11 reasons you should just stay in tonight: It's cold, you're poor and the sofa is comfy


Do you really want to go out tonight? Yes, your friends may well be putting pressure on you to go to that new, trendy bar in town, but if all of your instincts are telling you that you’d rather trade the bar stool for your sofa, then you’re well within your rights to make your excuses. 

Stay in Tonight

If it's not your friends pressuring you, perhaps it’s your own mind that is making you feel guilty for wanting to stay in? If you're in this camp, I'm here today to remove your guilt with 11 reasons why staying in is a wonderful idea. So read on, preferably from the comfort of your sofa. And turn your phone off.

1. Your sofa is a haven

Ah, the sofa. Nowhere do I feel more snug and secure than when curled up on my comfy settee. And there’s something oddly satisfying about snuggling up on the sofa when the weather outside is frightful. I feel a song coming on…

Toledo Sofa

Toledo range from SofaSofa

If you’ve invested in the sofa of your dreams, then now is the time to make the most of it. Break out the hot chocolate (with added marshmallows, naturally), put your favourite pyjamas on and indulge in a little comfortable luxury. You deserve it.

2. You need to replenish funds

According to YouGov, British households planned to spend £821 on Christmas last year, and the BBC reported that £1.2bn was “expected to be spent by UK shoppers on the last Saturday before Christmas” alone. Yikes – I can almost hear the wallets crying.

Unless you managed to avoid the frantic spending of the festive season, chances are you're still trying to replenish your piggy bank in time for the warm weather, and there’s no better time to do so than when it’s still cold outside. For more tips on saving cash this month, head to Miss Thrifty, where you can find advice on everything from personal finance to food and holidays.

3. Netflix is your friend

Or Channel Four, or YouTube, or whichever entertainment provider you prefer. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, there’s a wealth of information and entertainment out there at your fingertips, and you can enjoy it all in the comfort of your own home. So why go anywhere else?

I recommend starting a new box set, which can provide many, many hours of entertainment. However, be warned – you may get so addicted that you want to call in sick to work to find out what happens next. Especially if you’re watching Breaking Bad for the first time.

4. Books are great

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a reading list as long as your arm but very little time to work your way through it. Take advantage of the awful weather outside and use the opportunity to enjoy a little ‘me time’. As Lana Winter-Hébert at Lifehack writes, reading is good for you – it can even help to “slow the progress (or possibly even prevent) Dementia,”.

As well as helping to keep your mind active, books transport you to another world. If you are desperate for summer to arrive, you could do a lot worse than reading a book set in a tropical country. It’s much cheaper than a holiday!

5. Cats are cuddly

The above also applies to dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits – anything furry and fluffy. According to the Sunday Express, “nine out of ten cat owners say snuggling up with their pet reduces their own stress levels,” which is enough of a reason for me to set a date with my fluffball this evening. Make some time to give your pet a little TLC, and you’ll both feel the benefit.

6. You can get great exercise

Getting ahead on your spring cleaning now will mean that firstly, you’ll have an extra beautiful home and a wonderful sense of accomplishment, and secondly that you’ll get a great free workout. Who needs a gym when you can vacuum under the sofa and clean the skirting boards? Put your favourite playlist on and it’ll be almost like you’re at spinning class, but without the price tag.

7. You can make use of those bath sets

How many bath bombs, scrubs, lotions and potions did you receive for Christmas? I counted 12 sets in total, though I think there are still some lurking underneath the bed that I’m yet to rediscover.

When the weather is chilly outside, there’s no better time to luxuriate in a hot bath and pamper ourselves a little. Not only does cold weather make a hot bath feel super luxurious, but it’s also when our skin needs extra TLC. Give your body the pampering it needs and deserves.

8. You can brush up on your cooking skills

Sure, you could brave the weather to try that new Moroccan restaurant down the road – or you could practise a new recipe that you’ve been dying to try, or simply rustle up a comforting batch of your world-famous stew. That restaurant will probably still be there in a month or two; allow yourself to indulge in hibernation for a little while longer.

9. You can socialise

Just because you’re staying in doesn’t mean you have to do so on your own. Invite friends over for a night of fun at your place – I find that offering food works well as a tactic to convince people to brave the elements and make the trip over – and enjoy a little frugal fun.

Socialising at Home

Alongside saving money, you’ll also be able to choose the playlist and hear yourselves talk – and there are no last orders to worry about when your own home is the venue.

If your friends are insistent on going to that trendy new bar, take the opportunity to catch up with a family member or friend who you don’t get to speak to very often. Video calling is a wonderful thing! And when was the last time you rang your mum?

10. You can make yourself super clever

Just like I mentioned earlier about the world of entertainment at your fingertips, there’s a whole host of courses you can take without even budging from the sofa. Future Learn offers a range of free courses on really interesting topics like archaeology, languages and law – there’s bound to be something to interest you. The BBC offer some useful courses, too.

Even if you don’t want to start a course, you can still spend the evening exercising your brain. Try your hand at a few crosswords or Sudoku puzzles for mental workout.

11. You can get creative

Know how to knit? Or how to make a quilt? You may be surprised at how easy it can be. There’s something deeply comforting about creating an item that will keep you warm.

Whether it’s a scarf for those moments when you have to leave the house, or a lap quilt for when you get to snuggle up on your sofa, why not spend this evening getting crafty? ChandiSchreckhise shows you the basics of knitting here, and Christian Tamez goes through how to start quilting here.

So, staying in doesn’t necessarily mean doing nothing. There’s lots you can do from the comfort of your sofa, from learning a new skill to catching up on your reading list. Whatever you decide to do, go the whole hog and you’ll certainly banish any feelings of ‘guilt’ you may have harboured for staying indoors!

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