11 Cosy Living Room Rugs


What do we think of when we’re designing our homes? Painted walls, carpeted or natural flooring, stylish furniture. But wait right there: you need a rug! Often seen as an average piece of material, rugs haven’t been given the love they really deserve. The truth is, most rooms that don’t have a rug in them could benefit from having one, and a room that has a rug in it would look pretty bare without it.

People often overlook the fact that rugs can be a key feature piece of a room and they’re an easy fixture to change if you want to shake things up a bit. A good rug can be like a warm hug for your floor, and add warmth and vibrancy to a room.

With the cold weather setting in, it’s important to keep your house comfortable and cosy as well as stylish, and often a simple rug could be the answer. So let’s take a minute to appreciate the unsung heroes of our floors!


1. Squiggle

living roomImage Credit: Kazuho Okui

Nothing brightens up a cold room like an eye-catching pattern. A busy squiggle rug design has become a classic part of the modern home; it goes best with minimalist furniture and a slick interior design. Think smooth surfaces, spots of colour, and neutral wall paint, so your squiggle rug makes an impact.


2. Stand out

bold living roomImage Credit: Emily May

Eye-catching rugs are the way to go if you’re wanting to liven up a room and show a bit of personality. Big and bold designs can match patterned cushions or busy carpets - you can always partially cover it with a coffee table so that guests get a peek of it when they sit down. Think patterns, primary colours, and a good texture that’s comfortable for bare feet.


3. Weave

living room rugImage Credit: Jessica Spengler

For some rooms, plain and practical works best; weave rugs can be made from different materials, but ideally you want your rug to be flat and match the floor colour. Think spare bedrooms, laundry room, or downstairs bathroom; a simple design of rug will make a change from a cold floor without changing the style of the room.


4. Persian

living room accessoryImage Credit: Jessica Spengler

This is a heavy material rug with beautiful designs that deserve showing off. Persian rugs are made for displaying, so keep coverage to a minimum. Think bookshelves, wooden floors and house plants, all of which contribute to the rich colours and patterns of the rug.


5. Squared

living room rugsImage Credit: designmilk

You might think a square or chequered rug is too garish, but don’t worry, they’re surprisingly easy to include in your home design. The trick is choosing a room that has a bold design. Think square frames, large surfaces and different levels.


6. Cream

cream rugImage Credit: mattwalker69

Cream can handle almost any interior design. If you have bold-coloured cushions, a cream rug won’t detract attention. On the other hand, if you have a simple shade for your walls, a cream rug will match the tone. Think polished floors, simple elegant colour combinations, and don’t be afraid of adding house plants to the room design; a cream rug can take it.


7. Wool

wool rugImage Credit: Karen

Cosy but practical, a wool rug is durable as well as stylish. Softer ones will suit bedrooms, but rugs made from thinner wool are just as useful for living rooms because you can wear shoes on them without ruining the rug, and most come in simple but beautiful shades. Think units and furniture that you stand by most of the day and could do with something comfortable to stand on!


8. Celtic

sofa rugImage Credit: Elise Dicharry

The great thing about Celtic rugs is that they have a regular continuous pattern. Classic designs will be in one of two colours with an intricate pattern; this means it can add a spot of detail to a room that has basic colour blocking. Think deep colours, clean cut furniture, and try not to cover up the rug too much.


9. Large

large rugImage Credit: shizzi

Go large with a rug that can cover a good portion of a room. There’s nothing like a really big rug to make a room comfortable; it adds another texture to the carpet or floor, and adds another colour to the design of your room. Think about covering the floors of dining rooms, sitting rooms or bedrooms for extra comfort on those cold mornings!


10. Round

round rugImage Credit: Geneva Vanderzeil

Who needs squares or rectangles? Think outside the box, and try a round shape for your rug. Not only does this make for interesting designs such as swirls, rainbow shades or alternating braids, it can be the perfect addition for smaller furniture or children’s rooms. Think coffee tables, bathroom and kitchen sinks, and bedroom side tables.


11. Zig-zag

living room rugsImage Credit: iris


Bring a fresh design into your home with a zig-zag rug. A monochrome one like this won’t just look great; pastel colours also work wonderfully too. Simple patterns like this look great in natural light, and just as good in gentle low lighting when the evenings get darker. Let a zig-zag rug take centre stage in a plain room, or placed underneath a coffee table.



Let’s face it; rugs are awesome. For a humble piece of material, it’s amazing how much living room rugs can add to a room. It can make all the difference in turning a cold and impersonal house into a warm home that’s got real character and style to it. There’s a rug to suit every living room, so get out there and find one that’s for you!

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