8 of Our Favourite UK-based Interior Design Blogs


These days, the top interior design bloggers command the same respect as the traditional home interiors magazines – and with good reason. Their photographs are nothing short of stunning, their advice is stellar, and readers can often interact with them directly – not to mention the fact that blogs are often updated very regularly.

Here, we’ve rounded up our eight favourite UK-based interior design bloggers of 2015 (so far) – take a look at their posts and get inspired!

1. The Design Sheppard

The Design Sheppard

If you like puns, you’re bound to fall in love with Stacey’s blog which combines fresh interior design news and inspiration with plenty of sheep-related wordplay and good humour (her full name is Stacey Sheppard, hence the title of the blog!).

Perhaps it’s her rural base amongst the hills of Devon, or maybe it’s because she’s an accomplished writer, but Stacey manages to genuinely convey warmth in all of her posts, making her blog feel like a letter from an old friend.

Her warm, accessible style and her friendly tone makes it easy for home interiors newbies to jump head first into her blog and learn something, without sifting through lots of jargon and buzz words. Don’t think that her friendly writing style equates to a mumsy taste in interiors, though – Stacey always delivers fresh and lust-worthy interiors inspiration.

Visit www.thedesignsheppard.com


2. Fabric of my Life

Fabric of My Life

Kate Baxter is one of those people who needs to blog; her site encompasses not only interior design, but also fashion, food and travel. However, because she is so passionate about the things she writes on, there are no signs that she is spreading herself too thinly. In fact, Kate’s enthusiasm is such that we’re sure she could write about even more, if only she had another few pairs of hands to type with.

The blog invites you into Kate’s home, where she even makes having the flu look stylish. The stunning photography of truly beautiful pieces is sure to have you gazing in adoration for hours on end.

Visit fabricofmylife.co.uk


3. Bright Bazaar

Bright Bazaar

Remember the song ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’? There’s no other blog that better embodies those words. This website boasts not only a sleek and innovative design (check out the ‘Meet Mr Bazaar tab to see what we mean) but also a cornucopia of gorgeous imagery and a passion for colour that runs so deeply it’s highly infectious. Try to read this blog without smiling, we dare you.

We particularly enjoy Mr Bazaar’s ‘Colour Cocktail’ posts, where he rounds up a range of stunning pieces in a particular colour, and shows you how to make it work beautifully in a space. Will (Mr Bazaar’s real name) is a real breath of fresh air in the interiors world, and because he is the words ‘vibrant’ and ‘adorable’ personified, you’ll never be bored when reading his posts.

Visit www.brightbazaarblog.com


4. Patchwork Harmony

Patchwork Harmony

If you love all things vintage and kitsch, then the newly ‘refurbished’ blog Patchwork Harmony is likely to be your ideal fit. It’s a delightful mix of posts featuring pieces that look good enough to eat from the home of Caroline, the writer, as well as crafty ideas, and information on Caroline’s favourite shops for finding gorgeous vintage pieces.

As well as that, there are also reviews and styling suggestions to enjoy. Caroline has also launched a quarterly digital magazine called 91, which features a range of inspirational features on home interiors and modern crafts.

Visit www.patchworkharmony.co.uk/blog


5. Old Fashioned Susie

Old Fashioned Susie

Another favourite for vintage lovers, Old Fashioned Susie (or, as she playfully points out, Sue, Susan, or “some other names [she’s] too polite to mention”) blogs about retro shopping and thrifty ideas, as well as vegan baking and clothes. And she certainly knows what she’s talking about, being also the founder of the much-loved VintageManchester.com site.

Alongside sharing her personal journey with her own interior design, Susie also offers fantastic giveaways, and a wonderfully friendly tone that makes you feel as if you’re chatting over a cuppa.

Visit www.oldfashionedsusie.com


6. Moregeous

More Gorgeous

Ever wanted to build your own dream home, or completely change the one you’re in? Get inspired by following Sian Astley, a Manchester-based property renovator and interior designer who shares her tips on redesigning and rebuilding homes to suit you and your lifestyle – and make them not just gorgeous, but ‘more-than’ gorgeous, hence the name of the blog!

There are lots of videos, photos and interactive discussions to soak up, and a wide range of both commercial and domestic properties is included. Sian features a perfect mixture of practical advice (think sewers – not pretty, but important!) and inspirational design ideas.

Visit moregeous.wordpress.com


7. Your Home is Lovely

Your Home is Lovely

Sometimes, scrolling through home interiors blogs can leave you feeling a tad overwhelmed. The photos all look stunningly beautiful and everything is ‘just so’, which is inspiring, but also a bit intimidating. How could you possibly ever get your house to look anything like that?

Enter Kate Burt, editor of Your Home is Lovely. Kate was left despairing after moving into a 1960s-built ex-council house which seemingly promised to bankrupt her before she had it looking like she wanted it to. The prospect of decorating the place was daunting for her, and so she began blogging about her journey to create a more beautiful home.

With Kate (and, now, her team of writers) offering realistic and affordable ideas, the blog is a genuinely useful hub of information – as well as a place where you can recover your sanity after a Pinterest board has reduced you to tears. The website celebrates ‘lived-in’ houses, and offers advice that won’t leave your wallet empty.

Visit yourhomeislovely.blogspot.co.uk


8. Fresh Design Blog

Fresh Design Blog

If you’re hungry for interiors inspiration on a daily basis, this one should help to keep you satisfied. Updated every day of the working week, the Fresh Design Blog offers a variety of both affordable and aspirational pieces for both your home and garden. Alongside the product price and stockist information, writer Rachel also offers advice on how to make best use of them.

Visit www.freshdesignblog.com

Are there any we missed? Get in touch with us on Twitter and let us know your favourites; or leave a comment below!

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