8 Great Sofa Colour Ideas for Your Living Room


Whether you’re buying a sofa to match your existing décor, or vice versa, these 8 great colour ideas will help you achieve the right balance in your living room.

When it comes to decorating any space, choosing the right colours is essential. However, many people find this to be especially challenging in the living room, which needs to be both calming for relaxation, and vibrant for entertaining. If you’re struggling to find the right balance, these eight colour ideas will guide you in the right direction.


Provided we pretend there is no such thing as a red wine spillage, a natural or off white colour sofa can be a great choice. An incredibly versatile shade, natural gives you plenty of freedom when selecting the other décor around your living room.

Provided that you have light coloured walls, you can safely pair brightly coloured home accessories with a natural sofa, including rugs, lamps and paintings.

a natural coloured sofa makes a good base for bright accessories

Albany Range available at SofaSofa

Equally, if you’re not quite ready to embrace bold colours in your living space, you can maintain a calming ambience by sticking with a white-neutral theme.

However, be cautious if you are planning on having an all-white room with white walls, white carpet and other white accessories. Unless you have an ultra modern open space with large ceilings and incorporate many different textures, you run the risk of creating an environment that feels a little bit like an institution.



One step up the colour chart from natural, neutral colours such as sand and coffee are incredibly popular colour choices for sofas. Described variably as sand, mushroom, coffee, taupe, neutral, linen, beige, cream, and stone this colour palette is extremely versatile. It retains the neutral backdrop of lighter coloured natural and white but also adds a little warmth and tone. It can again be accessorised with bolder colours to inject contrast and colour.

a neutral sofa is a calming feature in a busy room

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By selectively incorporating blues and oranges into your living room, you can ingeniously reclaim your neutral coloured sofa’s role as the statement piece in the house. Its understated neutrality allows for almost any addition of colour and tone.

  1. BROWN

Brown is the most popular colour for leather upholstery by a country mile. The brown colour palette extends from light tans to dark chocolates and everything in between. In leather, the tanner can create numerous finishes to either accentuate the natural tonal and textural characteristics of the leather or conversely emboss a uniform colour and grain for use on more modern designs. Either way brown is the perfect colour for both classic vintage chesterfields or modern sleek contemporary pieces.

a brown sofa can add a retro feel to your living room

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Brown is also an increasingly popular choice for fabric sofas particularly when it comes to creating a retro ‘70’s feel.  In both fabric and leather it can be paired with strong deep colours such as reds, purples and golds.


Bold hues, such as lime green, orange, lavender, and raspberry are often wrongly thought of as being only for the brash and daring. However, we can all suffer from a bit of neutral fatigue at times.  If you are a little bit apprehensive, the easiest way of making a bold colour work is to keep all the rest of your décor neutral. Concentrate on one bold colour for the sofa complemented by more neutral surroundings.

a green sofa can be a pop of colour in a quiet room

Lucca Range available at SofaSofa

Alternatively, if you’re willing to be a little audacious, you can use a combination of bold colour ways. For example mix greens with yellows or bright reds with oranges, purples, or pinks. There are no rules when it comes to being truly adventurous with these vibrant colours.  Admittedly not for the faint hearted, a bold colour will always create a very individual style statement!

  1. RED

Deep Red is a warm, rich and traditional colour for both fabric and leather sofas. Very popular in traditional velvet chenille or antique leather a deep red is a grown up colour for traditionalists.

a red sofa is a eye catching addition to any living room

Hampton Range available at SofaSofa

Red sits very well on deep buttoned models which accentuate the tonal variation within the colour. Brighter more dramatic reds are a great choice for very modern leather designs paired with glass and chrome furnishings.


Blue is another versatile shade. Lighter shades of blue such as the increasingly popular duck egg can be treated like a neutral and accessorised with other bolder colours. Equally blue goes very well with more muted natural tones but be careful not to create too much of a cold feel. Blue compliments many colours, so it can be integrated easily into any living space. Whether you want to use it to make a statement or not is up to you.

a blue sofa is a calming focal point of colour in your living room

Domino Range available at SofaSofa


Black can be a very stylish choice for both modern leather and fabric sofas. It can be contrasted very nicely with silvers and greys as well as stark whites. It is best used in textured fabrics such as chenille and velvet where the nap or weave of the fabric creates a tonal effect rather than a matte black finish.

a sofa whether matte, patent or fabric is a classic and stylish colour for a sofa

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Grey, slate colours have come into their own in recent years. Grey colours also create a neutral backdrop so go very well with sharp colour pairings such as yellows, greens and turquoises.  . In general, we’d suggest pairing a dark grey couch with brighter and lighter colours to prevent the room appearing too gloomy.  Grey is a very sophisticated colour which combines both a calm and relaxing environment with a very chic elegance.

grey sofas can suit all environments adding a stylish edge of colour

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