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How to make an old sofa look as good as new

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Handy tips on how to make your sofa last a life time.

A sofa is an investment and if looked after properly, it can last you for many years. It is important to know how to care for your sofa regardless of the material it is made from.

Following the manufacturers guidelines on how to keep your sofa looking new and fresh is a good start, therefore removing the cushions and vacuuming the sofa once a week, wiping over a leather sofa each week to remove surface dirt and to keep the leather supple and soft is advised. It is also a good idea to either plump up the cushions or change them over now and again, especially if there is one seat that is sat on more than others.

If possible, leather sofas should be placed away from radiators, fires and direct sunlight. These factors will dry out and fade the leather, making it look old and tired quicker. When cleaning a leather sofa, it is important not to soak the leather. A simple damp cloth should be sufficient, and once a year a special leather cleaner with conditioner should be used to keep your sofa looking like new. Do not use household cleaners on leather sofas as these can often be too abrasive and you could end up damaging your sofa permanently.

Spillages often occur and are not as easy to wipe off on a fabric sofa. If an accident does happen though, use an absorbent cloth or kitchen roll on the spillage as quickly as possible, however one must remember to blot the spillage instead of rubbing. Rubbing actions can cause the fibres in the sofa to become rough and warn looking, leaving the sofa with a noticeable distress patch.

If you are worried about spilling things on your sofa then it is a good idea to buy a fabric guard product. These specially designed products work by spraying directly onto the sofa to create a barrier. This barrier will protect against dirty and any potential stains that make build over the years, enabling you to wipe off any dirty without affecting the sofa fibres. This can save you a lot of time and money in the long run and can be bought at any hardware store. Many sofa retailers offer this service when you purchase a sofa, however it is a cheap and easy process to carry out yourself.

By carrying out these simple guidelines, you can stop your sofa from looking dirty and worn out. Furthermore, professional cleaning can be extremely costly therefore investing in a sofa protector and conditioner and in turn taking the time to clean your sofa now and again is not only cost effective but will give your sofa a longer lifespan.

Needless to say, if you feel your sofa is looking a little tired and you are looking to purchase a new one, consider donating your old sofa to those less fortunate rather than throwing it away or taking down it to the skip! There are so many organisations looking to provide furniture to those that need it the most. The National Youth Homelessness Scheme is one of many organisations that welcome all furniture donations to aid young people across Britain who are in much need of this support.
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