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4 tips to keep your cushions bouncy and plump

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Some top tips for keeping your sofa cushions in tip top shape!

Plumping cushions, like assembling flat- pack furniture and unblocking sinks is one of those skills which homeowners learn by necessity. Here at SofaSofa, we have put together a few tips to help you keep your sofa cushions as bouncy as new.

1 - Keep pets off the sofa – If you find blissful comfort nestled on your bouncy cushions, there is a high chance that your pets will too. However, these sofa snoozing habits can soon leave a cat-shaped nest on your cushion as the sheer weight of the animal and their natural oil secretions will compress the cushion stuffing.

2 - Turn cushions regularly – As with so many things around the house, ‘little and often’ is a good philosophy to adopt. By turning your cushions every week, you will help to distribute the compression of stuffing and preserve their overall even shape for longer.

3 - Give cushions an energetic beating – A great stress reliever and 15 minute cardio work-out, beating cushions is a great way to aerate the stuffing and bring back all their original bounciness. For the most effective plumping technique, pick cushions up and hold them in the air with your left hand. Hold your right hand flat and hit the bottom and sides with your palm. Alternatively for heavier cushions, you could hold them with two hands and beat them against a wall or step.

4 - Invest in a high quality sofa – The higher the quality of sofa manufacturing, the longer the stuffing will be able to hold its shape.
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