25 Home Designs for Book Lovers


March 3 is World Book Day! If you've got any kids in the family, you’ll know it’s a global celebration of books and reading – and an excellent opportunity to dress up. The aim of this wonderful day is to encourage children of all ages, in over 100 countries around the world, to appreciate reading.

We wanted the adults join in the fun too, so we’re celebrating the beauty of books in our own little way. Here are 25 unique ways to decorate with books at home.


1. Book Headboard

9179263756_ccd0d57651_zImage Credit: Wicker Paradise

Sweet dreams are made of this: a DIY book headboard. It’s quite simple to recreate, just glue open books onto an inexpensive piece of wood or board and prop up behind the bed. The perfect use for old charity shop finds.


2. Book Side Table

9255833840_0de88a1700_zImage Credit: Wicker Paradise

This revolving side table doubles as a stylish home for your favourite books. It’s a library on wheels, perfect for hunkering down with a cup of tea and a tome. This one is made from a re-purposed cable spool but you could ‘hack’ any piece of furniture to create your own.


3. Reading Nook

9255061948_3764db8000_oImage Credit: Wicker Paradise

How many of us dream of an entire corner dedicated to books and reading? This little nook is just a simple daybed and some custom built shelves but it looks incredible. You don’t need heaps of space to create your own reading nook – just a little vision and creativity.


4. Book Sculpture

5829442256_376d379d1b_zImage Credit: Nick Keppol

This awesome vertical bookshelf almost gives the effect of a paperback sculpture. It’s a really unique way to display your books – and because the shelf is narrow but tall, it doesn’t take up too much floor space!


5. Corner Library

DSC_9691Image Credit: Oyvind Solstad

Making use of an awkward corner in the most stylish way possible! These shelves are custom built to fit the space, even taking into account the window. Pop a big, comfy chair in front of those shelves and you have something approximating perfection.


6. Invisible Bookshelf

2968659020_c1028d18b0_zImage Credit: John M. P. Knox


An optical illusion and a handy storage solution; these books look as though they are floating in mid-air. Here’s a great tutorial if you want to make your own.


7. Bookish Staircase

6616369365_a499283b3f_zImage Credit: Nicolás Boullosa

These beautiful natural wood bookcases are built around the stairs. It’s another great use of space, giving an area that would normally be neglected a chance to shine. We love the idea of grabbing a new book on the way to bed.


8. Floating Bookshelves

6021938898_fbdc35f1c6_zImage Credit: Peter Alfred Hess

Forget wallpaper and paint; decorate your walls with books (without even ruining a page)! These hanging shelves are the perfect solution to limited floor space and they give a fresh, modern look to the room.


9. Tower of Books

9580675580_7f9a0cc99e_zImage Credit: Wicker Paradise

This incredible tower of books isn't an art installation or clever trick of the eye – it’s the real deal! It may look impractical but it has been cleverly designed so you can remove a book without causing the whole tower to crumble.


10. Colour Coordinated

2991800521_6183487b83_oImage Credit: Thomas D

Don’t settle for alphabetising your books – colour-coordinate them and create this beautiful rainbow effect instead. It’s a simple styling trick that will make your book collection stand out for all the right reasons.


11. Mix and Match

4821140347_da31a31ff4_zImage Credit: Gabriel Garcia Marengo

No one said bookshelves were just for books; add a few favourite treasures to give your shelves some personality. Mix in ornaments, family photographs and cool trinkets from your travels for a laid-back, eclectic vibe.


12. Diagonal Shelving

23257535261_e7fb2e94b7_zImage Credit: designmilk

Bookshelf design with a difference! Create an on-trend look with these geometric beauties. As practical as they are pretty; they’ll be the centrepiece of any room. Also of note: honeycomb shelves.


13. The Cupboard Under the Stairs

4843830486_2bebb6fd40_zImage Credit: charlotte holmes

We couldn’t talk about books without sneaking in a Harry Potter reference. A glorious alternative to Harry’s grim and depressing bedroom under the stairs, these shelves are another example of creative space-saving.


14. Home Library

15053505647_12dfee2340_zImage Credit: atl10trader

This bookcase wraps around the corner to give you as much shelf space as possible. What we particularly like about this look is the way in which the books have been stacked in different ways. Some are displayed vertically, while others are propped on their side or at an angle. It gives visual interest to a rather standard bookshelf.


15. Victorian Drama

bookshelf-1082309_640Image Credit: Unsplash

Fancy the kind of mysterious home library only ever described in old books? You’ll need a collection of vintage tomes, some black painted shelves and a library ladder. Bonus points for dark leather chairs, and a selection of old globes.


16. Unusual Storage

1357334604_a0a2fb283e_oImage Credit: Nina Hale

Run out of shelf space? Think outside the box like Nina, who painted an old ironing board red and used it to display books in her dining room. We love the creativity here - and that she chose red books to match!


17. Simple Shelving

1778590926_68d5a75d12_oImage Credit: shira gal

This is a lesson in going back to the basics. These beautifully styled shelves keep it simple; a few books, a handful of ornaments and a piece of art propped on top. You probably already have everything you need to create this timeless look.


18. Corner Office

5558398367_6265d4af95_zImage Credit: Jody Morris

Built-in shelves are a great way to make use of any alcoves in a room. These shelves are painted the same colour as the wall so as to create a nice visual flow and let the green accent wall really pop.

A matching desk beneath the shelves creates a stylish – and inspiring – workspace. It’s tucked away in an alcove, but isn’t small and cramped like some home offices.


19. Working the Angles

8483620469_f2d664acff_oImage Credit: Wicker Paradise

This bookcase under the stairs is throwing some serious shapes! It’s an ultra modern take on under stairs storage. Rather than hiding or trying to blend in any of those sharp edges, the design makes a feature of them. The rainbow coloured books look beautiful against all the white too!


20. Modular Modernism

439234297_9b3003059c_zImage Credit: jm3 on Flickr

Imagine human-sized Lego bricks. Now imagine you can use those Lego bricks to design and build furniture that perfectly suits your need. That’s almost exactly how this shelving system works.

Simple to put together and easy to take apart, the idea of modular furniture is that you can reuse and reshape it as many times as you want. It’s essentially the cool older brother of flat-pack - with much more functionality.


21. Boho Brilliance

3500220701_d46bf68d10_zImage Credit: Nannette Turner

This beautiful home library has a really welcoming bohemian vibe. It’s full of personality and lived-in charm. But the stand-out feature is definitely those painted bookshelves, the white frames really pop against the red.

Oh, and if you've fallen in love with that vintage leather sofa, you’ll find an almost identical one right here.


22. Kitchen Collection

1620675_6cbb86c335_oImage Credit: jm3 on Flickr

Bookshelves in the kitchen? Who’d have thought it! But in reality, this is a really practical way to display cookbooks and the like. Add some beautiful crockery and delicious bowls of fruit amongst the books for a gorgeous kitchen display.


23. Split the Room

2513411743_4b2045bda6_oImage Credit: Mazzali

An open bookcase like the one pictured above makes an excellent room divider! Use it to separate living and dining areas, or prevent squabbles by splitting the kids’ bedroom in half. Let the bookcase feel like a natural part of the space by using shelves that match the walls.


24. Modern Classics

3874428178_5d2332bd75_zImage Credit: Mazzali

Let your bookcase join the ranks of such greats as To Kill a Mockingbird, Animal Farm and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

If you favour modern minimalist design, opt for a sleek number like this one to house all your books. The high-gloss finish gives an air of luxury to this sophisticated shelving unit.


25. Books as Furniture

14448423067_d3ab3336af_oImage Credit: Wicker Paradise

Faux vintage books have been used here to create a stunning piece of furniture. You can make your own quite easily; just stack and glue old books for the base, then attach a glass pane (as here) or a piece of wood for the table top. It’s a really unique way to show your appreciation for the written word.



Happy World Book Day to you all! We hope you found some inspiration in this list of designs for book lovers. Which one was your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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