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Cheap Sofas

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Why order a cheap, overseas-imported sofa when you can buy a high quality UK made one for little extra? Eliminate the middlemen & save up to 50% at SofaSofa.

There is no shortage of cheap sofas on the market. With so many UK-based sofa companies importing from Eastern Europe and China, prices are lower now than they’ve ever been. But when it comes to an item that is as integral to your home as a sofa, an item that will need to serve you well for years to come, should you really be looking to buy the cheapest one you can find?

In a culture that is forever hungry for a bargain, people often make the mistake of equating low cost with good value. Unfortunately the two are often mutually exclusive, and when it comes to sofas, very low cost is often a warning sign. Cheap materials, inexperienced workmanship and a lack of quality control will ultimately result in an inferior and less durable product. Cheap sofas that are manufactured in this way will often sag and look tired within a year, unable to sustain the wear and tear required from a piece of furniture that endures daily use.

Safety can also be of concern. Some cheap sofas are not properly fire retardant, or contain poisonous chemicals that can be lethal in the event of fire. Others use unsafe anti-mould chemicals that can cause severe rashes and burns.

While some people might argue that they cannot afford to purchase quality furniture, there are many great deals around on locally made products that are good value. At SofaSofa we are proud to offer our sofas at prices at least 50% lower than the average high street retailer. By cutting out the middle man and manufacturing and delivering our products ourselves, we can provide our customers with better deals than they’ll find just about anywhere. Even better is the fact that all of our sofas are hand made by experienced UK craftsmen, many of whom have been with us since we started the company, some 30 years ago.

Don’t make the mistake of ordering cheap, low quality, overseas-imported furniture, when you can have a superior quality, more durable, UK-made sofa delivered direct to your door for very little extra!
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