25 Sparkling Christmas Tree Decorations


It’s almost hard to believe it’s nearing that time of the year again. That’s right, it’s Christmas! The have become shorter and there’s a chill in the air, but now the streets are sparkling with thousands of lights, those ads you’ve been waiting all year for are on TV, and most importantly - it's time to put up your tree.

If you’re anything like us, you will have fighting the urge to put up the Christmas decorations as soon as Halloween was over. But with our busy lives, sometimes we leave things til last minute. Either way, it’s a universal truth that decorating the Christmas tree can one of the highlights of the year, and the festive feeling is hard to ignore. So it's time to get cracking if you haven't already!

Here’s a little history

Although people in the rest of Europe had been decorating trees with candles at wintertime for several hundred years, we have the Germans to thank for bringing the tradition to the UK. In fact, the practice didn’t become common in the UK until after Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in 1840. So, count your blessings that you weren’t born in the Georgian era. What a joyless Christmas that must have been!

Thankfully, decorating your tree is now an essential part of the festive season and some would argue (okay mainly us) that it’s one of the purest forms of self-expression. Like art, decorating your tree is purely subjective and elegance can come in different forms for different people so there’s not a right or wrong way to do it.

Whether you are making a treacherous climb into your attic to fetch your faithful tree from last year or are opting for the real thing, read on for 25 gorgeous Christmas tree decoration ideas to inspire your look this year.


1. The memory tree

family tree ornamentImage credit: The Country Chic Cottage


2. Rustic, nature-inspired tree

rustic christmas treeImage credit: Craftaholicsanonymous.net

Keep your tree in touch with its roots with an outdoors-inspired style using the best decorations that nature has to offer. This could include sprigs of pinecones, lightly dusted in ‘snow’, ornaments fashioned from twine and sculptures of woodland creatures.

Complete the look with some tartan or plaid ribbon. View the how-to guide at Craftaholics Anonymous.


3. Icy blue and silver tree

blue christmas treeImage credit: Refresh Restyle

Give your tree a touch of frost with a frozen look using blue Christmas decor and garnishing with grey, gold and silver.

The cold yet classy look can add a dash of winter chill to your room without having to adjust your thermostat! View the how-to guide at Refresh Restyle.


4. Marvellous Christmas tree

Marvel christmas treeImage Credit: JD Hancock

If you have young children in your family, then adding some of their favourite action heroes could really make them feel included in the decorating process as well as adding some great colours to your tree.

Simply tie some string to their Marvel action figures and hang them up for a child-friendly and well-protected tree.


5. Snowy christmas Tree

snow christmas treeImage credit: Kaboompics

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without concurring an image of freshly-fallen snow on tree branches. Whether you have a real or artificial tree, a snow-dusted tree can add a touch of beauty to any tree.

There are a variety of ways to flock your Christmas tree to achieve a white, wintery, snow-kissed finish. View a handy guide courtesy of Oh Everything Handmade.


6. Rainbow Christmas tree

rainbow christmas treeImage credit: Lines Across

An ombre-style rainbow Christmas tree can add oodles of colour to a room and brighten up your winter. It’s also quite easy to create it as all you really have to do is arrange all those ornaments that you’ve collected over the years by colour.

You also don’t need to worry about your tree looking cluttered as the more ornaments, the better it could look! View a useful tutorial at Lines Across.


7. Bird-friendly Christmas tree

bird christmas treeImage credit: Sugar Bee Crafts

Give your tree that quaint, charming look with a pretty bird house or two as a home for any decorative robins you might have!

It’s a subtle reminder of the beauty of outdoor trees and an idyllic alternative to some of the louder colours and decorations usually associated with Christmas. Find out how to do it at Sugar Bee Crafts.


8. Glamorous gold and bronze leaf

gold christmas treeImage credit: Unsplash

Gold can add a dash of glitz and glamour to any occasion and Christmas is certainly no exception.

Give your tree the Midas touch with some gold leaves and complement the look with a variety of gold and bronze baubles.


9. Add glittery baubles for some razzle-dazzle

glitter christmas treeImage Credit: Unsplash

Glitter baubles can add a retro disco feel to your festivities and can turn even the drabbest looking tree into a funky fir (or pine)!

If you are in the mood for some DIY, there are two options. If you love getting glitter positively everywhere and adding some surprise sparkle to your house, you can see the tutorial at Claireabellemakes.

Alternatively, you can create a less-messy glitter bauble by having the glitter on the inside! View the tutorial from The Ornament Girl.


10. Colourful felt trees

christmas tree decorationsImage credit: The Crafted Blog

Felt Christmas trees are a wonderful decoration if you feel that one tree isn’t enough! They can add vivacity to your tree and ensure that your room is never bereft of colour. If you are interested in embroidery, they are also the perfect opportunity to get out the needle and thread!

Find the step-by-step tutorial at The Crafted Blog.


11. Tinsel garland tree

christmas tinselImage credit: A Bubbly Life

Spell out the name of a special loved one or your family name with a sparkly garland made from leftover tinsel! An easy and effective way to shout about your Christmas cheer.

Find out how from A Bubbly Life.


12. May the force be with you

different christmas treeImage credit: DIY Candy

If you have young children or even big children (i.e. A partner who never grew up) a Star Wars-themed tree could be a fitting tribute, especially with the new movie due out this December.

It can be difficult to pull it off without overdoing it though, which is why creating droid baubles is a perfect solution, which complements a silver and gold theme.

Get the tutorial on how to make your very own R2D2 and C3PO from DIY Candy.


13. Go for the vintage look

christmas treeImage credit: Mod Podge Rocks

Go for the nostalgic feel with some vintage-inspired colourful baubles. This decor style can be a great opportunity to add some '70s glamour and brighten up your tree too! Get the tutorial above at Mod Podge Rocks.


14. Add a touch of summer to your tree

summer christmas treeImage credit: Delia Creates

Why conform to the notion that you need to decorate your tree to suit the winter landscape? Add a feeling of natural beauty and warming thoughts of spring and summer to your décor with a floral and fruity style to give your tree a seasonal blend. See how to do it over at Delia Creates.


15. Keep it simple with pine cones

pine cone treeImage credit: Pexels

If you prefer to keep your tree low-key and go for understated elegance over colour-overload, then a simple combination of pine cones and opting for only one colour of baubles (such as silver or gold) can work a treat.


16. Go big with the baubles

tree baublesImage credit: Love Grows Wild

If the above look is a bit too low-key for you, try mixing it up with a textured, layered look by adding baubles that vary in size. The bigger the bauble, the more dramatic the effect! Find out how you can do it at Love Grows Wild.


17. Go with peppermint perfection

festiveImage Credit: Pexels

Candy canes are synonymous with Christmas, as is their red and white Santa-coloured design. You can take a red and white theme and run with it for a classic Christmas look, with a mixture of red and white baubles, snowflakes, ribbon and yes, canes. Just try not to eat too many!


18. Deck the tree with sprigs of holly

christmas hollyImage credit: Michael Arnaud

Holly is a fantastically festive decoration and a must-have Christmas decoration so it seems strange that it doesn’t feature in your tree somehow! Cornucopias can make great hanging storage for your holly sprigs and festive berries. Get the tutorial from Good Housekeeping.


19. Opt for a festive throwback with candles

candle treeImage credit: Till Westermayer

Before LED lights, candles on Christmas trees were the norm. If you want to give a fitting tribute to Christmases past, decorate your tree with candles for a stylish yet classic look. If you are afraid of the risk of fire you don’t have to light them, they’ll still look great!

You can find out how to safely decorate your tree with real candles from this WikiHow.


 20. Monochrome magic

monochrome christmasImage credit: Coco + Kelly

Although Christmas can be a very colourful occasion, full of festive reds, a more subdued look can actually make your tree stand out more. Whatever the colour of your tree, adding black and white decorations can give your tree an understated charm. Find out how you can do it from Just Destiny.


21. Succumb to your sweet tooth

christmas sweetsImage credit: Lines Across

If you would like to show your eccentric side, create a Christmas candy land that will make your tree a firm favourite will all your festive visitors! This is one style that won’t have you worrying whether colours clash! Add real sweets and treats as an edible bonus! Find out how from Lines Across.


22. Use the trimmings to make a wreath...

christmas wreathImage credit: Lindsey Turner

After you have trimmed your tree to suit, using the trimmings as decorations can be a great way to get the most from your tree and reduce waste. Nothing says Christmas has arrived quite like a festive wreath, adorned with pine cones, for your door!

You can read a great tutorial on how to make one from Martha Stewart.


23. …or some pine needle potpourri

pine needlesImage credit: Faye Henry

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without those festive fragrances floating throughout your home. Using tree trimmings to create homemade potpourri can complement the visual display of your tree by giving you a great aroma. It’s easy to do as well! Find out how from The Green Divas.


24. Use trimmings as great table centrepiece

christmas tree trimmingsImage credit: Unsplash

Tree trimmings are pretty diverse decorations and you can use them in a few rooms throughout your home, including the dining room! You can create a festive centrepiece for your dining room table to make your Christmas dinner that extra bit jolly.


25. Create evergreen decorations

christmas baublesImage credit: She Makes A Home

Once you’ve created your wreath, centrepiece and potpourri, you may have some tree trimmings still left over. If that’s the case, you can still get use from them by creating some hanging ornaments to add a little bit of Christmas to the other rooms in your home - just in case there's not enough already! Find out how at the link above.



Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year so it’s only natural that you’ll want to decorate in style. Whatever your own personal tastes, there will be the right tree decorations to give your home that festive feeling.

And remember, despite what the shops tell you, it’s never too late to put up your tree!

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