7 Free Apps for the Perfect Christmas


Christmas is creeping up on us, and with it comes the stress. Who do you need to buy presents for? How much wrapping will you have to do? Who’s coming round for Christmas dinner? And what will you eat? Coordinating everything can be daunting, and the whole holiday can seem like one big frantic frenzy.

However, the good news is that you don’t have to tackle it alone. One of the marvels of the technological age we live in is that there is an app for every occasion, and downloading the right ones can make your life that little bit easier.

Downloading some handy apps for your smartphone can help you save time, money, and effort so you can relax and breathe easy over the holiday period. So read on for our top 7 free apps for the perfect Christmas.


1. Christmas Countdown 2016

christmas countdown

Are you one of those excitable people who starts counting the days until its Christmas from about July? Or do you lose track easily and have to be reminded how long you have left to get organised? Either way, the Christmas Countdown 2016 app could be a great download.

How it works

This is pretty obvious but this app gives you a handy countdown of how many days are left until Christmas. It can:

  • Give you a daily notification of how many days are left before Christmas
  • Fill you with Christmas spirit with a great interface made up of gently-falling snowflakes, frosted windows, and a touch of holly.
  • Provide a daily Christmas-related quote that you can use to infect/annoy your friends with festive cheer.
  • Be set as a widget so the countdown appears in your notifications menu, so you won’t have much to do to be reminded how many days you have left until Santa comes!

Users of the app have praised its simplicity, the great daily quotes and the warm, cosy feeling it gives them knowing that Christmas is that one day closer.

Available on: iOS


2. mySupermarket

christmas shopping

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Christmas equals food! That also means having to go shopping and budgeting to buy said food. mySupermaket is the perfect app for building your Christmas shopping list and comparing grocery products to ensure you find bargains and get the best possible deals.

How it works

There are three simple stages to using the mySupermarket app:

  • Shop – First you pick a supermarket that you would like to shop in
  • Save – With each comparable product you select, mySupermarket will scan and compare it to show you the best supermarket to buy the product in. This ensures you can see the cheapest offering for each product and decide where best to buy it.
  • View your list and checkout – You can view your list as you add products to see if there are cheaper stores. Once you are satisfied with your selections from your chosen supermarket you can check out to order the products online. This can save you time, as well as money!

Users of the App have praised it for its ability to save them money and suggest the best places to shop to find a bargain. If you are working to a tight Christmas budget, try this app to see if you can trim the cost down!

Available on: iOS and Android


3. Santa's Bag

christmas gift

A long-term favourite, Santa’s Bag is a great App for the organised, disorganised and fiscally-savvy alike. It acts as a Christmas gift planner and budget calculator in one.

How it works

By downloading the App, you can:

  • Keep tabs on who you still have to buy for and what you have already purchased
  • Set budgets for each person
  • Track your spending
  • Create a list of gift ideas
  • Organise lists to manage your main presents and stocking fillers for each person

Users of the App have stated that they love how the app has made Christmas planning fun and can make you feel like a tech-savvy Santa yourself, with positive reviews from publications such as The New York Times.

Available on: iOS


4. Cocktail Flow

christmas cocktails

With all of the stress and hustle-bustle, the Christmas holidays are a fantastic time to unwind with a cocktail. The Cocktail Flow App can give you mixological inspiration with a festive twist. With a huge variety of recipes, the App caters to all tastes, including non-alcoholic mocktail options for children and non-drinkers.

How it works

The App has various great options for making the perfect cocktail. Features include:

  • Surprise Me - This option generates a random cocktail recipe if you are feeling adventurous
  • Categories - You can view cocktail options by criteria such as base drink, colour and type
  • Packages - Browse ready-made packages including a Christmas collection and non-alcoholic ideas.
  • Shopping – This lets you budget by calculating the approximate cost of preparing cocktails
  • Barstock – Arguably the most useful feature, Barstock allows you to select the drinks that you already have at home and proposes cocktails that you can make with them

Cocktail Flow has received some great reviews from users because of its ease of use and sublime suggestions. It also regularly features on lists of top cocktail recipe Apps, including this one from Tech Times.

Available on: iOS and Android


5. Wrapping abc

christmas wrapping

Although it’s one of the essential elements of Christmas, many people are inept when it comes to gift wrapping. Whether you fall into that unfortunate category or you pride yourself on your pristine presents, Wrapping abc is a great App for learning wrapping techniques.

How it works

Although the instructions are in Japanese, the options you can choose from each have easy-to-follow diagrams that give a pretty foolproof demonstration how to achieve perfectly-wrapped presents.

The App gives advice on how to:

  • Wrap presents, with both basic and advanced techniques
  • Wrap and package bouquets
  • Tie string in a variety of styles for an added touch
  • Create elegant bows from ribbon

Wrapping abc has received positive reviews for its step-by-step diagrams and could prove to be a life-safer for those who are left wanting by their wrapping prowess.

Available on: iOS and Android


6. Timer+

christmas apps

Preparing the Christmas dinner can be a logistical nightmare and the various aspects of the meal need to be timed to perfection to ensure they are ready at the same time. If your phone’s timer isn’t up-to-scratch though, don’t worry because Timer + is here to help.

Timer + allows you to set named timers for your Christmas dinner, meaning your roast potatoes won’t burn while you’re waiting for your turkey to cook!

How it works

Timer + is useful throughout the year but can be particularly handy at Christmas. It allows you to:

  • Set multiple timers and stopwatches at once to coordinate your meal
  • Create, label and reuse the timers
  • Time by the second, minute or hour.
  • Run it in the background so you’re free to follow cocktail recipes on your Cocktail Flow app.

Users of Timer + have praised it as a great alternative to the Apple timer as it allows you time multiple things simultaneously and is perfect for timing large meals.

Available on: iOS


7. Sworkit

christmas food

Everyone loves a big Christmas spread but all those added calories can lead to a New Year’s spread, specifically in your stomach region! One way to remedy this is to use the leisurely loll time that comes between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Sworkit is an app that allows you to do just that, without having to leave your home (so really, there’s no excuse!).

How it works

The App has features to suit all fitness levels and goals. They include:

  • Options that allow to choose whether you would like to focus on Strength, Cardio, Yoga, Stretching and more.
  • Exercises that are equipment-free, perfect for doing at home
  • Five minute workouts that allow you to exercise when it suits
  • Visual demonstrations to show you exactly how to perform each exercise

The App has proven to be universally popular, with positive reviews from publications ranging from Business Insider to PC Mag.

The ease of use of the App means that there really is excuse for complaining about your festive weight gain. Just remember though, a workout App is for life, not just for Christmas!



Now that more people than ever before are using smartphones, it would be unwise not to take advantage of some of the great Apps that could benefit your daily life.

With an increasingly user-friendly design, Apps can be an accessible way to achieve a range of goals. This is especially true at Christmas and the Apps above can certainly save you time and stress.

So, give them a try this Christmas and save yourself some time to relax and put your feet up.

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