5 Ways to Dress up Your Sofa


Now that the nights are drawing in, we find ourselves returning more and more to our faithful old sofa of an evening.   But what if your ol’ sofa is looking a little, shall we say, “past its prime”?  Whilst replacement may be the only answer if your old friend has really seen better days, there are plenty of ways to spruce up your upholstery, without starting afresh. Accessorising your sofa is an inexpensive way to freshen up any living space. These five tips will not only make your sofa look even better, but will make it more inviting for you and your guests too.


Scatter cushions are an easy and quick way of dressing up your upholstery. Available in a myriad of shades, shapes and sizes they offer a fabulous, inexpensive way to update your sofa while making the entire room that bit cosier. Either place them delicately in both corners of your sofa, or go for the scatter gun approach and chuck them everywhere. As any junior psychologist knows, scatter cushions placement and quantity can tell a lot about a person. Primarily if they are male or female but we won’t go there! scatter cushions help brighten up and sofas, seating or living room

Rio Range by SofaSofa

Consider also experimenting with a variety of cushion sizes and colours. As well as their obvious decorative function, scatters can be very practical and provide support for heads, necks and lower backs. Particularly of use if the old sofa is not quite as comfortable as it was in its former years. As we say, scatters come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Long tubular bolsters are great for adding a bit of elegance to traditional sofa designs. Rectangular scatters are great for providing lower back lumber support and large feather filled cushions are perfect for holding both your head and neck at the perfect TV watching angle. Bolster cushions also help to brighten and dress up your sofa and other furniture

Balmoral range by SofaSofa. Purchase bolsters here.

There is of course an art to scatter cushion placement for those amongst us who like things 'just so'. If you have multiple cushions, position them so the smaller ones are in front. Stripes and damasks are both very good additions to plain sofas but keep them in pairs if you are keen on creating a more formal symmetry to your living room. Textures are as important as colours when it comes to scatter cushion selection. Current trends favour the use of a variety of textures to add textural contrast and again practical options.  Combine velvets and wools with leather sofas to add warmth and comfort or consider a combination of woven or patterned fabric with plain cotton or chenille sofas.  Placing scatter cushions in a certain order can help dress up your sofa

Newbury range by SofaSofa


Throws can turn your sofa from a simple seating space into a cosy little lair. In fact no sofa is complete without the almost ubiquitous throw. Available in a massive variety of cosy fabrics and colours from classic wool to faux animal  fur, throws add both extra character to your sofa. Wrap your throw around you while you cosy up watching your favourite programme. Throws also look great casually cascading over one end of your sofa for that ‘lived-in’ feel. Adding a throw to your sofa can really dress it up

Montrose Throw by SofaSofa

 If you have a neutral coloured sofa and you want to add a simple pop of colour without upgrading your furniture, then place your throw over the back of the sofa and tuck it in underneath the seat cushions to keep it in place.


Another great accessory to pair with your sofa is a footstool. You don’t have to go for matching either – just make sure the colour and fabric compliments your sofa. Footstools are surprisingly versatile too – not only are they great for tired feet, they can also provide extra seating and storage space to! A storage stool cab provide a welcome relief for tired feet, as well as an attractive addition, dressing up your sofa

Cambridge Leather Storage Stool by SofaSofa


If you are lucky enough to own a loose cover sofa you can simply replace your old covers with new. Loose cover sofas are the perfect option for changing the look of your living room at little expense. Speak to the manufacturer of your sofa and they should be able to offer extra loose covers in a variety of colours and perhaps different fabrics or patterns. So if you fancy a change of colour or simply a fresh new replacement set of covers your loose cover sofa gives you plenty of options. You should also be able to buy extra cushion covers to renew any old tired cushions you may have. Swapping around your loose covers can help to dress up your sofa, refreshing its look

Image credit: Dominic Blackmore.

Sofa by SofaSofa


You shouldn't always feel the need to add additional accessories to your sitting space - some sofas are perfect just the way they are. If your sofa is capable of acting as a statement piece, try and resist the urge to dress it up and let its unique character shine through. Allow the character of your sofa to shine through by letting it go naked. A bold statement pattern ona sofa can be just a dressed up as a plain one with added cushions

Tuscany Range by SofaSofa

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