6 Free Apps to Help Organise Your Home


Nearly all of us have mobile phones now, and all the talk is on smartphones and their flashy new apps. But they aren't just for playing games and passing time - there are many apps out there designed to make everyday tasks quicker, easier and more convenient.

Downloading the right apps can help you to organise your daily tasks, and help get work off the back shelf and into action. So give it a go with these six simple, free apps that could save you time and money.

1. TaskRabbit

taskrabbit Too many chores getting in the way of your life? TaskRabbit is an app designed to provide you with a helping hand to the necessary errands and odd jobs that just have to get done. Simply put, you can hire a Tasker to complete a job that you need doing - with just a tap of your touch screen.

How it works

TaskRabbit has a simple three step process:

  • First, you choose the task you need doing. TaskRabbit has an extensive list of tasks to choose from. From handyman tasks like painting and assembling, to party organising like bartending, event staff or entertainers. You can even hire someone to wait in a queue for a restaurant or the Post Office for you!
  • Second, describe the task you would like doing, in order to give the Tasker a better idea of what you are looking for and the details of the job.
  • Thirdly, choose a Tasker from the varied list TaskRabbit provides. The Tasker is dispatched quickly and will complete your task for you.

With positive reviews from publications including The Guardian and The London Evening Standard, as well as a variety of personal reviews from previous customers, don't just take our word for it. Check them out now and save yourself a task nightmare!

2. BrightNest

brightnest You don't need a handbook on how to make home life easier; there's an App for that. BrightNest is divided into different areas of life that affect your home and provide helpful tips on improvements. Together, the two founders and six contributors, produce short clear articles on aspects of improving your home. Together, you and BrightNest can give your home some personality!

How it works

Pick one of the eight sections. Are you feeling:

  • Healthy – Tips on de-stressing and productive living
  • Green – Explore the benefits of plants in all aspects of home life
  • Savvy – Everything from Slow Internet troubles to Budgeting
  • Curious – Dip into articles on Thanksgiving costs, stories about tea and how to poach salmon in a dishwasher.
  • Clean – Clean home makes a clean mind
  • Handy – Give some love to overlooked aspects of your household
  • Creative – Colour, arts, cosying up and decoration
  • Hungry – Reward yourself with original recipes and quirky ideas

As well as articles, the App will tailor customised tips for you. Try taking the Interactive Quiz which pares your answers with appropriate articles. Also, get an On-the-Go reminder for when you promised yourself you'd dust out that shed.

3. Laundrapp

laundrapp What's in a name? Laundrapp is right there in the title: they're a laundry service that's efficient and inexpensive.

How it works

Laudrapp have a simple four step process:

  • Order online, or with your table or android
  • Laundrapp will collect for you at a time and place that suits your needs
  • They give your clothes the best quality cleaning
  • Last but not least, Laundrapp delivers your shiny clean clothes back when and where it suits you.

As well as being used by the likes of Lloyds Banking Group and Marks and Spencer, Laundrapp offers benefits to businesses in the UK that make use of their services. Stuff used the as App of the Week with a five star review. With its simple navigation round the app and a service that follows through on their promise, Laundrapp is the app that stands for clear objectives.

4. Spendee

spendee Keep track of what you spend each month with Spendee. It acts as an On-the-Go tally chart so you can check what you've spent and where.

How it works

With the Spendee App you can create different 'wallets'; these are sections for different areas of spending. Examples given are:

  • People – Transactions with friends and family, including shared wallets for household uses.
  • Categories – Transactions can also be divided into sections such as Food or Entertainment.
  • Places – This allows you to track where you spent most money

In addition, the App contains a reminder tool. You can put in when and where you are likely to need to spend money and Spendee will send you a reminder before money comes in or out of your account – so you won't get caught out by next month's phone bill! Positive reviews have come in from The New York Time and Cult of Mac. Know Your Apps also gave it a four out of five for ease of use.

5. mySupermarket

mysupermarket Everybody loves to save money on the everyday essentials and mySupermarket helps you do just that. Comparing products over a variety of the major stores, mySupermarket is an App that allows you to shop wherever you are and at the best possible price.

How it works

There is a three step way to using the mySupermarket app:

  • Shop – First choose the store you would like to shop in
  • Save – As you select products, mySupermarket scans and compares each one. It will suggest alternative stores or products in order to get you the cheapest option.
  • Checkout – Remember this is all being done from your own android! Once you go to Check Out, you can select the store you would like to pick up your shopping from. The App then takes you to the store's website so you can beforehand, so it's just a means of picking up your shopping on the way back from work!

Users have said the App is simple and effective, with bargains suggested that shoppers would not have normally noticed. Keep your budget affordable, and try out this App and see if you can make some savings!

6. Wunderlist

wunderlist At some point in our lives, we've all scribbled down a checklist on a post it note...and promptly lost it or forgot about it! Wunderlist is the post it note of the twenty first century.

How it works

Key aspects of using Wunderlist include

  • Folders – Lists that have an event or person in common can be grouped together under one folder
  • Sharing – Lists and documents can be shared with your contacts
  • Reminders and Updates – The old post it note couldn't send a reminder to your phone!

Other aspects include being able to add anything to your Wunderlist app from the web and connecting your phone to your printer in order to print your lists at a click. Mac World has given it a good review with emphasis how it's easy to use. Having all your to-do lists – whether it be for work, home, friends or colleagues – have them all on one easy App.


With the use of android and tablets increasing in our everyday lives there more choices than ever over the Apps available. More often than not designers are tailoring their Apps to be accessible to customers of all ages and abilities. So give it a try and download one of these Apps and save yourself some time for you.

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