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DIY Sofa Beds?

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Are we all cut out for DIY?

Sofa beds are now being sold with DIY instructions. The plans explain exactly how to put together a sofa bed even what type of wood you need. Everything you could think of is mapped out with step by step instructions. What they don't tell you however, is if you have limited DIY skills, then this task is not only very complicated but can actually prove to be very expensive! A length of wood cut to short, renders it not only possibly useless for the product you are doing, but also ends up in the landfill, thus making the project more expensive. It is wise to remember the quality of wood you will need in these projects is quite expensive, off cuts and incorrect wood would just leave you with an untidy, splintery product that is unstable and even possibly dangerous.

That is not the only problem however, if you only have hand tools (‘amateur’s tools’) then it is highly unlikely that you will be able to have that much desired polished finished product worthy of a place in a prime location within you humble abode! The people who design these plans have very expensive tools and the general building know how to build a sofa bed with accuracy in no time.

Nevertheless if you are fortunate to have building talents and precision to produce your very own sofa bed then this new DIY Sofa bed venture is great, albeit potentially time consuming and expensive. For the rest of the public that have restrictions and reservations towards this idea, there are some fantastic sofa beds out there already, that are very reasonably priced. Sofa beds today are a lot more comfortable than they were a few years ago. Gone are the sofa beds with thin mattress, creaking noises and let’s not forget potentially uncomfortable springs digging into your back. Sofa beds today, come in many styles, colours and sizes. Due to the vast range available, you will be sure to find a sofa bed that suits your décor but most importantly one that is comfortable and does the job! Let us not forget the safety factors here also. Many sofa beds if not all come with the same capabilities of your normal sofa, anti-dust, anti-allergic, anti-stain, anti-inflammatory; all of these attributes will be missing when building your own sofa bed.

Therefore, if you want to spend a lot of time, money and effort creating your own sofa bed, which may or may not be very comfortable then perhaps look at exactly what tools you will need, the type of wood, the mess and the safeness of the design, think about if you will have children or pets running around where by sharp edges will be an issue. Think about if you smoke – remember your handmade sofa may not be flame-proof, and more so think about your capabilities and if you have the knowledge and money to waste should you make a mistake. The average costs of these DIY designs usually end up quite high.

Otherwise buy a sofa bed with all the safety regulations in place, one that will meet your personal style, one that will not create a lot of mess. Moreover, a sofa bed that will actually cost less than the overall build of a self made one.
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