5 Ways to Revamp Your Living Room


Bored of your living room? We know the feeling. You’re fed up with the accessories, or the artwork, or just everything about how the room looks.

Luckily there are a multitude of ways to revamp your living room within just an hour or two, or if you have a little bit more time on your hands, a day or two over the weekend. Dig out a few handy tools, grab a coffee and follow the tips below to transform your living room in the flash of an eye.

revamp living room

  1. Have a Jig About

Nope, we don’t mean you should get all Michael Flatley. Although you can if you like.  What we are talking about, is having a jig about of your furniture.

You probably put everything where it is now simply because you arranged it around the furniture that was already in the room. So have a little shift around. Consider putting the sofa on the opposite wall, the TV in a different spot or moving the lamps around. You might be surprised to find that the room feels instantly different – hopefully in a good way!

  1. Change the Décor on the Walls

If you’ve already got clocks, mirrors, artwork and photographs on the walls, an easy way to change the way your room looks is to rearrange them. Take photographs down and arrange them all in a collage pattern on the floor before putting them back on the walls. Or put the mirror in a different spot above the fireplace. Mirrors are brilliant at changing the look of a room. They create the illusion of space so are excellent when used in tight spots. Even consider having a swap about of wall décor from other rooms in the house.

  1. Tidy Up

revamp living room

Image by Reiner Kraft

It might sound silly, but if your living room is a wee bit messy (we’re not judging!) a simple tidy up could be all you need to make the room look completely different. If kid’s toys are strewn all over the floor or if that stack of books you’ve been meaning to take to the charity shop has turned into a temporary coffee table, it’s definitely time to de-clutter. We will say no more.

  1. Accessorise

Although you can most definitely revamp your living room without spending any money, you can really make a difference to the way the space looks and feels by adding a few new accessories. This is even easier if the room is already fairly neutral in colour as you can just introduce a few accessories in a new colour and it’ll completely change the look.

If you’re trying to budget, buy a few rolls of patterned paper from a discount store and pop them up on one of the walls for a statement feature wall in just a few hours. If you can’t wallpaper (or can’t find anyone to do it for you) have a rummage round flea markets and boot sales for a big ole’ piece of wall décor which will do much the same job.

  1. Pretty Plants

Pop to the garden centre and grab a houseplant or two. Plants are great at breaking up all the rigid lines and bringing calm to your living space...  No need to go overboard – an orchid on a coffee table or a set of mini cactuses on a windowsill will do the job nicely.

revamp living room

Image by Merec0

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