6 Colour Trends for Your Home in 2016


Are you hoping to give your home a little lift this year? Whether you’re planning on transforming your entire abode, or you simply want to add a few accessories to each room to add interest, it’s worth taking a look at the upcoming trends.

Even if you aren't interested in the latest fashions, looking at colour trend ideas can help to spark inspiration for your own projects – and it will also give you a rough idea of what sort of accessories you can expect to find in the shops throughout the year!

With that in mind, I've rounded up six of the key colour trends that are set to take the world of interior design by storm this year. Read on for helpful information and tips on how to adopt these ideas in your own home.


1. White's right

24173006926_9703e55985_bImage Credit: designmilk

If you’re hoping to create a crisp, clean space; or a dreamy retreat; then white should be your colour of choice in 2016.

For instance, stripped floorboards look fantastically modern and clean when daubed with white paint, creating an artist’s studio effect; while fluffy white rugs will add a wonderfully soft texture, reminiscent of clouds.

With this look, you can go for a minimalist effect by choosing only a select few accessories and furniture pieces; or opt for plenty of ornaments and wall decorations in pretty pastels to reinforce the dreamlike effect.

While pastels will offer a soft look, brights will work brilliantly if you’re hoping for a dramatic effect – just a few frames, wooden chairs or vases in electric blue or emerald green will look stunning against a clean white backdrop.

Colour scheme: bright white, paired with pastels or brights


2. All things bright and beautiful

22111064196_7ebe16184f_bImage Credit: designmilk

Jump feet first into 2016 by creating a space filled with fun brights. Jewel tones of sapphire blue and emerald green will add a stunning pop of colour to any space, but to really get on board with this trend, you should add a drop of lemon yellow and a hint of magenta pink to finish off the look.

Your backdrop colour will depend on the size of your room and what the lighting is like. Small or dark spaces would benefit from cream or white walls, while larger, brighter spaces could take a black background, which will really make the bright colours pop.

Colour scheme: White or black background with emerald green, sapphire blue, lemon yellow and magenta pink


3. Muted monochrome

24176248025_10e5885de4_zImage Credit: designmilk

Black and white make for a striking combination in interior design, but the end result can be a little stark for some. However, by combining these two hues with a softer backdrop, the end result is much warmer and more inviting, while still feeling modern and up-to-date.

It’s all about balance with this trend. Go for accessories and furniture on either end of the monochrome spectrum as far as you can, to ensure that the end result feels like monochrome – too many shades towards the middle of the spectrum will mean that the monochrome look is lost.

If your space is large enough, go for a dark gold or taupe on the walls to soften the overall effect; in smaller rooms, opt for a warm cream to help to make the space seem larger. Combine your black and white furniture with some cream and chocolate brown pieces to add more warmth, but maintain the clean lines of the classic monochrome look for a modern feel.

A pop of orange or red would look great to add interest to this space – choose a muted tone to maintain the calming overall effect.

Colour scheme: White, black, creams, and chocolate brown, with accents of orange or red


4. Perfect pastels

13387572273_62bc3be1e8_zImage Credit: designmilk

Pantone, the experts of colour who inspire and inform designers everywhere, have named not one but two colours for the 2016 colour of the year: Rose Quartz and Serenity. The pale pink and cool blue hues work beautifully together, so it’s no wonder that they have been chosen as a pair.

The wonderful thing about these colours is that they also work brilliantly with many other hues. For a dramatic look, pair these pastels with moody maroons, deep greens and mid greys; or choose teals, pale greys and soft corals to keep the effect modern.

A touch of sparkle and shimmer would look fantastic when combined with Rose Quartz and Serenity, too, so consider a metallic finish on an accessory, mantelpiece, or even a small feature wall.

Colour scheme: Rose Quartz or Serenity, with a multitude of possible pairings


5. Modern luxury

8000125989_86e4204a5b_zImage Credit: TownePost Network

The décor of eras gone by is constantly coming back into style, but 2016 will see a new backdrop for those antique and retro-style pieces you've been collecting. Whether you've got a Chesterfield or a boxy 1960s-esque sofa, this look will allow you to showcase it in an up-to-date setting that manages to make modernity feel soft.

If the trend of setting old styles in stark, über modern surroundings left you feeling cold, then this is the look for you. Soft corals and mustard tones are paired with pale greys and olive greens to create a warm and inviting backdrop, that offers a modern feel through blocked colouring and clean lines.

The colours themselves are a modern take on the kinds of hues you might see in an old stately home, so adding a hint of glint with some gold detailing helps to make the overall look ever more luxurious, without feeling overwhelming. Go for golden frames, vases and decorative ornaments to provide shine.

Colour scheme: Coral, mustard, navy, olive, greys and gold detailing


6. Beside the seaside

10204478886_eff124d266_oImage Credit: decor8 holly

The nautical look has remained strong for a long time now, but the seafaring trend that is set to take centre stage in 2016 looks to a subtle use of colour to create a marine mood. Rather than using accessories covered with anchor patterns and cutesy boats, this look uses beautifully soft hues of blues and greens inspired by the colours of the sea. Nautical interiors is all grown up.

Imagine how a classy, modern mermaid’s apartment might look, and you’re on the right track. Go for hardwood flooring and stripped back brick walls to make the effect look contemporary, and add accessories in copper to invoke the idea of buried treasure – think decorative bowls, light fittings or lamps, and vases. A picture frame or two in rust will look fantastic against this backdrop, too.

Colour scheme: Periwinkle blues and mint greens, with copper and rust accents



I hope that this guide has offered some inspiration for your upcoming interior design projects. No matter what your personal taste, there is bound to be a colour scheme trend to suit you and your space, so long as you consider your options carefully.

The main thing to remember is to choose pieces and accessories based on what you like personally, rather than what the interior design gods dictate is en vogue. Your home should be a reflection of what you love, so go ahead and express yourself – the only opinion that matters here is yours!

Which of these upcoming colour trends is your favourite? Let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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