13 Fun Furniture Ideas for Pet Lovers


Looking for an innovative cat bed, or a stylish dog house? (The latter for your dog of course, not your spouse!) Today's post is a round up of our favourite furniture ideas for pet lovers.

Dog on Sofa

Any pet lover will tell you that once you’ve taken a furry friend into your home, it will never be the same again. Your house will be filled with joy, cuddles, wagging tails and the sounds of purring – and it may also be filled with ruined furniture. It goes with the territory. And apart from hiring a dog whisperer or trying to bribe your kitty with catnip, there’s not a lot you can do about it.

But what if your pets are trying to tell you something? That, maybe, instead of trying to keep them off your pristine settee, you should find a piece of furniture that they can enjoy as much as you? Luckily, there are some rather clever designers on the internet who have created items that you will adore – but more importantly, so will your pet.

In fact, they might love the furniture so much that they’ll stop attempting to create a ‘shabby chic’ effect on your chest of drawers. No promises, though…

1. Desk for cat lovers

Do you find that every time you try to work on your laptop, your kitty fights you for the privilege? Perhaps a table that’s especially designed for cat owners may help. This desk is fitted with tunnels and hidey holes that cats will love to explore – which, hopefully, will distract them from your keyboard.

Desk for Cats

Photo by Camille Gévaudan

2. The cat library

Cats love to explore their surroundings and will climb on pretty much anything they can lay their furry paws on, so a modular bookshelf that’s designed with ‘cat stairs’ is likely to keep both your furry friends and you entertained for hours. Next time you’re looking for your kitty, check the ‘murder mystery’ section. We’ve heard that’s their favourite genre.

3. Dog house under the stairs

The phrase ‘in the dog house’ doesn’t exactly have positive connotations, but we’re hoping all that will change with this cosy and practical idea that will offer your pooch a place all of their own. The space under the stairs is often an awkward size and shape for us humans to use, but it can be the perfect place for a cute dog house! Kit yours out with a comfy bed and a few toys.

4. Coffee table aquarium

Let’s face it, you can’t cuddle a fish without disastrous consequences; the main attraction of fish keeping is being able to watch the beautiful creatures swimming about. So why not put them front and centre in your living room? This coffee table aquarium allows you to do just that, and it has the added benefit of doubling up as a practical and useful piece of furniture, too.

Fish Tank Coffee Table

5. Dog lounger

If your pooch has short legs, they may struggle to jump up onto the sofa for a cuddle. Luckily, the wonderful people at Architecture for Dogs have tackled this problem head on, and created a folding slope that allows both you and your dog to meet eye to eye and lounge in the sun. It’s free to download the blueprints for all of the dog-friendly designs, so grab some wood and get building!

6. Poodle mirror

If you’ve got a poodle, chances are that both you and your dog are in agreement that they’re the most beautiful creature on the planet. It follows that they should have a fancy mirror all of their own. Another creation from the people at Architecture for Dogs, this Hollywood style design is free to download so that you can build it at home.

7. The Sofa

Okay, naturally we are going to have some advice about this! Most pet owners know that attempting to keep our dogs and cats off the sofa is often a losing battle. Let’s face it, buying a brand new sofa is often going to attract the wrong kind of attention from our furry friend. Try to introduce another object into the room to divert attention away from the lovely new sofa scratching post. Firmly lay down the rules early on regarding who gets to use the lovely new sofa and remain consistent. If all fails make sure you invest in a good sofa protection policy that insures against accidental pet damage!

Grosvenor Sofa

8. Cat bed coffee table

If space is an issue, you’ll want to make the most of every last inch. That’s why we love this space-saving coffee table that features a hammock underneath for cats to snooze on. And because it features a clear top, you’ll be able to see your kitty as they sleep. All together now – ahhh…

9. Radiator cat bed

Perhaps the only thing that cats love more than sleeping, is cosying up to something warm. With that in mind, why not indulge both of their favourite things with a radiator cat bed? This fleecy, machine-washable option is sure to have them purring with delight.

10. Cat crib

Another innovative, space saving design, the Cat Crib is a hammock that attaches to the underneath of pretty much any chair, offering your furry friend a comfy space to curl up for a snooze without taking up extra room on the floor. Now all they need is a glass of cat milk and a dish of nibbles and they can pretend they’re on holiday. Do cats do that?

11. Litter cabinet

Be honest – litter trays aren’t anyone’s favourite piece of kit. They don’t look particularly great, and they also smell gross. Luckily, there are some nifty cabinet designs out there that hide litter trays away, like this litter tray cupboard which fits under bathroom sinks. Next step – teaching kitty to use a flushable toilet…

12. Egg pod bed

If your home has a sixties vibe, this egg pod shaped pet bed will fit in purr-fectly (sorry…). What’s more, it claims to filter out most second hand smoke, and the bottom on the bed is compatible with heat pads so your pet can stay cosy and warm come winter – ice packs can also be used during the summer to offer a cool place for your pet.

13. Cat yoga mat

Most cat owners will have witnessed their little ball of fluff stretching into a sun salutation or, strangely, a downward facing dog pose at some point or another, so it makes sense to get them a yoga mat. This mat has been designed especially for kitties, and is actually a scratching mat that also comes with a rope toy that features a ball stuffed with catnip. And breathe…

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