9 Inspirational Bar Carts for Your Living Space


I think it’s fair to say that bar carts are all the rage at the moment, and it's absolutely no surprise why! They’re a fun, hassle-free way of adding that extra bit of character to your living room, kitchen or dining space. They offer a practical storage solution for all your needs and to make them that bit more appealing, they look absolutely fabulous as well!

It doesn't matter if you’re interested in a more classic bar cart, or if you fancy something that little bit eclectic - there’s absolutely something for everyone. Have a look at our handy guide to the perfect bar cart and take some inspiration from it for your own home!

1. Simple Brass Bar Cart

16660253247_686faf60f9_bImage Credit: ProFlowers on www.proflowers.com

Brass and copper are ‘the metals of the moment’ right now, according to interior designer and blogger Kimberley Duran. This trend is likely to continue beyond 2016, particularly amongst the younger generation. This bar cart could be the perfect addition to your home, if you’re looking for minimalist style that looks both simplistic and chic at the same time, choose a simple brass bar cart such as this one. The brass colour warms up a relatively simple space and is an understated and welcome addition to the home.

2. Rattan Bar Cart

8520552319_6c032b2399_zImage Credit: Wicker Paradise

Rattan furniture is perfect for the outdoors, principally because of the fact it is made with a material that neither rots nor is damaged by rain or shine. This bar cart is durable and easy to maintain, and the neutral brown colour allows it to be an attractive addition to any style of interior decoration. Designers here have been able to combine practicality with chic style to create the ideal all-purpose bar cart which is perfect for any walk of life.

3. Wicker Bar Cart

8697355875_870d83788e_zImage Credit: Wicker Paradise

Wicker furniture is versatile in the sense that it can be used effectively both indoors and out. In the outdoor furniture sector, wicker is the fastest growing of all of the sectors and for good cause. Wicker can transform an outdoor space into a place where relaxing is all you have on your mind, and it also creates a settle for any occasion. Bring out your wicker bar cart at a barbecue to impress your guests and add a touch of style to a communal setting. What’s more, it’s the perfect accompaniment to much sought after outdoor wicker furniture.

4. Classic Glass Bar Cart

8221959057_2efd91bcea_zImage Credit: Krista

Is there anything more sophisticated than a classic glass bar cart? I honestly don’t think so. Glass goes with absolutely any colour scheme at all, which means that this little beauty can be easily incorporated into any home. Glass has the added benefit of being very easy to clean and is also incredibly durable, making for easy maintenance further down the road. Glass also has the added skill of making a room look more spacious. Fitting this glass bar cart into a small space is therefore very advantageous because of its transparency.

5. Party Bar Cart

brassbarcartImage Credit: iris

This one definitely doesn't leave all that much to the imagination. I think it’s fair to say that the purpose of this bar cart is crystal clear. It’s designed in such a way that it’s perfect for all sorts of celebrations and bashes. The liquor and spirit bottles are clearly on show for all to see, and handy shelves allow easy access to glasses, that much needed ice-bucket, straws and whatever else you might need to pour yourself a tasty beverage. Having this little baby at the centre of your party and available for use would definitely make you the talk of the town. If you want to make it even more exciting, decorate with fairy lights for added glitz and quite frankly, you've got yourself a winner.

6. Industrial Bar Cart

5020992470_36b0bd9410_bImage Credit: ann-dabney

This beautifully subtle bar cart is aimed at those who want to add an industrial vibe to their living space or those who aspire to a “New York loft” kind of look. Spacious and transportable, this rustic bar cart adds an edgy vibe to a simplistic space and does so effectively. Bar carts like this one also add buckets full of character to a room, allowing the effortless combination of shabby-chic with modern decor.

Bar carts like these are easily customisable and can be spray painted whatever colour you wish with very little effort, if you want to smooth out the rustic and go for something a little more tailored.

7. Retro Bar Cart

3532488924_0de4a1b9c9_zImage Credit: Kali Motxo

Retro furniture such as this gorgeous bar cart has the power of adding a quirky, vintage look to any living space. What’s more, it’s one of the most sought after styles of furniture these days and is so in fashion it hurts. A bar cart like this adds a touch of the Ritz to a sophisticated home, with its sharply accented handles and detailed wheels. The glass shelves bring the entire piece together, heightening its sophistication even further. This is definitely one made for those who are out to impress their friends and add a touch of class to their home.

8. Rustic Wooden Bar Cart

24029342729_5ed310900c_zImage Credit: Faruk Ateş

This beautiful bar cart combines wood and textured metal to make the perfect accent piece in any home, young or old. Its rich, rustic colouring just oozes sophistication. It’s a spacious and airy piece, which is perfect as a storage solution or even as a way of displaying things which have sentimental value. Because it’s eco-friendly, it’s also a smart investment. Cat not included!

9. Decorated Bar Cart

9366750599_a6e7819ae3_zImage Credit Wicker Paradise

If you want something a little more exaggerated, then the decorated bar cart is the one for you. This bar cart combines metal framework with meticulously designed accent pieces to create the perfect piece of bohemian artwork. The shelves allow you to store things underneath, which adds to its appeal as well as making it appear more spacious. This piece would look perfect accompanied by crystal decanters for an even more authentic, sophisticated feel. Absolutely fabulous, darling!


Over the next few years, bar carts such as these could quite easily become staple pieces in the average  home and when they do, you’ll be well up to speed on which to choose for yours. They’re renowned for being excellent storage units but they also have many uses outside of the traditional liquor storage use. For many, these bar carts have become functional pieces of furniture and aid those who need to use their storage space more efficiently.

They can be used as coffee carts if you so desire, as well as being an effortless way of wheeling brunch into the bedroom for breakfast in bed on a lazy Sunday morning. I've even seen people use brass bar carts as bedside tables for an intriguing and retro bedroom style. The uses are multiple and I'm sure you can think of an absolutely fantastic way to use your own bar cart if you’re looking for something a little more unique. If you do decide to use them traditionally, and fill them with all of your favourite spirits and liquors then it’s important to remember that all important phrase: please drink responsibly! 

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