which type of Sofa Filling is used on their individual product pages!
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