18 Interior Design Hacks to Try This Year


Are you handy with a paintbrush? Do you relish a spot of weekend DIY? Then you’ll love this list of interior design hacks we've put together for you, featuring 20 mini-makeovers to update your home with. Enjoy!

1. Arrange your books by colour

Colourful booksImage Credit: See-ming Lee

Shun traditional methods of organising your books in favour of this much cooler (and prettier) method. You’ll create an instant burst of colour in your home with this very quick and easy design trick.

2. Experiment with print and pattern

printed cushionImage Credit: Maya83

Make it your New Year resolution to embrace some flair with wild and wonderful prints. Textiles are a great way to enjoy bold patterns and colour schemes and they instantly refresh a space!

3. Paint the front door

painted doorImage Credit: Björn Söderqvist

The exterior of your home deserves as much love as the interior. Don’t replace the front door, paint it in your favourite colour (and update the doorknocker and house number too).

4. Get creative with a staple gun

reupholster chairsImage Credit: Stacie

There are so many cool DIY hacks you can do with a staple gun, but our favourite is a simple reupholster. Breathe new life into dining chairs with a bit of fabric and your new favourite tool.

5. Create a gallery wall

gallery wallImage Credit: Magnus D

Rather than having one big picture featured on your wall, create a gallery-style wall displaying some of your favourite images. Using matching frames of different sizes, like this wall, helps to pull the look together.

6. Mix the old with the new

vintage homeImage Credit: Suzette - www.suzette.nu

Mix vintage classics with modern favourites for a delightfully eclectic look. Pick up wonderful vintage finds at charity shops and flea markets and blend them with your existing furniture.

7. Update your headboard

diy headboardImage Credit: kayte terry

Give a basic headboard an effortless makeover with wallpaper or fabric to create a beautiful bedroom centrepiece. This is where that staple gun comes in handy again!

8. Get creative with washi tape

washi tapeImage Credit: Maureen Didde

For those not familiar with the marvel that is Washi tape, it is essentially a crafty masking tape. It comes in all sorts of colours and patterns and can be used all over the home! Here are some smart ideas.

9. Teacup vases

teacup vasesImage Credit: Grin Tree

Vintage teacups make awesome vessels for small plants and succulents. This is a really unique way to bring some greenery into the home and is an easy afternoon DIY.

10. Make any room feel larger and brighter

bathroom mirrorsImage Credit: Paragon Apartments

There’s one clever way to make even the smallest, darkest room feel a little bigger and brighter; a mirror. The bigger the mirror, the greater the effect. Choose a mirror with a gorgeous frame and make a feature of it!

11. Create an accent wall

accent wallImage Credit: charlotte holmes

Completely change the look of your room with minimal effort and cost. Paint or wallpaper just one wall (or parts of a wall as above). This trick is a favourite with interior designers as it really packs a punch.

12. Have fun with lighting

fun lightingImage Credit: Colure Caulfield

Say goodbye to plain paper shades and hello to novelty lamps, colourful cords and quirky light bulbs. 2016 is the year of whimsical lighting. If you can’t have fun at home, where can you?

13. Declutter and purge

organised clothesImage Credit: Rubbermaid Products

Embrace the art of tidiness and enjoy a clutter-free and stress-free home. A good tidy up is good for the soul, so get those bin bags out and donate, sell or throwaway your unused items.

14. Upgrade your curtains

curtainsImage Credit: Jessica Fiess-Hill

Be honest, how long have you had those curtains hanging in your living room? If it’s longer than a few years, it might be time for an upgrade. A good pair of curtains can make a room feel cosy and luxe.

15. Don't just hang art on the walls

art wallsImage Credit: Stacie

Hang vintage plates, retro cafe signs or your collection of hats instead. Try something new with your treasured possessions and wait for the compliments to roll in from family and friends.

16. Paint old furniture

paint furnitureImage Credit: Jonas Forth

Show that scratched up sideboard whose boss with a scrap of sandpaper and a lick of paint. All you need is an afternoon to completely transform an old piece. Try fresh, bright hues for a modern look.

17. Build your own garden furniture

pallet tableImage Credit: eren

Using wood reclaimed from old shipping pallets, you can create beautiful and functional pieces of furniture. This garden table is made entirely from scrap materials. And the best bit? You don’t need any special skills!

18. Replace your door handles

door handleImage Credit: Amanda Slater

 An easy way to jazz up any door in your home is to add a new handle. Simply remove the old handle, and replace with a new handle of your choice. You can buy these in any home store, but for a more unique handle, have a look in antique shops and markets.


We hope you loved this list! Let us know what interior design hacks you’ll be trying this year in the comments below.

Posted in DIY, Homemaking, Interior Design, Lifestyle on 26th Jan 2016


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