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  • We think this handsome chap must have used his #puppydogeyes to get up on the sofa!šŸ„° https://t.co/1NxrJWo1vD
    Jun 18th 2019
  • New models are now available to view in our showroom with the added bonus of 25% discount throughout Juneā€¦ https://t.co/ygc9UywUeE
    Jun 13th 2019
  • @Keenleigh999 Sorry only just seeing this message! It was lovely to speak to you just now. I'll be in touch tomorrā€¦ https://t.co/6mJOfdsZn3
    Jun 07th 2019
  • @Keenleigh999 Yes of course. Please DM us your details and we'll have a look at your order history.
    Jun 07th 2019
  • @Keenleigh999 When were the scatters replaced last time please?
    Jun 07th 2019