Armchairs are a great addition to a living room, either in a matching or complimentary design to your sofa.

From stylish fabric armchairs or traditional leather armchairs, to high back chairs for more support and swivel chairs for snuggling up.

Emily Companion Armchair Limited Edition Fabric

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  1. Chelsea Slipper Chair
    Chelsea Slipper Chair

    Was £559 Sale £419

  2. Chelsea Armchair
    Chelsea Armchair

    Was £629 Sale £469

  3. Louis Companion Chair
    Louis Companion Chair

    Was £519 Sale £389

  4. Louis Armchair
    Louis Armchair

    Was £629 Sale £469

  5. Rebecca Armchair
    Rebecca Armchair

    Was £619 Sale £459

  6. Olivia Armchair
    Olivia Armchair

    Was £579 Sale £429

  7. Olivia Love Seat
    Olivia Love Seat

    Was £669 Sale £499

  8. Sophia Chair
    Sophia Chair

    Was £359 Sale £269

  9. Claremont Armchair
    Claremont Armchair

    Was £549 Sale £409

  10. Marlborough Highback Chair
    Marlborough Highback Chair

    Was £599 Sale £449

  11. Tomos Armchair
    Tomos Armchair

    Was £399 Sale £299

  12. Tomos Love Seat
    Tomos Love Seat

    Was £479 Sale £359

  13. Poppy Swivel Chair
    Poppy Swivel Chair

    Was £479 Sale £359

  14. Poppy Armchair
    Poppy Armchair

    Was £399 Sale £299

  15. Mia Armchair
    Mia Armchair

    Was £539 Sale £399

  16. Highgrove Highback Chair
    Highgrove Highback Chair

    Was £629 Sale £469

  17. Richmond Companion Chair
    Richmond Companion Chair

    Was £469 Sale £349

  18. Denver Armchair
    Denver Armchair

    Was £429 Sale £319

  19. Portofino Armchair
    Portofino Armchair

    Was £719 Sale £539

  20. Amalfi Armchair
    Amalfi Armchair

    Was £399 Sale £299

  21. Elton Single Unit
    Elton Single Unit

    Was £299 Sale £219

  22. Emily Companion Chair
    Emily Companion Chair

    Was £469 Sale £349

  23. Belgravia Club Chair
    Belgravia Club Chair

    Was £1,179 Sale £849

  24. Radley Armchair
    Radley Armchair

    Was £589 Sale £439

  25. Blenheim Armchair
    Blenheim Armchair

    Was £479 Sale £359

  26. Blenheim Highback Chair
    Blenheim Highback Chair

    Was £519 Sale £389

  27. Warwick Armchair
    Warwick Armchair

    Was £479 Sale £359

  28. Highgrove Armchair
    Highgrove Armchair

    Was £659 Sale £489

  29. Wilmington Leather Highback Chair
    Wilmington Leather Highback Chair

    Was £929 Sale £669

  30. Burlington Leather Highback Chair
    Burlington Leather Highback Chair

    Was £1,049 Sale £749

Items 1 to 30 of 108

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At SofaSofa we have designed a matching armchair for all our sofa models, plus we also offer a range of coordinating chairs like the Giles to either complement your sofa, or for use as a single occasional piece around the home.

From modern to traditional, fabric to leather, mocha to teal, striped to plain, we provide a vast choice of styles, colours and patterns to suit all tastes. Our chairs really do come in a huge range of shapes, from the classic reclining High Back, perfect for Grandpa, to the ultra modern Marino swivel on a fully rotating chrome metal base.

Armchairs aren’t just for the living room. Increasingly we are using them to good effect in hallways, bedrooms and any little corner that we can think of. In fact they can be a very useful and stylish addition to most rooms around the house.

And of course they provide that little bit of extra support plus that special feeling of cocooned safety that you don’t necessarily get from a sofa. That special feeling when we relax into our favourite armchair is the reason we have a particular love affair with these little charmers.