15 Best Interior Design Pinterest Accounts You Should Be Following in 2015


If you’ve not yet dived into the wonderful world of Pinterest, then you’re in for a treat. The site is a bountiful treasure trove of inspiration and useful information, and it’s quite easy to spend an hour gazing in adoration at the stunning imagery and marvelling at the fantastic ideas that other pinners have come up with. In case you haven’t guessed, we’re rather smitten.

But in the vast world of Pinterest, it’s sometimes difficult to know who to follow, or where to start. That’s where this handy list comes in. We’ve gathered together our top 15 Pinterest accounts for interior design, which are filled with fabulous ideas, information on the latest trends, and some truly gorgeous images.

Whether you’re a seasoned pinner or a Pinterest newbie, there are certain people that you really should be following. Stop what you’re doing, log into your account (or create one) and follow these Pinterest pages immediately. You won’t regret it.


1. Hege in France


Glasgow-based Hege Morris is a prolific blogger and pinner, with 60 boards on everything from work space inspiration to specific trends. Hege’s pins tend to err on the side of neutral, with understated whites, charcoals and slate greys playing a key role, along with natural materials. If you’re into Scandi chic, chances are you’ll find plenty of inspiration in Hege’s pins.


2. A Quiet Style


With 76 boards on Pinterest that feature endearing titles such as ‘A colourful room to sit’ and ‘Come home’, Emma Harris runs the A Quiet Style Pinterest page and accompanying blog.

Alongside pinning an assortment of beautifully delicate and elegant images, Emma also includes a range of interesting features on her blog, including tutorials and the ‘A Shared Style’ feature where she delves into a styled space and gets styling tips from the owner.


3. Fabric of my Life


Kate Baxter’s Pinterest boards are fresh and modern, much like her beautifully designed blog. She writes about fashion, food, travel and style alongside design and décor, and you get the sense when reading her blog that she has a real urgency to share her latest finds with her readers, so you’re getting the most up to date information on trends.

With Kate’s Pinterest account, it feels as if you’re getting a sneak peek into her life, with boards on interiors inspiration sitting alongside tattoo ideas and photos of her crushes. If you’re looking for a new BFF who can bestow her fantastic interiors wisdom upon you, then Kate is it.


4. Atelier Tally


Are you the type of person who dreams of the high quality of products made in yesteryear? If you’ve been known to utter the words “they don’t make them like they used to” on more than one occasion, then the #madetolast ethos of Atelier Tally is probably right up your street.

The Pinterest account and accompanying blog looks for design that “contributes to the world and is beyond superfluous design,” according to blog founder Daniel Nelson, who started Atelier Tally in 2008. With his Pinterest account, Daniel pins about new products that feature innovative, sturdy and stylish design.


5. Born & Bred Studio


With a staggering 242 boards to browse, the Born & Bred team are self-confessed Pinterest addicts. The Pinterest account and blog are both run by the team at Born & Bred Studio, a company that offers interior design advice. The team are clearly passionate about design, and both the Pinterest account and the blog have a really personal feel to them.

The Pinterest account, though, is a true Aladdin’s cave of treasures. Whether you need inspiration on portraits, lighting, neon, or reclaimed panelling – or another 238 categories – the Born & Bred Studio account has probably already pinned just what you’re looking for. With over 29,000 pins so far, it’s entirely possible!


6. Bright.Bazaar


If you’re a fan of bold brights and cracking colour, then Will Taylor, founder of the Bright. Bazaar Pinterest account and blog, is sure to be a source of divine inspiration – in fact, ‘Bold.Brights’ and ‘Cracking.Colour’ are the names of two of his boards.

Will’s motto is that beige is boring, so there will be no celebrations of neutrals here. Instead, expect cheerful polkadots, glittering golds and zesty citrus. If you’re after a pop of colour, then you’re sure to find the perfect idea for your home here.


7. This is Glamorous


Fabulously feminine and with more than an air of old Hollywood glamour, founder Roséline manages to find images and inspiration that capture a fresh modern look while still feeling enchantingly vintage.

Alongside fashion and beauty, Roséline also pins and blogs about inspiration for both the home and garden, so you can enjoy a little glamour both indoors and outside.


8. Moon to Moon


If you would describe your style as eclectic, then you would share the tastes of Gabi who runs the Moon to Moon Pinterest account and blog. Her extensive Pinterest account – featuring 131 boards and over 18,000 pins – features a gorgeous collection of bohemian style ideas. Just browsing the imagery makes your soul feel nourished.


9. Happy Interior Blog


We’re firm believers that our homes should make us happy, and Igor Josifovic is in full agreement. His Pinterest account and blog both celebrate the interior ideas that inspire joy, with a focus on plants, beautiful products and architecture. Take a look and see if you don’t end up with a smile on your face.


10. Jessica @ Black. White. Yellow.


The clue to the focus of this Pinterest account and blog is in the name. Jessica pins and blogs about interiors, with a particular focus on – you guessed it – black, white, and yellow. Occasionally she includes some other colours in her imagery, too, but the focus on these bold colour choices means that her pins are always inspiring and stunning.


11. Arianna Trapani


Arianna is the editor of Heart Home, a digital interior design magazine, so it’s a wonder that she gets the time to update her own blog and Pinterest account, but update it she does, due to a true passion for design. Her interiors ideas are fresh and on trend, thanks to her experience in the industry, so this is an account that is really worth checking out.


12. Confessions of a design geek


With boards that are helpfully divided into colours and materials, this Pinterest account and award-winning blog features inspiration and ideas that are so cutting edge you might want to keep a box of plasters handy.

Katie Treggiden, who writes the blog, is a self-confessed design geek, but her blog posts are written in such a way that they’re accessible to all, whether you’re a fellow geek or a design newbie. The Pinterest account is also varied enough to have something to inspire everyone – despite there only being 12 boards, Katie has over 3,000 pins.


13. Trend Daily


From fabrics to wall art, and from vintage to neon, Caroline Davis’ style is wide and varied. The writer has amassed over 8,000 pins on her Pinterest account, and she expands on some of her favourite ideas on her blog, where her own striking photography is more than Pinterest-worthy – and definitely inspiring.


14. The Beat That My Heart Skipped


Rohini Wahi’s Pinterest account and blog showcase her industry knowledge of interior design – she is a journalist and trend forecaster for the design industries – and both feature an earthy, yet modern flavour. If you’re a fan of subtle beauty, then you may well fall deeply in love with this Pinterest account.


15. Polly Rowan


Textile designer Polly shares some of her own understated, modern designs on her Pinterest account, but many of the images that she pins are of styling ideas and products she has found elsewhere, so it’s a genuinely useful and varied page. There are also a fair few crafty ideas featured, should you feel so inclined.



We hope that you’ve enjoyed our rundown of our favourite Pinterest accounts of 2015, and that we’ve offered some inspiration. Who would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy pinning!

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