17 Things You Need to Start Doing Now to Rescue Your Partner’s Sanity


Valentine's Day is just one sleep away! While the chocolates and flowers you bought are bound to be well-received, if you really want to make your partner happy there are also a few other things you might need to start doing...

Things You Need to Do For Your Partner’s Sanity

How many times a week do you find yourself tearing your hair out because your other half has turned the bin into a game of Jenga? According to the Daily Mail, almost two thirds of couples row over chores at least once a week, and “one in five people know a couple who row regularly or have broken up over the issue”. Yikes!

And that’s not all – Tracy McVeigh at The Observer writes that “eight out of 10 married women do more household chores, while just one in 10 married men does an equal amount of cleaning and washing as his wife.”

With that in mind, and in the interest of helping our readers create a happy home, I've rounded up 17 of my own pet hates when it comes to household chores.

So, you can read on to discover really annoying habits that you never knew you had (and stop doing them – trust me, your partner will thank you!), or show it to your other half in a bid to get them to take those bloomin’ bins out. I'm not promising it’ll work, but it’s good to talk…

1. Get your shoes off the sofa

The couch is an integral part of our living rooms – it’s a key piece of furniture that makes a statement about our tastes and personalities. When you put your dirty shoes on it, all you’re saying to the world is that you’re a slob, and causing your other half to have palpitations about whether your boots are going to stain the fabric. Invest in a footstool, and use it, for all our sakes.

2. Take the bins out


Image Credit: Inga Nielsen

Yes, it’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it – and if that someone is always your other half, then eventually they may decide to throw you out instead of the rubbish. If the bin is full, then for goodness sake don’t just start piling items on top of it for your own amusement – see above comment about Jenga. The bin is not a toy.

3. Scrape food from your plates

Now that your bin is empty, you’ll be able to scrape the remains of your dinner into it, instead of leaving your plate for your partner to deal with – or worse, placing a half-filled plate into the sink. No-one wants to deal with soggy crusts and vegetables in the sink water.

4. Do the dishes

If the leaning tower of rubbish on top of the bin is matched only by the pile of plates waiting to be cleaned, then maybe it’s a sign that your partner is on strike from dish washing duty. Remember learning about sharing as a child? That includes sharing boring chores, too. If your partner has cooked, just do the dishes – without being nagged, preferably.

5. Make the bed

I hate to be the one to break the news, but bed-making-fairies don’t exist. The reason that your bed is wrinkle free and perfectly arranged every evening when you crawl into it, is because you partner takes the time to make it every day.

Spend five minutes making the bed at least every other day, and you might just find that your other half feels less inclined to relegate you to the spare room come night time.

6. Put your clothes into the washing basket


 Image Credit: Paul Michael Hughes

Though playing basketball with rolled up pants may be a thrilling game, your partner will be less than thrilled to find your underwear littered around the laundry bin. By all means continue to practise your overarm, but if you miss the basket then take the time to pick the clothes up and put them in. Next to the bin is not the same as in the bin.

7. Learn how to do the recycling

There’s only so long that you can use the excuse of not knowing which items go in the recycling as a reason not to do it. Do you partner a favour and spend five minutes clueing up so that you can do your bit – then you can bask in the glory of being an eco-warrior while also keeping your partner happy. And yes, you do need to rinse out milk bottles and empty tins before recycling them.

8. Take notice of essentials

It’s pretty annoying when there’s no milk to make yourself a hot drink with first thing in the morning – and let’s not even discuss what happens when you run out of toilet roll. Give your partner a break from being the stock monitor once in a while – and if you want extra brownie points, get them a nice treat when you pick up the milk. It’s the little things…

9. Take an interest in decorating


Image credit: Carlisle Hvac

Even if your partner is an interior designer, chances are they will want your input on how your home looks. You may think that you’re doing them a favour by letting them make all of the decisions, but it will probably leave them feeling more irritated than creatively free. It’s your home as much as it is theirs, so make an effort to make it look good.

10. Do your share of the cleaning – then shut up about it

Running a vacuum cleaner around once every six months, and reminding your partner of that fact every five minutes as if you’ve found a cure for cancer, is likely to send them crazy. If you feel like you need a sticker reward system to encourage you to clean, then maybe you need to go back to pre-school.

11. Put the toilet seat down

We know, we know – women don’t leave the toilet seat up for men, so why should guys bother to put it down after using it? Because when you leave it up, the cat / rabbit / toddler thinks they have an extra drinking bowl. Plus, guests aren’t likely to be impressed.

Make it a habit to put the seat down, and you’re likely to see your partner’s mood levels go through the roof, as well as a vastly decreased vet bill. Ladies – I’m talking to you too on this one, though I’m well aware I may be preaching to the converted.

12. Don’t put empty cereal boxes back into the cupboard

I bet you’re the type to put empty sweet wrappers back into the Quality Street tin too, aren’t you? This is beyond laziness – in my books, it’s malicious. At 7am, learning that the box of Coco Pops in the cupboard is essentially a lie, is nothing short of heartbreaking.

Avoid morning tantrums from otherwise well-adjusted adults by throwing away the empty box as soon as the contents are gone, and no-one’s hopes will be dashed before they’ve had the chance to drink their morning coffee.

13. Relinquish the remote control

If you’re one of those couples who have identical tastes in TV, then I salute (and envy) you. But for the 99% of the population who probably almost come to fisticuffs over Downton Abbey vs ‘ anything with a ball’ on a weekly basis, the fight is all too real. Compromise, and share TV time equally. Or, failing that, buy another TV.

14. Don’t leave mugs around the house

I cannot stress this enough. By all means, enjoy a glass of wine in the bath. But when you’re finished with it, take it to the sink – in the kitchen – and wash it up. Your partner won’t think that discovering half-filled mugs of tea complete with their own eco-system is a fun game of hide and seek, no matter what you tell them.

15. Turn off the lights


Image Credit: Indewarrdew

Do you know how much energy is wasted by leaving lights on all day? Do you? If the thought of our poor environment isn’t enough to convince you to switch them off, then the amount of money you could save might just twist your arm. There’s no need to keep your house lit up like a Christmas tree all day long. As you leave a room, turn the lights off. Please.

16. Hang towels back up

You know what wet towels do when they’re left in a pile on the floor? They stay wet. Eventually they start to smell damp, which means they’ll need to be washed earlier than they would have – and your partner will not be pleased if you skip that job, too. Save yourself some earache and a wash-load, and just hang the towel up after you’ve used it.

17. Do jobs properly

A wise man once said if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing yourself. Say that to your partner as an excuse for not wiping up properly after you spilled that drink, though, and you’re likely to need personal insurance. Going through the motions of doing a job is pointless if someone else has to come along and finish it off for you.

Basically, you get the message. Pick up after yourself, and do your bit towards the upkeep of your home, and you’ll have a much more relaxed and happy partner – meaning that you’ll be more relaxed and happy, too. Win-win!

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