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The History of Chesterfield Sofas

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An overiveiw of the hostory and style of the famous and distinguished Chesterfield sofa design.

The Chesterfield was originally named for one of the Earl of Chesterfield’s sofas and was commonly found in the eighteenth century in the drawing rooms of aristocracy and royalty. It struck the perfect balance allowing people to sit upright yet in most comfort. Now the Chesterfield is a trademark name for this popular type of sofa that follows the classic design.

SofaSofa has had a loyal following of the Chesterfield for many years and continually regards it as one of its main offerings. Ever since its creation the Chesterfield’s unique style has remained strong and distinguished, holding its niche in the market.

The Chesterfield has a relaxed yet formal look. It has a low back and distinctively has deep buttons that enhance the look of the leather upholstery. The design has always maintained a sense of class and tradition and can hold attention and bring focus to the largest of drawing rooms.

The sofa can be found in royal estates, government buildings, old school, library and university buildings, and of course traditional and luxurious private homes. But not only the privileged can let themselves indulge in the Chesterfield’s class of comfort and style. SofaSofa brings the Chesterfield to sofa lovers at very reasonable prices.
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