18 Minimal Bohemian Living Room Ideas


The latest trend to sweep the world of interior design is a rather beautiful one. Minimalist bohemianism is a gorgeous, eclectic mix of stark Scandinavian chic combined with colourful, quirky key pieces to create a modern and stylish look.

Minimal Bohemian Living

If you’re hoping to recreate this look in your own living room, we’ve rounded up some great ideas and tips. Now all you need to do is plan your next house party, so you can show off your swanky new space!

Neutral background

1. Start with neutral walls

For a minimalist bohemian space to work, you’ll really need neutral walls, preferably white, so the room looks crisp and clean. This allows your furnishings to stand out rather than becoming lost in a busy background.

2. Declutter

You should also clear out your room as much as possible and think carefully about which key pieces you want to make use of. Clutter is a dirty word when it comes to minimal bohemian spaces.

Minimal Bohemian Furniture

The key to a minimal bohemian look is to carefully consider each piece of décor before it is allowed in the room, and this is especially important for larger pieces of furniture.

3. Wooden furniture is Oh So Boho

A rustic, low wooden coffee table is a perfect addition. Alternatively, go for an antique chest or ottoman.

4. Picnic tables make for hip open plan dining

If your living room doubles as your dining room, a picnic table with inbuilt benches will look great. Try to find one with a chic, weathered look for a rugged feel.

5. Built-in bookshelves are a perfect addition

Again in an aged wood, built-in bookshelves are another perfect addition to a minimal bohemian living room. The clever use of space will allow the room to feel more open. Either pack them with your favourite books, or keep the shelves sparse and use them to display just a few carefully selected ornaments.

6. Use a neutral settee to give you options

A neutral settee will work brilliantly with this look, particularly in a small space where the light colour will help make the place feel less cluttered.

Bohemian Sofa Style

Positano range from SofaSofa

7. Add old wooden dining chairs with a chalk paint finish

Team that neutral settee with a couple of simple wooden chairs – old dining chairs would work brilliantly – and your seating area is complete. Wooden chairs look great with a shabby chic chalk paint finish.

Minimal floor

The floor should work as hard as the walls to keep the area feeling light, bright and airy – which means it needs to offer a neutral background that doesn’t detract from the decorative items in the room.

8. Strip those floorboards

Bare floorboards are the way to go if at all possible – strip them back to remove any paint or varnish if you can, so the natural appearance of the wood shines through.

9. White floorboards work great too

If your floorboards can’t be stripped, paint them white to match the walls, or a light grey, and consider distressing the finish slightly with some sandpaper to create an aged effect.

10. A large rug adds warmth

A large rug in earthy colours can add just enough interest and warmth to the floor while maintaining the clean look.

Use the ceiling

Hanging décor can be used to great effect in a minimal bohemian space.

Minimal Bohemian Lighting

11. Use single, low hanging light bulbs

Low hanging lamps look great, especially if you have high ceilings. For a truly minimal look, go for a single bare light bulb – vintage bulbs that show off the filament and offer a soft glow are especially gorgeous.

12. Mobiles aren’t just for babies

Create your own using shells, knitted hearts, even figurines – anything that expresses your personality. Place your mobile in the centre of the room, in the window, or above the coffee table. For some great inspiration on mobiles for grown-ups, click here.

13. Make your own hanging air plant pod

A hanging air plant pod will look simple, while also adding a touch of lush greenery to your room. What’s more, you can make one yourself really cheaply! Simply take a bottle cap – a deep one, the sort that you find on shampoo bottles – and hammer a hole into the top using a nail. Thread some string through, tie a knot around your air plant, and hang near to a window. Spray paint the bottle cap before inserting the plant if you like. To find out about caring for air plants, click here.

Wall décor

The blank white canvas of your walls will provide the perfect background for some eye-catching prints.

Indie Art

Image credit: MCAD Library

14. Bold indie prints draw interest

Prints by indie artists will offer a unique focal point. Complement the area by going for prints in earthy tones such as oranges, browns and muted greens, or opt for contrast with bold, eye popping colours. A mixture of the two could also work well; try to get a selection of prints in various sizes to add depth and interest.

15. Giant wall stickers are also cool

A giant wall sticker can work brilliantly well, especially if you have a large space to play with. Alternatively, get creative and paint your own mural on the wall in black or grey – if you’re artistic then you may be able to work freehand, but if you’re not so confident with a paintbrush then a stencil will come in handy. Keep the lines of your design crisp and clean to complement the surroundings.

16. Consider 3D art (but don't over-do it)

3D art can also contribute to a minimal bohemian space; stag head designs are fantastic and bang on trend at the moment. Opt for a chrome version for a clean look, or choose a mod podge or even fabric type to add some colour.

Soft furnishings

Adding a few soft furnishings can prevent this look from appearing too stark, while adding warmth and helping to make the space feel inviting.

17. Create a focal point with large scatter cushions

A couple of large scatter cushions in bright colours and tactile, natural textures such as wool will create a lovely focal point on a neutral settee, but add too many and the space may start to feel cluttered. If you’d like more cushions, add a few smaller ones in neutral colours such as grey, coffee, and cream to balance things out. Try to get cushions in a variety of shapes, too.

18. Use patchwork quilts and knitted throws in winter

Everyone likes a blanket to snuggle up with during the colder months, and a patchwork quilt or knitted throw can add much-needed softness in this kind of space. Keep the room looking stylish by folding the throw over one arm of the settee when you’re not using it.

Have any other bohemian living room ideas? Share them in the comments below!

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