35 Inspirational Interior Design Ideas for Christmas


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! As the shops and streets ignite with twinkly lights, and our thoughts turn to planning Christmas dinner, there’s an unmistakably festive feeling in the air – and if you’re anything like me, you’re already getting excited about dressing your tree.

Decorating our homes is an integral part of the festive season, in my opinion. It allows us to express our style, enjoy annual traditions with our loved ones, and bring some Christmas cheer into our living spaces. And thanks to the internet, we’re able to find a wealth of inspiration from far and wide for new ideas.

Whether you want to deck the halls with boughs of holly, or you would prefer a super modern look for your home, I've brought together some of my favourite festive décor ideas to spark your imagination. Get creative this Christmas!

Ideas for living rooms

For me, the living room is the heart of the home at Christmas. It’s usually where the tree is placed, gifts are torn open on Christmas morning, and many memories are made. How you decorate your living room will depend largely on the amount of space that’s available to you, but there are lots of ideas that you can easily adapt for your own taste here.

traditional festive living roomImage Credit: Massachusetts Office

This traditional display is understated, but still wonderfully festive. The lights on the tree complement the chandelier beautifully, and the room is tied together through the use of an evergreen garland on the mantelpiece and the setting of a poinsettia on the side table.

I think one of the reasons that this design works so well is that the Christmas décor doesn’t overwhelm the already lavish design of the room, thanks in part to the simple colour scheme of just two colours: red and green.

modern traditional Christmas decorationImage Credit: Sara Meier

I love the way that this room incorporates modernity with a traditional feel. The exposed brick of the mantelpiece brings the room up to date, while the retro furniture, poinsettia garland, and open fire add a traditional feel. The lights on top of the mantelpiece are my favourite element, though – they really evoke the magic of Christmas.

classy Christmas Image Credit: Visit Mississippi

If you’re looking for a classy Christmas look, then this room has it in spades. Again, the look is understated, with evergreens and a simple colour scheme adopted to create a glamorous and elegant effect. Sometimes, less really is more.

Christmas decorImage Credit: HarmonicMama

The tree dominates this room, but the space isn’t overwhelmed thanks to the large glass window, which reflects the lights of the tree beautifully. In this space, the tree is enough – any more decorations around the room may have created a stifling effect.

If you’re looking to go for a multi-coloured effect with your tree, then it’s wise to restrict the rest of the décor in the room.

modern Christmas decorImage Credit: Shutterstock

A great way to create a modern look with your Christmas décor is to use a predominantly white or cream background against the traditional reds and greens, as demonstrated in this beautiful scene. The use of a snow tipped effect helps to mute the greens a little, and keeps the look understated despite the fact that there are lots of ornaments.

festive roomImage Credit: Allan Henderson

Much of the festive feel is provided by the predominant use of red in the existing décor here, so the simple addition of a tree and an evergreen garland is enough to provide plenty of Christmas cheer.

breathtaking Christmas treeImage Credit: Taltan

The fullness of this Christmas tree, combined with the candles both on the tree and around the room, creates a truly breathtaking effect.

Ideas for dining rooms

The Christmas dinner is perhaps the most exciting part of the day – after opening gifts, of course – so it’s worth taking the time to add a few special touches to your dining room if you can. However, if you do not have a dining room, many of these ideas can be adapted for coffee tables or other areas.

Christmas tree dining roomImage Credit: Massachusetts Office

The addition of a tree here works wonderfully, and combined with the fireplace it creates a living-cum-dining room space that can be used throughout the whole of Christmas day.

Christmas table settingImage Credit: Austin Kelmore

The table setting provides a wonderful array of colour and interest here, with candles, flowers and tableware offering substantial depth.

elegant Christmas decorationsImage Credit: Faith Goble

The combination of white flowers, golden candles and ribbon, and flickering flames create a classy and elegant look.

Christmas candlesImage Credit: Jacob Munk-Stander

If you haven’t got much space to spare, or you’re looking for something simple, then a cluster of pillar candles at varying heights will look brilliantly effective.

Christmas table settingImage Credit: Ruth Johnston

The glinting metallic ornaments and cutlery against the snowy white and festive red makes this setting feel like a winter wonderland.

Christmas dining tableImage Credit: kaboompics

Fresh roses, pastel pink candles, glowing copper and stunning lighting make this setting feel beautifully soft and feminine.

Christmas candle ideasImage Credit: baetzpetra

All you need is a few baubles and a set of tealight holders to recreate this modern look.

Mantelpiece ideas

Whether you plan on hanging stockings from yours or not, the mantelpiece is a great focal point for your Christmas décor.

modern Christmas mantelpieceImage Credit: ProFlowers

The chalkboard, and the use of greens and browns against bright white, make this mantelpiece feel earthy yet modern.

fun Christmas mantelpieceImage Credit: ProFlowers

I love the young, fun feel of this mantelpiece. The wire and pegs for cards is a lovely touch, and adds a personal touch to the minimalist design.

cosy Christmas mantelpieceImage Credit: Maegan Tintari

Maybe it’s the real fire, or perhaps it’s snuggly stockings, but this mantelpiece makes me feel all cosy inside.

Christmas stocking mantelpieceImage Credit: ProFlowers

The strong use of red and white here brings candy canes to mind – and the effect is just as sweet.

Christmas mantelpiece ideaImage Credit: Roving-Aye!

This is how a garland should look, in my opinion – thick and luscious, and adorned with plenty of pretty details. The birds, pine cones and berries add extra focal points that really wow.

Christmas stockingsImage Credit: rosecoutre0

The multi-coloured lights and mismatched stockings add an element of carefree fun to this traditional mantelpiece.

Tree ideas

The tree is the superstar of any home at Christmas. Here are some ideas that are sure to make yours look extra special this year.

Christmas tinselImage Credit: Emily May

A strong theme is a surefire way to create an impact with your tree decorations. The use of branch-like tinsel around the room ties in with the Christmas tree wonderfully here.

Star Wars ChristmasImage Credit: JD Hancock

Decorating your tree is a great opportunity to express your personality and tastes – this Star Wars-themed ornament is a fun and quirky addition.

quirky Christmas tree decorationsImage Credit: swimswim

Baubles are transformed into hot air balloons in these adorable ornaments – perfect for fans of The Wizard of Oz!

Christmas lights outsideImage Credit: Olichel

Sprinkle a little Christmas magic into the trees in your garden with a few strings of fairy lights.

Christmas gift wrappingImage Credit: Alan Cleaver

Well-wrapped gifts can create an ornamental display all of their own. Why not wrap some boxes to act as gifts until Santa delivers yours on Christmas Eve?

clear baublesImage Credit: jill111

Clear baubles are stunning, perhaps because they can be personalised to your tastes. Fill yours with pretty ribbons, glitter, or small figurines – this is a great way to get children involved in decorations, too.

Small space ideas

You don’t necessarily need huge amounts of space to add some festive decorations to your home – sometimes a little nook or a few shelves is all you need.

striking Christmas decorImage Credit: Forsaken Fotos

This clever use of wall art, lighting and soft furnishings creates a striking display that feels both modern and cosy.

Christmas tree ribbonImage Credit: Du Žiedeliai

No space for a tree? No problem! Just a few green sprigs and some delicate ribbon can create a wonderfully pretty effect.

Christmas ornamentsImage Credit: Chris McFarland

Fill a shelf with simple ornaments in your favourite festive colour scheme to recreate this look.

Christmas windowImage Credit: Lee Ruk

Windows can be used to great effect in small spaces to offer a festive focal point.

Christmas stocking hangingImage Credit: PublicDomainPictures

Create a mantelpiece effect on your wall by hanging stockings and a string of lights.

Christmas room scentImage Credit: PublicDomainPictures

Not only will a studded orange and a bundle of cinnamon sticks create a simple and festive display in even the smallest of spaces, but they’ll radiate a gorgeous smell, too.

Wreath ideas

Wreaths are a fantastic way to welcome guests into your home over the festive period – whether modern or traditional, they’ll be a gorgeous addition to your front door.

modern Christmas wreathImage Credit: condesign

A monochrome palette against a wooden base offers a brilliantly modern choice.

Christmas wreath ideaImage Credit: Dieter_G

I love the use of colour in this wreath, and the wispy texture of the foliage.

Christmas wreath lightImage Credit: Janet Beasley

This twinkly wreath really would brighten up your door – use weatherproof, battery-powered led lights to create a similar effect.


I hope that these ideas have offered some inspiration! How do you plan on decorating your home this year? Let me know in the comments!

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