7 Things Every Home Should Have


Does your home feel like it’s missing something? You’ve followed all of the interior design rules, but there still seems to be something out of place that you can’t quite put your finger on? Read on, dear friends, because it may be in this list. And if your home is already awesome, read on anyway, as you might be able to make it even more awesome. And who doesn’t want that?

Of course, all you really need in your house are basics like a functioning bathroom, a microwave and a bed. But for your house to feel like a home, there are a few staples that you should make a point of including.

From the practical to the pleasing, I've rounded up my top seven must-haves that will help your home to look more beautiful, feel more comfortable and run more smoothly.


1. A good set of towels

Set of towelsImage Credit: EvelynGiggles

You know when you go to a nice hotel, and you seriously consider putting a couple of their bath sheets in your suitcase because they’re so fluffy and huge? You deserve to feel that way at home every time you bathe. Obviously not like you want to steal your own towels – you know what I mean.

Aim for a good quality cotton – Egyptian cotton if possible – and buy the best quality towels you can afford. If you do invest in Egyptian cotton towels, go for classic plain white ones, as this way they will fit in with whatever décor you choose down the line. Plus, you’ll feel like you’re living in a hotel. Egyptian cotton towels will last for ages and feel utterly luxurious, so it’s a worthwhile investment.


2. A dinner service

Dinner serviceImage Credit: Didriks

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got a fair few mismatched plates in my cupboard that I’ve collected over the years, and they’re the ones I’ll tend to use day to day. But there comes a time in your life when you decide that hosting dinner parties is a good idea, and when that time comes, a complete dinner service is really the only way to serve up an impressive meal.

I mean, do you really want to serve that stunning British Bake Off-worthy cake that you spent half a day preparing on the ‘ironically’ naff plate that your friend brought back for you from Greece that looks like something your nana would display in her china cabinet? Imagine Mary Berry’s disdain!

Go for a simple, classic design, and your dinner service will look chic for years to come. Oh, and top tip: keep your dinner service for special occasions to avoid breaking any of the items, especially if you are a clumsy butterfingers like me.


3. Appropriate lighting for each room

Appropriate lightingImage Credit: Derek Key

When you move into your first home, lighting isn’t something you tend to think about. While at university, I used a (really) dim lamp while studying throughout the deep, dark winter because the bulb in my main light blew and I couldn’t be bothered to replace it. Then I wondered why my eyes felt so tired.

Lighting makes a big difference to your mood, and you should choose lighting carefully to fit with the function of each room. Bedrooms need dim lighting to help you drift off to sleep easily, whereas studies or kitchens require a brighter bulb for you to work by. Living rooms should be lit somewhere in the middle of this spectrum to help you to relax.


4. A comfortable sofa

Loose Cover SofaPositano 3 Seater Sofa by SofaSofa

After a long day at work, you deserve to put your feet up. But if your sofa feels like it’s made of concrete, you’re not going to get much joy. Invest in a quality sofa, and it will reward you with comfort for years to come.

If you’re renting, it can sometimes be difficult to negotiate replacement furniture, but if this is the case then ask your landlord if you can replace the existing sofa with one that you have bought yourself. That way, you can take the sofa with you to your next rented accommodation, and you’ll know that you’ll always have a lovely sofa to relax on at night. It’s a comforting thought.


5. House plants

House plantsImage Credit: normanack

Not only are house plants wonderfully decorative, but they can also improve the quality of air in your home – especially great if any members of your family suffer from conditions like asthma. If you’ve got a bad track record with keeping house plants alive, though, don’t worry. There are plants out there that are seriously hard to kill.

Will Quick over on the Everest blog offers five low-maintenance house plants that are great for beginners. “While you may think that keeping house plants is time-consuming and difficult, there are ways to make it easier,” says Will.


6. An ‘everything’ drawer

DrawersImage Credit: Beth Skinner

Sure, we’d all like to fill our homes with Pinterest-worthy organised storage solutions that are a joy to behold. But most of us are just normal human beings, with jobs and friends and family and dentist appointments to keep up with. That is where the ‘everything drawer’ comes into its own.

With one of these babies, your home can look super tidy and organised on the outside, and no guests need ever know that you only cleared the place up five minutes before they walked through the door.

All that you need to do to create your very own ‘everything drawer’ is this:

  • Clear out a drawer
  • Tell everyone in the household that this is where ‘stuff’ will go
  • Put ‘stuff’ in the drawer when you need to tidy up in a hurry
  • That’s it.

When I say ‘stuff’, I mean the usual knick knacks that end up lying around – bottles of nail varnish, magazines, homework if you have kids. You will need to clear out the ‘everything drawer’ every now and again, but it will save you from having to cart all of your family’s belongings back to their proper places every time you tidy up, and can be a godsend when surprise guests arrive.

Hey, it might even encourage your household to clear up after themselves… and if not, simply upgrade your ‘everything drawer’ to an ‘everything cupboard’.


7. Framed artwork

Framed artworkImage Credit: ProFlowers

Whether it’s from a swanky gallery or it was created by your little ones, if you love a piece of artwork enough to stick it on your wall, then it deserves to be framed. Framing prints or paintings not only protects the pieces themselves from damage, but it also gives them a nicely finished look.

And of course, you’ll need to hang your artwork properly, too. Steve Venus from Handyman Know How offers some great tips on hanging paintings and mirrors. “When hanging paintings and mirrors the important thing is to make sure you use a fixing which is suitable for the weight you are hanging,” says Steve.

He also offers advice on making sure the painting hangs straight, and which types of hooks to use.



I hope that these ideas have inspired you for your own home. Everyone’s needs are different, of course, and the most important thing is that your home works for you.

Take a step back from each room and think about what would make you happiest – perhaps a tactile rug to step on when you get out of bed in the morning, or a throw to snuggle under on the sofa on those cold winter evenings. Then, go out and get it!

What would you add to this list?

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