13 New Year's Resolutions for a Better Home in 2015


This year, why not ditch the usual resolutions of losing weight/calling Mum more/getting a new job, and focus on something a little closer to home? We’re talking literally – let’s make our homes better in 2015!

New Years Resolutions for a Better Home

We’ve rounded up a list of our favourite, practical resolutions that will help ensure we give our living spaces a little more TLC this year. Here goes…

1. Make a cleaning rota

Yep, we’re starting with the boring stuff, but doing this could actually mean you find yourself with much more time to do the things you enjoy. Planning the cleaning may take a little while at first, but once in place you’ll have less to do thanks to the wonders of delegation.

Cleaning Rota

Get the whole family involved, and reward children – and yourself – for a job well done. Not only will your kids learn practical skills, but if everyone chips in your home will look much better for it. Keeping on top of cleaning also helps to prevent issues like damp from occurring, so it can save money in the long run. Here are some tips on making a useful cleaning schedule.

2. Do speed tidying each morning

Spending just five minutes doing simple tasks like loading the dishwasher and making the bed will mean you can return home to a much tidier home. You’ll thank yourself come evening when you can recoup that time by enjoying a cup of well-earned tea (or something stronger!) after work.

3. Invest in a dehumidifier

Whether or not your house suffers from damp, these pieces of kit can really make a huge difference to the moisture levels in your home, and prevent damp from forming if it hasn’t yet. And, believe it or not, using them can help to warm up your home, meaning you won’t need to use the central heating so much.


4. Choose a manageable project to work on each month

Transforming your home into a new improved version can seem so daunting that you end up doing nothing. Instead, focus on one project at a time, such as making some new cushion covers or clearing out the garage, and set a target for when you’d like to have it finished. This way each passing month will see your home become more suited to your needs and tastes.

5. Make do and mend

You don't need to buy brand new items every time you want to create a new look; simply use existing pieces in a new way. Those old curtains could become cushion covers or part of a patchwork quilt, for example. Be creative and not only will you save money, but you'll also help the environment and have a unique home!


6. Learn a new skill

Whether it’s how to replace a washer in your tap, or how to bleed your radiators effectively, there are plenty of DIY skills that can make a big difference to your home life - and your bank balance. Take the time to do a little searching on YouTube for simple jobs, and consider courses that could help you to improve on or learn other more complicated skills.

7. De-clutter regularly

Holding onto items because they have sentimental value is one thing, but if you’ve got a loft full of ornaments and every inch of space in your home is filled with accessories, it may be time for a clean out. Be brutal, and take unwanted (but also unbroken) items to a charity shop. Your home will look more chic, and you’ll have storage space for things you really need.

8. Wash windows once a quarter

If this is a job you shirk, you may well be amazed at how different your home looks when lit by daylight streaming in through sparkling windows. Plus, if you keep on top of a job like this, it can be completed in next to no time.

Window Washing

9. Check safety measures

The New Year is a good time to overhaul your security and check alarms of all types are in working order. Make sure your door lock is secure and your burglar alarm works efficiently, but also that smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly. This article offers tips on making sure your house is secure.

10. Go green

Protecting the environment is a concern for many of us right now, but being eco-friendly can soften the impact of gas and electricity bills on your wallet, too. Solar panels are great, but you can make a difference to your own home for less cost by always turning off lights when you leave a room, putting central heating on a timer and turning off all electrical equipment before bed.

You can also save money by investing in loft insulation, buying a water butt for the garden to save water, and using energy efficient light bulbs – which also typically last longer than their counterparts.

11. Take your shoes off indoors

Keep a shoe rack by the door and politely but firmly insist that people use it – this will soon become second nature, so you won’t be nagging for long. Even ‘clean’ shoes can drag in dirt from the outside, and carpets tend to get worn down more quickly if they’re trodden on by shoes rather than bare feet.

Shoes by Door

12. Be savvy about your projects

Which areas of your home are in desperate need of a makeover, and what can you afford to do first? Consider these questions before going ahead with anything; sometimes completing an inexpensive and simple project can spur you on to bigger things.

Get some art in the kitchen to help brighten up your morning, or a floor cushion for your living room, to inspire you to do more.

13. Plan a mixture of practical and pleasing projects

This will ensure your house is in order, but also that your creativity is allowed to flourish. Think of the fun projects as a reward for the more dull ones…or even reward yourself with a new sofa! ;-)

Positano sofa by SofaSofaPositano range from SofaSofa

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