9 Bad Decorating Habits to Break Once and For All in 2015


Are you determined to make this year the one you create the home of your dreams? Then it’s time to break your bad decorating habits for good. Read on for advice on how to stop all sorts of nasty habits, from going over budget to hanging artwork badly.

Bad Decorating Habits

The best part is, with just a little preparation it shouldn’t be too difficult to swap those bad habits for good ones...

1. Matching everything

Co-ordination is key for a harmonious room, but buying matching sets of everything can run the risk of making your home look like a catalogue. Inject some soul into the space by choosing dining chairs that don’t match the table, for instance, or even coasters that don’t match one another.

This way, your home looks like the accessories within have been acquired over a long period, and each piece has its own story to tell, which is much more intriguing and stylish than if each item is a carbon copy of another.

One way of ensuring that your room has some depth of character is to check charity shops and second hand stores, where it’s often impossible to find a full matching set of anything!

2. Trying too many trends

Following trends can be fun, but it can also lead to your home looking like a disjointed Pinterest board, or worse, like a jumble sale. Eclectic chic is in at the moment, but to save on costs and effort, look for timeless pieces that you really love instead of what’s in vogue right now. You can always add a few easily adoptable trends into the mix, but don’t go overboard.

3. Copying to the letter

Speaking of Pinterest, it’s a great source for ideas and inspiration, but sticking religiously to what you see on those pages and trying to replicate them exactly is likely to result not only in an unimaginative space, but also in a great deal of frustration as you find it impossible to make your mason jar look just like the one you saw on the website. Think outside the box!

4. Going over budget

This can happen to all of us, even when we have the best intentions. The trick is to prepare before you go anywhere near a shop – yes, even for ideas!

  • Work out a realistic budget, and stick to it. Be absolutely sure in your mind that you cannot go over this amount of money.
  • Check in your shed or attic to see what can be repurposed.
  • Do some research online for the pieces of furniture or décor you’ll need to spruce up your room. Find the cheapest options available, but don’t set your heart on them yet – they’re a back-up.
  • Scour charity shops and second hand stores to see if there are any pieces that match the sort of thing you’re looking for. You may find a beautiful antique piece that’s much more impressive, and less expensive, than something purchased from a chain store.
  • Once you’ve done your research, figure out which pieces you can afford within your budget, and ensure that you’ve covered the essentials, whether it be paint and equipment or furniture you simply cannot do without (like a sofa!) If you can afford accessories, great. If not, then plan to buy some at a later date rather than splurging now.

5. Forgetting to test paint colours

Yes, that beautiful shade of duck egg blue that you just bought ten litres of is stunning – in the shop, where they have different lighting to what you have in your bedroom. Chances are you’ll get back home to discover that the colour doesn’t go with any of your furniture or decor, meaning you either have to buy new accessories or new paint that you hadn’t bargained for.

This problem is easily solved – just take a few sample pots home with you so that you can see the colours in situ and make an informed decision. You may save lots of money this way!

6. Forgetting to measure

Just as you should avoid bringing home five pots of paint only to discover the colour isn’t suitable for your room, forgetting to measure your space can also lead to difficulties.

Keep the measurements of your rooms and of pieces of furniture in your wallet so you have them to hand next time you come across a stunning vintage piece that you would need to buy right there and then – you’ll know straight away if it’s going to be suitable, and will avoid the heartache of trying to recoup your money on eBay if it’s not.

7. Getting paint on skirting boards, floorboards & anywhere it shouldn’t be

This looks sloppy and can detract from an otherwise gorgeous room, but it can be easily prevented if you prepare properly:

  • Use masking tape to protect edges from your paintbrush.
  • Keep a cloth handy for any spillages or drips that do occur so you can wipe them up before the paint starts to dry.
  • Use dustsheets liberally.
  • Paint slowly. Rushed brush strokes mean the paint is more likely to splatter and end up where it shouldn’t.

8. Hoarding

Most of us have been guilty of this one at some point. Either an object has a little sentimental value but is completely useless, or you were given it as a gift and you feel guilty about giving it away even though you don’t like it. Whatever the reason, you need to know where to draw the line when holding onto items that you no longer really have the space for.

This article offers some great tips on how to stop hoarding and de-clutter your home without raising your stress levels.

9. Hanging artwork badly

It’s important to put some thought into how to hang your artwork – too low or too high, and your whole room will look off kilter. The magic number is 57 inches, which is where the centre should sit. Why 57 inches? Apparently it’s the height of the average human eye. This article offers step by step instructions on how to hang artwork using the 57” method.

There you have it - a list of the worst interior decorating habits to overcome in 2015. Just don’t attempt to break all of your bad habits at once – especially if you’re guilty of each of the above!

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