15 Creative Nightstand Ideas


Are you looking for a new bedside table? What would you say if I told you that you may already have everything you need to create an unusual nightstand?

Hanging Table Feature Image

(Feature Image by: Caitlin @ The Merry Thought)

These fabulous, quirky ideas for nightstands use items that you might not expect, ranging from drums to tree trunks and even stoves. Read on and get inspired – you might just have something already lurking in your shed that can be given a new lease of life!


1. Dining chair

Dining Chair Nightstand

Image credit: Kombinat Warszawa

A simple dining chair, like this one, will work brilliantly as a nightstand – I think the added drawer is a genius idea!


2. Cabinet

Cabinet Nightstand

Image credit: Darcy

A surface for a lamp, and plenty of storage for books and other knick knacks – a display cabinet makes a great nightstand.


3. Stepladder

Step Ladder Nightstand

Image credit: Jordan Lee

Jordan from the Miss Jordan Lee blog shares this idea – I love the fact that it’s been left in all its rustic glory.


4. Suitcase

Suitcase Nightstand

 Image credit: Marianne Songbird

This homemade side table is almost too charming for words. Marianne from SongBirdBlog explains how she created this thing of beauty. “I replaced the label (on the suitcase) with one saying “Linnengoed”, which means linens, because I’ll keep the bed linens for the guest bed in there.” Beautiful and practical – I’m sold.


5. Hanging table

Hanging Table

Image credit: Caitlin @ The Merry Thought

Caitlin at The Merry Thought blog explains how to recreate this table at home.


6. Desk

Desk Nightstand

Image credit: The Every Girl

The folks over at The Every Girl shared this great idea for styling a desk so that it works both as a bedside table and a workspace – great for a teenager’s bedroom!


7. Shelf

Shelf Nightstand

Image credit: Justine @ Remodelista

Justine shared this gorgeous idea over on the Remodelista blog. I love how rustic and simple this idea is – make sure that you keep your shelf clutter free to achieve a similar effect.


8. Drums

Drum Nightstand

Image credit: Andrea Dulcos @ Design Sponge

Andrea Dulcos shared this image of her daughter’s gorgeous nightstand over on the Design Sponge blog. “When we moved her room from a crib to a bed, we knew she needed a night table, but didn’t want to go out and buy one, so we pulled out my husband’s old drums to set them up.” Sometimes you’ve got everything you need already in the house!


9. Wood burning stove

Wood Burning Stove Nightstand

Image credit: Sibylle @ Design Sponge

Sibylle shared her stunning wood burning stove nightstand idea on the Design Sponge blog. I love how cosy this looks – perfect for winter!


10. Bird table

Bird Table Nightstand

Image credit: Rachel Jones

Rachel Jones shared this delightful idea over on the Black Eiffel blog. I especially love that the design offers a natural spot for a book to sit on!


11. Tree stump

Tree Stump Nightstand

Image credit: Heather @ HouseOfMovi

Heather from the HouseOfMovi blog explains how she turned an old tree stump into this wonderful, metallic piece of art. “Since it was going to be metallic, I decided that leaving the bark on would help keep the rustic look that drew me to the project in the first place,” says Heather.

“I chose to cover it in silver leaf instead of spray painting it silver because I wanted to be sure that you would still get glimpses of the wood in the cracks, and with spray paint it would be too uniform.” Gorgeous!


12. Trolley

Trolley Nightstand

Image credit: Bazaar of Serendipity

This idea comes courtesy of Bazaar of Serendipity – I love how simple yet effective this bar trolley looks when used as a nightstand.


13. Church pew

Church Pew Nightstand

Image credit: Grace Bonney @ Design Sponge

The folks at Design Sponge shared this inventive idea – a church pew that has been transformed into a headboard / nightstand combo!


14. Old televisions

Old Televisions Nightstand

Image credit: Recyclart

This idea from Recyclart is fantastic – a great way to make use of old television sets.


15. Book shelves

Bookshelves Nightstand

Image credit: Real Simple

The guys at Real Simple shared this adorable idea, as well as a tutorial on how to recreate these bookish shelves at home. I think they’d work fabulously next to a bed as a nightstand.



Hopefully these ideas have inspired you to create an unusual nightstand of your own! Why not take a look through the attic and see which items can be repurposed or upcycled somehow? The only limit is your imagination! Have fun!

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