10 Warm Weather Activities to Enjoy Summer Living


Are you dreaming of summer? Us too! The Great British weather is, of course, notoriously disappointing, though, which means that it’s imperative we make the most of every last drop of sunshine.

Here are some of my favourite ideas on fun ways to spend sunny days. From food to games, and backyard ideas to trips out, these really are essential. What’s more, these ideas don’t have to cost lots of cash, so you won’t end up with an empty wallet. Bring on the summer!

1. Have a picnic

Summer Picnic
Image credit: Michell Zappa

There’s something about a picnic hamper that just screams ‘summer’. Head to a local beauty spot, or simply throw a blanket on your lawn for an impromptu al fresco lunch. Combine sandwiches, cocktail sausages, cupcakes and other finger food for an easy lunch that everyone can dive into.

Emily from Recipes and Reviews shares a delicious recipe for scotch eggs on her blog – a must for any picnic. “With the picnic season soon upon us - chorizo style scotch eggs had to happen. With a hint of sweet paprika and a bit of a kick, these can be made as hard or soft boiled scotch eggs to your liking. So simple and really satisfying to make.”


2. Go camping

Even if it’s only in your back garden, or, heck, in your living room if you haven’t got any outdoor space. I think it’s written in law somewhere that each citizen of the British Isles has to put up a tent at least once a year. And no, you don’t need to have kids to have an excuse for camping in your garden.

Of course, if you are far too embarrassed to camp in your back garden, then there are plenty of places to explore in the UK. Why not pack up the tent, a couple of sleeping bags and a few tins of beans and discover a bit of the UK that you’ve never seen before?

Terry Abraham should inspire you with this post about wild camping on his blog. “When I find a sheltered spot with a water source nearby, I love watching for hours the ever-changing moods of the mountains as the sun goes down, and the clouds race or creep over the summits, all in perfect peace and solitude,” says Terry. Bliss.


3. Play garden games

Summer Garden Games Croquet
Image credit: James Lee

Whether it’s a high octane game of Twister or something more refined like croquet, make the most of the warm weather by playing outside and using the space that you might not usually get to enjoy to its fullest. Again – no children are required to enjoy this activity, though I’m sure garden games will be a big hit with any little ones in your life!

Why not set yourself a challenge of playing a different game every day for a fortnight? It’s a great excuse to get your friends around, and you’ll probably find that the activity that garden games tend to involve will make you feel a bit healthier, too.


4. Have a water fight

Summer Water Fight
Image credit: JohntheScone

When it’s really baking hot, there’s nothing better than a water fight. Choose your weapons of choice – water balloons or pistols? Maybe a humble bucket? Or perhaps you turn your nose up at anything smaller than a super soaker?

Slap on the waterproof sunscreen, get your swimming costumes on, and cool down with a good old fashioned water fight. It’s a great way to get a bit of exercise in, too!


5. Throw a barbecue

Summer BBQ
Image credit: Luke Jones

Burgers and hotdogs and coleslaw, oh my! The scent of a barbecue is practically synonymous with summer, and if your street is anything like mine, the first time the sun pops its hat on every garden is filled with the delicious smells of charred meat. There’s something about the arrival of summer that demands a burger raised in celebration.

Invite your friends around, invest in a proper barbecue (optimism is a wonderful trait) and make some homemade burgers and potato salad. Then, of course, it’s obligatory to eat as many hotdogs as is humanly possible.


6. Go to the seaside

British Beach at Summertime
Image credit: Robert Pittman

A stick of rock and a portion of fish and chips should transport you straight back to your childhood, but the seaside has much more to offer than delicious food. Sandcastles! Paddling in the sea! Penny arcades! You could even learn to surf if you liked, or go for an early morning run along the beach.

If a trip to the seaside is off the cards, why not bring the seaside to you? Grab a paddling pool and a sandpit for the garden if you’ve got little ones, or if you’re a big kid who just wants to play (which I completely endorse). You could even throw a beach-themed party, with guests coming in their best swimming costumes, and serve fish and chips for everyone. Fun!


7. Explore your local park

Richmond Park London Summer
Image credit: Mark Hillary

If you’re anything like me, there’ll be a local nature spot not too far from your house that you’ve always meant to visit, but you’ve never got around to it. Go and explore your local woodland, parks, and green spaces.

It’s good for both your body and your mood – according to The University of Rochester, research has found that “Being outside in nature for just 20 minutes in a day was enough to significantly boost vitality levels.”


8. Make ice cream and lollies

A little time in the kitchen will result in some delicious frozen desserts that will help to cool you down on a hot day. And believe it or not, you don’t need an ice cream machine to make ice cream, as the folks at Baking Mad explain in this post on how to make pistachio ice cream.

Why not experiment with lolly flavours, too? All you’ll need is a lolly mould, a freezer, and some imagination. Try fresh fruit with lemonade; chocolate milk; or perhaps a boozy version for grown-ups.


9. Pick your own strawberries

Strawberry Picking Summer
Image credit: Rob Bertholf

Strawberries and cream – the quintessential British summer dessert – is for the whole of summer, not just for Wimbledon. And what tastes better than freshly picked strawberries?

Picking your own fruit is a wonderful way to spend a day, especially if you have little ones who are learning about where food comes from. It’s a great way to support your local farmers and get in touch with nature, too.


10. Go fishing

Fishing Summer UK
Image credit: Wapster

Catching your own fish, just like picking your own fruit, always results in a tastier meal, alongside a big helping of satisfaction. It’s a great excuse to explore Britain’s rivers and lakes, and if you’ve never fished before, then it’s a wonderful new skill to try.

And if you don’t manage to catch anything, you can always tell the story of the huge monster fish that got away – we won’t tell if you don’t!


I hope that my humble list has inspired you to think of fun and new ways to get outside and enjoy the sunshine this summer. Of course, remember to always apply plenty of sun cream and drink lots of water whenever you’re outside in the sun – even the British weather can cause sunburn!

Which ideas would you add to this list?

Whatever you choose to do this summer, have fun!

Posted in Lifestyle on 1st Jul 2015


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