19 DIY Christmas Decorations


For many of us, memories of Christmases past often include making decorations as children, whether with our parents or at school. If ever there’s a time of year when even the most serious adults turn into big kids again, then Christmas is surely it – so why not embrace your inner child, bring the family together and get crafty this Christmas?

We’ve got some great ideas for DIY Christmas decorations, and they’re all pretty affordable and simple to do. There are even some ideas that actual children will enjoy – though we’re pretty sure some big kids will want to join in too!

Make your own wreath

Apart from the ubiquitous tree, perhaps the most frequently spotted Christmas decoration is the traditional wreath that so many of us like to use to decorate our doors. But why buy one, when you can make your own, personal, quirky version? Here are a few of our favourite ideas:

DIY Christmas Decorations Image Credit: Carolyn Willams

1. Bauble wreath. Use an old wire coat hanger to make a circle, thread on baubles of various colours and sizes so that the wire is hidden, then twist the wire together at the top to complete the circle. Add a bow or some tinsel to this part if you want to cover it up.

2. Buttons or bottle caps. For this version, you’ll need a polystyrene or oasis circle to stick your ornaments onto with glue. Paint the bottle caps in festive colours such as red, green and gold, and add some glitter for extra shine. For a smaller version to hang onto your tree, just use a small piece of wire to make a circle and then glue on one row of buttons or bottle caps.

3. Berries. Either forage for fresh berries, or invest in some artificial ones to attach to a circle of wire with glue. Arrange the sprigs to look like a Catherine wheel for added impact.

4. Bows. You could make your own using ribbon, or buy some of the ready tied ribbons that are used to decorate gifts. Simply use glue to cover a polystyrene circle for a modern look.

5. Traditional wreaths. If you do want to create a traditional wreath, you should be able to find most of the materials that you need during a stroll through the woods, or even from your own back garden. Go for a mixture of holly leaves, greenery, berries and pine cones to cover your wire.

Christmas baubles

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without baubles to hang on the tree. Why not get creative and give some old baubles a new look?

DIY Christmas Decorations Image Credit: Meagan Tintari

6. CD baubles. If you’ve got any old CDs that you no longer need, cut them up into pieces and use glue to attach them to your bauble to create a shiny disco ball-esque effect. Why not add a little glitter too?

7. Snow filled baubles. Find some artificial snow, or failing that some white glitter could work well too, and pour some into a clear glass bauble. You can also decorate the outside of the bauble with rhinestones if you like. Why not use salt dough to make your own mini snowman to sit inside? (See more on salt dough ornaments below!)

8. Chalkboard baubles. All you’ll need for this is a tin of chalkboard paint, a paintbrush, and a few bits of chalk that your family can use to decorate the baubles once they’re dry – and then wipe clean, and decorate again and again!

Edible ornaments

Food is a huge part of Christmas tradition, so why not incorporate it into your decorations too?

Edible Christmas Ornaments Image Credit: Pavlina Jane

9. Biscuits. Choose your favourite biscuit recipe, and get creative with some cookie cutters! Stars, bells, angels and trees are all great shapes to use – just add a small hole before baking so that you can tie a piece of ribbon or string to your decoration. Or why not try stained glass biscuits? Check out the recipe here.

10. Sweetie glasses. For a simple yet chic way to put out your sweets, display them in a long stemmed cocktail glass. Rim the glass with sugar or even glitter to add a little flair; simply wet the rim of the glass, then dip the rim into the sugar and turn slowly until the whole rim is covered – find out how to rim glasses here.

11. Dried fruit slices. You can use dried apple or orange slices to create garlands with a piece of wire, or attach ribbon or twine to hang them from your tree. Cut your apple or orange into slices around a quarter of an inch thick, poke a bamboo skewer through the slices near the top, and hang to dry in a cool and dry area for a couple of days, or remove the bamboo skewer and bake at a low temperature for a few hours.

12. Edible baubles. Make spherical rice cereal cakes (find a recipe here), and melt some white chocolate to coat them. Before the chocolate sets, decorate your cake with sweeties of your choice. Set in the fridge, then stick a piece of ribbon on with some more melted chocolate to create a loop so that you can hang your bauble on the tree. Pop it back into the fridge to set, then try to resist eating the sweets until Christmas Day!

Christmas ornaments that smell delicious

Perhaps the most evocative memories of Christmas are conjured up when we detect the scents of the festive season. Make your house both smell and look super Christmassy with these gorgeous ornaments.

DIY Christmas Decorations Image Credit: Rob Faulkner

13. Orange pomanders. Dating back to Elizabethan times, orange pomanders are an incredibly simple yet fantastically popular Christmas ornament. Simply stud an orange with whole cloves, and add some ribbon for decoration. Either hang your pomander from your tree, or fill a bowl with pomanders for a pretty centrepiece.

14. Scented candles. There are plenty of Christmas-themed scented candles available, but why not give yours a little extra pizzazz? Use PVA glue mixed with glitter for a sparkly effect, or use gold, red or green glass paint to create a festive design on the glass.

15. Cinnamon bundle. Like the pomanders, these can be hung on a tree or incorporated into a centrepiece. Grab a piece of ribbon, and tie three cinnamon sticks together into a bundle, creating a bow with the ribbon. For some techniques on how to tie your ribbon, click here.

16. Christmassy pot pourri. This can also make a great gift! Add a range of your favourite scented items to a polythene bag; use things like whole cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon bark, dried orange slices and essential oils – a Christmas spice oil would be ideal. Seal the bag, give it a good shake and leave it for a week to infuse.

Christmas ornaments to make with kids

Keep the little ones occupied in the run up to the big day with these fun ideas!

DIY Christmas Decorations

17. Bottle cap snowmen. A great way to make use of those beer bottle caps after you’ve had friends round for a festive tipple! Paint three bottle caps white, and attach them together in a strip by gluing a piece of ribbon to the back – leave enough ribbon at the top to create a loop to hang your snowman from the tree. Use small brushes and paint to draw on eyes, nose, a mouth, and buttons – perhaps also a scarf and hat!

18. Snow dipped pine cones. Gather as many pine cones as you can, then dip them in white paint – simple! Add some glitter to your paint to make your snow look extra magical.

19. Salt dough ornaments. Make up some salt dough (find a recipe here), and create some festive shapes and paint! Use cookie cutters, or make a handprint Santa.

Happy Christmas crafting!

Posted in DIY on 12th Dec 2014


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