18 Tips to Style Your Sofa Seasonally


For many interiors enthusiasts, the changing seasons outside are an ideal opportunity to change décor inside. Come winter, spring, summer, or autumn, decorating your home is a joy when you’re inspired by the beauty of our earth’s natural cycles.

Summer Sofa Style

Madrid range from SofaSofa

With a little forethought, this same logic can be applied to your sofa. In fact, focusing on your sofa is one of the easiest ways to decorate according to the season. And yes – there are more things you can do than simply adding a throw (though they are pretty useful – especially in winter!)

Read on to find out how you can make your sofa look fantastic all year round. However, before we get to each season, let’s start with the basics…

The Fundamentals of Sofa Style

1. Buy a new loose cover Sofa!

If you’re in the market for a new sofa, and like the idea of changing your décor to suit the seasons, then look no further than a loose cover sofa. Loose covers are both incredibly practical when it comes to washing plus they give you the versatility to change colour whenever you want.

Deal direct with the sofa manufacturer and you will be able to buy extra separate covers in colours to suit the seasons at prices well below reupholstery specialists.

Also, keep on the mailing list of your sofa manufacturer and you should be updated with new colours and fabrics for your sofa design, so your sofa keeps up with the latest fashions and seasons.

2. Use accessories

If now is not the right time to change that sofa, think about using accessories to change the look of your existing upholstery. Throws and scatter cushions are quick and easy ways to update a look, but they’re not the only ways to style your sofa.

3. Make use of rugs

Rugs laid in front of a sofa can make a huge difference to the look of the furniture, and can add interest to the whole room for a relatively low cost. Using rugs also helps to keep your carpet in top notch condition for longer, and as there is usually lots of ‘traffic’ around the sofa, it’s a good idea to cover this area.

4. Recover your cushions

If you’re crafty, re-covering your sofa cushions can be a simple and inexpensive way to change the look of the whole piece. It can also help to increase the longevity of the sofa. Find out how to re-cover sofa cushions here.

Now we’ve got the bases covered, let’s move on to what to do each season…


The sun is peeking out once again, and there’s an abundance of growth. Spring is filled with hope, and is wonderful for décor inspiration.

Spring Sofa Style

Newport range from SofaSofa

5. Use floral prints

This look can be achieved in so many different ways – ditsy patterns for a country home feel, big bold prints of a single flower for a more modern look, hyper realistic prints, cartoon styles, and more. Find scatter cushions in a style that suits you and your space.

6. Choose yellows and greens for your accessories

Take inspiration from the new growth of spring to give your sofa a fresh look. Yellows and greens are seen pretty much everywhere this season, but other colours such as forget-me-knot blue and lavender can work really well for this look, too. Go all out bright if you want to be bold, or opt for pastels for a softer, prettier feel.

7. Choose a throw in a medium weight fabric

Though the world outside is warming up, there will be days when you need a little extra warmth. Opt for a throw in something like a brushed cotton or a light knit to add just the right amount of extra warmth on those chilly days.


As the temperature heats up, you’ll need to plan your décor accordingly – for both style and comfort.

Summer Sofa Style

Positano range from SofaSofa

8. Go for a beach look

If you can’t live next to the beach, there’s no reason why you can’t bring the beach indoors via your cushions! Nautical prints are bang on trend and look fun and playful, while a blue and white striped fabric will evoke memories of lazy hours spent lounging on deck chairs in the sun.

9. Use breathable fabrics

During the (hopefully) hot summer months, it’s vital to ensure that your throws are lightweight and made of natural fibres such as cotton and linen – no-one wants to lean on wool in this weather. If you have a leather sofa, these fabrics are especially important to make sitting on your sofa more comfortable.

10. Place plants on side tables

Make use of the lush growth of the season and bring the outside in with a couple of house plants. Not green-fingered? Spider plants are really easy to care for – find out how here.

11. Use summery colours

As in spring, bright, fun colours are perfect for summer, so you may be able to get accessories that work well for both seasons. A mint green vase or set of coasters will help to tie side tables into the look, too.


As the nights draw in, most of us retreat indoors for comfort. With that in mind, you'll want to make sure your sofa is inviting and cosy.

Autumn Sofa Style

Montana range from SofaSofa

12. Use leaf-inspired colours

Autumn calls for rich reds, golden hues and chocolate browns to echo the colours of the leaves outside. Just one or two throws in these colours can be enough to add an autumnal feel to your sofa.

13. Go for leaf prints

As we mentioned above with regards to floral prints, you can choose from a wide variety of styles to suit your taste, from hyper real images of landscape paintings, to stylised artwork. To keep your space looking stylish, ensure that your cushions complement one another – either keep to one style, or contrast them completely.

14. Lay a plush rug in front of your sofa to offer your feet some extra comfort

A chocolate brown will offer subtlety, but a rich deep red could continue looking great throughout the festive season if you want to make it last for longer in the space.

15. Accessories in burnt orange for your side table will look great

Look for less expensive options such as table lamps and decorative bowls for a pop of colour.


As the festive season approaches, the halls are decked with boughs of holly and a tree stands in the corner – but what to do about your sofa? Grosvenor Roomset

Grosvenor range from SofaSofa

16. Use non-Christmas-specific design

The key is to dress your sofa in such a way that most of the accessories will see you right through to February. Opt for reds, tartans and snowflake patterns, all of which have a festive feel but aren't restricted to Christmas.

17. Choose one or two Christmas-themed pieces

Add just a couple of Christmassy scatter cushions for added impact during December, and you’ll still be left with a cosy sofa come January without putting all of the accessories back into storage.

18. Go for cosy fabrics

In terms of materials, you'll want your throw to be extra snuggly during the coldest months of the year. Choose knits, fleece and woven wools for added comfort.

Do you have any seasonal styling tips of your own? Feel free to share them in the comments below, or get in touch with us on Twitter.

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