12 Things We Miss Most When Away From Home


We all love getting away for the holidays. Sun, adventure, discovery - what could be better? That said, no matter how much fun we have in the sun, there will always still be certain things we miss from home. It’s the little comforts, conveniences, and familiar bonds that we miss the most, and these are the things that make us most happy to finally be back home. Below is our list of the 12 things we miss the most when we’re on holidays – take a look and see if you miss some of these things too!

1. Normal Milk

This might sound like a strange one, but it just seems alarming to us that in various cultural capitals around the world, some famed for their culinary delights, it is all too acceptable to drink UHT (which we like to think stands for Utterly Horrible Tasting milk). normal milk

Image by Vanderdecken

 While long life milk is a brilliant excuse to exchange cereal for croissants or pancakes, we just can’t help but crave a nice dash of normal milk in our afternoon cuppa (however, when on holidays we probably end up exchanging this in favour of something a little stronger anyway, we must admit!)

2. Soft Grass

The Great British climate might not be all that great for trips to the beach or for reliably dry picnics, but it does give us nice, soft green grass. That’s something we sorely miss in hotter countries, when yes, we may have some compensation (sea and sand), but our poor legs are getting scratched by dry crispy grass.

soft grass

Nice Soft Grass: Image by Luke

3. Not Being Sunburnt

The curse of the fairer skinned everywhere. Pink. Peeling. Ouch! Why in the 21st century has man still not adapted to sunlight? Don’t get us wrong, we’re not missing grey clouds and rain, so much as the comfort of being able to put on a t-shirt without cringing at it coming into contact with fried skin!

4. Pets

They might wee on our possessions, scratch up our curtains and sofa (how dare they!) and make a lot of noise at the most inconvenient times, but we just can’t help ourselves. We miss their cute little faces when we’re away from home, and we especially look forward to seeing how over-excited they are when we finally arrive home. (Unless you have a cat, of course. But hey, nonchalance is almost the same as delight in the feline world).


Missing those cute pets: Image by Carlos Estrada

5. Family

Like pets, family can drive you completely up the wall. . But we still love them all the same, and miss having people around us who understand and choose to overlook our often odd behaviours. Yep, you can’t beat family.

6. Friends

While travelling and meeting new people is great, we still can’t stop ourselves from missing friends from home. You know, those friends you grew up with, who share your precious memories, and do things for you, like mow your lawn when you’re gallivanting about on a tropical holiday. With childhood friends, there is no shame in revealing your deepest darkest secrets or acting like a complete fool - because they’ve liked and accepted you for years, even during your embarrassing teenage phase.

childhood friends

Childhood Friends: Image by Squelle

7. Everyday Routine

Of course we all love holidays, but let’s admit it, we are still essentially creatures of habit. There’s just something rather nice and satisfying about having a routine. Get up, do the same things, eat the same stuff, go to the same places. Ah! The ease of not thinking!

8. Not Needing to Ask for Directions

We just can’t help but feel a little smug when we’re at home. It’s great being the one giving directions and suggesting good local restaurants instead of having to ask a stranger (and then feeling a little too embarrassed to ask them to repeat themselves when you can’t understand their crazy accent).

9. Speaking in English

Donde est la... pub, please? Learning new languages is exciting and intellectually stimulating, no question. But let’s admit it, it really is such a relief to be able to finally switch back to your fluent mother tongue when you get back home. No more confused expressions, and no more hashed translations or unintelligible responses. Obviously this is less of an issue if you have returned from a holiday destination where the native tongue is English; somewhere like Jersey. Or Benidorm.

10. Food

Whilst we all love sampling local authentic cuisines (or not so authentic - chips on the beach, anybody?) nothing in the world beats a bit of old fashioned home cooking. It could be that missed Sunday roast or Grandma’s casserole you’re craving, or some other classic British fare like Chicken Tikka Masala, it’s just nice to be at home and not have the dreaded holiday dodgy tummy from, well, eating too much of everything!

traditional sunday roast

Traditional Sunday Roast: Image by Robbie Jim

11. Internet/phone low costs

Alright, we admit it, we love being at home with our trusty monthly phone plan, being able to text and call people without worrying about incurring astronomical costs. A big part of being away from home that makes us miss it even more, is how much harder it is to stay in contact with people without completely abusing the limits of your hotel’s free Wi-Fi. At home, we can send our friends stupid pictures of funny animals or dodgy internet memes at all hours of the day, and not have to stress about it. Aren’t our friends lucky to have us?

home sweet home

Home Sweet Home: Image by Diana Parkhouse

12. The Sofa

The sofa (along with the bed) surely has to be the quintessential piece of furniture that reminds us of home. It’s great being able to bang on the television and put your feet up on the couch without feeling like you’re taking advantage of someone’s generous hospitality. It’s just so good to come home and stretch out on the sofa after all your travels. No more deckchairs, or towel on sand. Comfy, cosy, perfect…but then we would say that, wouldn’t we? ;-)

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