13 Spooky Halloween Decoration Ideas


Welcome, one and all, to the time of year when it starts to get colder, darker, and spookier. Summer can’t save you now – it’s time for Halloween, when the ghoulish side of you comes out to play!

Halloween is traditionally the holiday when everyone indulges in the ghastly, the garish, and the downright scary. So why not get into the spooky spirit of Halloween by going all out and decorating your home so it feels like a truly haunted house?

Terrify the local trick or treaters, delight friends and family with a killer Halloween party, and spook passers-by with your eerily decorated house. Go mad with your creepy Halloween theme and your guests will be dying to come back next year! Read on for some of our favourite Halloween decoration ideas you can try at home.


1. Pumpkin patch

halloween decorationImage Credit: dee & tula monstah

The universal sign of Halloween is the pumpkin. As soon as we see them in the shops, we know what time of year it is. Displaying a pumpkin patch outside your house shows your neighbourhood that you mean serious spooky business.

An old-style pumpkin patch works best with a rustic hay stack, but they can just as easily be perched on a porch. Keep hold of your wilted flowers and arrange them in the patch (or poke them out of the top of a pumpkin). Remember to look out for unusual looking pumpkins to make your patch stand out even more.


2. Deadly door

spooky decorationImage Credit: Sean Michael Ragan

Your guests are sure to think twice about daring to enter your Halloween gathering when they see a ghoulish greeting on your door! Red is the classic colour for writing your message, but bear in mind this might not be visible when it gets dark. You can always save your spooky message for later, and use luminous paint that people won’t be able to miss when it’s dark.

Don’t worry too much about making your message neat: fingerprints and splashes will add to the spookiness. Enter at your own risk!


3. Skull-tastic garland

halloween garlandImage Credit: Tim Patterson

A staple decoration for any occasion is a banner. A good skull banner can be displayed in any room of the house – or indeed outside the house! If you’re short of time, banners are easy to assemble and can be used multiple times. They’re ideal for hosting children’s Halloween parties, and you can also use them to hang up cobwebs and fake spiders to hover over your guests!


4. The escape artist

halloween skeletonImage Credit: Amelia Extra

Save money on skeletons, and give your friends and family a fright! Instead of going for the classic skeleton sitting in the closet, all you need for this escapee is a skull and two skeleton hands.

Go one step further and paint your escape artist a bright colour – bronze or orange will stand out but still look scary. Find a large plant pot or a flower bed to bury your props in to make it look like your skeletal friend is back from the dead to enjoy the party!


5. Terrifying table setting

halloween tableImage Credit: BarbaraLN

There’s never a better place to really get into the Halloween spirit than at the dinner table! As well as serving up deadly delicacies, you can set your table to suit the gruesome (but delicious) food. Tea lights and candles are perfect for setting the creepy mood – go for light coloured tea lights, such as pumpkin designs, as they give out more light.

You could even take your table decor to the next level and stain some white napkins with red food colouring to look like blood spatters. Your guests will be spooked!


6. Pukey pumpkin

halloween pumpkinImage Credit: JD Hancock

Make sure your pumpkin stands out from all the others! Usually the messy strands and seeds inside the pumpkin are thrown away or used in cooking. Get creative and make some truly gruesome pumpkins who are spewing up their insides – literally!

Have fun with cutting out the face designs; one face can look despairing, another grimacing, another wide eyed, and all feeling like some very pukey pumpkins!


7. Go batty

halloween batsImage Credit: kInwart

It doesn’t get much easier than bats for a Halloween theme. Simply printing off online stencils provides you with a homemade bat perfect for a variety of decorations:

  • Hang them up from ceilings, beams and door handles
  • Stick hem on lampshades to make a spooky shadow on the wall
  • Use smaller stencils to draw little bats on plastic plates for food

Get the kids involved in cutting out bats to make a whole swarm. When in doubt, hang them up under windows or across doors so it looks like they’re flying into the night.


8. The Body in the Library

halloween ideas

Make a macabre impression when guests come round for Halloween. A body outline makes a great decoration trick and it’s easy to make. Simply run a piece of chalk or tape around a helpful volunteer; make sure they’re in a deathly position to make it look as if a murder has taken place. The great thing about this decoration is that you don’t need to avoid knocking into it, it can be walked over all the night long without losing any of its sinister look.


9. Seeing red

halloween party

You can never have too much red on Halloween. With a little helpful red, you can make drinks fit for Dracula himself, and delight friends and family with tasty but terrifying beverages. Red wine for adults is a classic, or berry squash for children. You can also mix together red fruits for a bowl of bloody punch – remember that the thicker the liquid is, the more like blood it will look!


10. Cobweb chaos

halloween cobwebSource: Kitty Ireland

You can easily turn your house from an everyday home into a haunted shack by draping cobweb decorations around the furniture. Lone armchairs, banisters and tables are all great places to display your webs. Don’t worry, this doesn’t require you to leave the house dusty for months! You can buy readymade cobwebs or have a go at making your own, and set the scene for the perfect Halloween hell raising party.


11. Eyeballing the food

halloween drinksSource: DIdrlks

A deliciously devilish trick is to make edible eyeballs for your Halloween treats. They’re surprisingly easy to make and because you can eat them, there’s no wastage! A classic ingredient are grapes, but you can also use jello – why not try making little eyeball cakes to delight the kids? Edible eyeballs are a great treat for adults and children alike, perfect for dropping into cocktails or hiding in the sweet bowl for unsuspecting trick or treaters.


12. Give them a hand

halloween decorSource: Jakub Solovský

All you need for this trick is a hand prop – you can use a skeleton hand but a human looking prop is better for the shock factor. Simply slot it into a drawer, just out of a cupboard or have it poking out of a chest. It couldn’t be simpler, but will really give your guests a jump when they spot it. Alternatively, hide it in a gooey Halloween cake to be discovered by your hungry guests later!


12. Skull-duggery

halloween skull

You might think a simple skull prop is pretty basic for decoration. Just pop it on the garden wall or on the window sill, right? Wrong! Get creative with your skull; it can double up as a sweet holder. Push long pieces of red and black liquorice through the mouth and eyeballs for you guests to pick from. You can also go for a cultural Day of the Dead design by painting your skull in bright colours and putting flowers through the eye sockets – macabre but colourful!



Go for it this Halloween! Kitting your house out for November 31st can be fun and challenging when you look for different ways to display your spooky decorations. Of course, it’s always easier to enjoy the decor when you’ve got friends and family round – the one thing better than a haunted house is one that’s filled with lots of happy ghosts and ghouls!

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