4 Awesome Decorating Tips for Small Spaces


Decorating a smaller space can be much trickier than furnishing a large room. Get it wrong, and the room could look overcrowded like a jumble sale, with no discernible theme or style. Or it could look like a corridor, with everything pushed against the walls.  Get it right, and small spaces can define and accentuate the style of your home.

When confronted with a teeny tiny space, you really have to be ruthless with clutter.  Instead of trying to cram as much in as possible, keep to strong key pieces.  Less is definitely more when it comes to smaller spaces. Clutter is your worst enemy in a small room, so if you take nothing else away from this post, remember this: be tidy, and be ruthless!  A smaller room can emphasise the feeling of clutter, so remember to ditch the clutter and focus on a few key pieces only.

small living room

Image by Karl Frankowski

Look for Multi-functional Pieces

One of the best tips when decorating a small room is to use versatile furnishings that do more than one job. Of course, you can have pieces that are purely decorative, but if you’re taking up space with an elegant writing desk that can only be used as a writing desk, you could be wasting valuable space.

Instead think about using a storage chest/coffee table combination, or a footstool that can be used for extra seating, and doubles as a handy storage unit for magazines, cushions and throws.  Great furniture design often accommodates a variety of uses from the obvious sofa bed to the more high tech. Our favourite tech/furniture combo at the moment is the ‘Beat Seat’ that doubles as a footstool and a docking station with built in speakers.

brunel storage footstool

Brunel Storage Footstool from SofaSofa

Measure Twice, Buy Once!

If we are honest many of us have been guilty at some point of buying furnishings on impulse without measuring it or its destination.  It may sound obvious, but it is crucial to take full measurements and consider any doors and windows that will need opening space. Consider how you intend to use the room and the space you will need to play virtual tennis or simply walk from one side to the other!  Of course it is often difficult to imagine a new piece of furniture in situ, and even after taking measurements it may not look quite right. So if you’re unsure, only buy furniture that comes with a no quibble returns guarantee, or at least n exchange policy so you can change to a different size or style.


Trick the Eye with Floating Furniture

Many interior design experts suggest “floating” furniture away from the walls to trick the eye into thinking that the room is bigger. This can work well for a large space but if the room is particularly small then you’re just going to lose valuable floor space. For small spaces the only practical option maybe to keep furniture tight to the walls, utilising as much of the otherwise ‘wasted’ space as possible.

One way to get around this is by choosing furniture that floats above the floor, rather than away from the wall. Consider choosing sofas and TV stands that are on legs, rather than flat to the floor. If you do this and keep the walls and floor a fairly neutral colour, the eye should keep travelling around the room, rather than noticing it’s a little underwhelming in size.

Make a Statement

Finally, remember – just because a room is small does not mean it has to be boring. Jazz it up with a splash of colour on one wall, a bright and bold geometric wallpaper or a spectacular piece of artwork. Don’t forget the cushions, throws and accessories either - the room will be more than a little bit lonely without them!

red statement

Rooms don't have to be large to make a statement, Image by Hatch.M

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