9 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Good Naturally


Please forgive the personal question but what does your home smell like right now? If the answer is dirty laundry, a lingering whiff of pets, or last night’s dinner, then you’re not alone – trust me, we’ve all been there. With the busy pace of everyday life, often the scent of our home can be overlooked. But as our sense of smell can have such an impact on our mood, spending a little time creating a delicious scent can have a fantastic effect!

Here, I’ve gathered together my personal favourite natural scents for the home, with a few quick tips on how to recreate them yourself, and make your home smell good naturally!

1. Baking


Image credit: jeffreyw

According to Right Move, a survey by Air Wick found “homely aromas” are the most likely scents to encourage people to buy a house. Whether or not your home is on the market, the smells of freshly baked bread and cakes are bound to make your home feel inviting.

My personal favourite method of filling my home with the delicious scent of baking, is to actually bake some yummy treats – then I can enjoy the taste as well as the smell! However, if you’re watching your waistline, then a couple of candles or some potpourri may be a wiser option. Opt for cinnamon based scents for a festive feel in your lounge or dining room.

2. Lavender


Image credit: Troy Tolley

This beautifully scented plant has long been associated with sound sleep, and it seems that it’s not just an old wives’ tale – studies have backed this up. Adding a few drops of lavender oil to a bowl of potpourri or a reed diffuser will add a subtle scent to your bedroom, but in my opinion fresh lavender is always best, if you can get it.

If you can, grow a lavender bush underneath your bedroom window so that you can benefit from the fresh scent in the spring and summer.

3. Vanilla


Image credit: Bill Holsinger-Robinson

Like lavender, vanilla has been lauded for its calming properties – so much so, that a study prompted a cancer centre in New York to include vanilla fragrances as a standard part of its MRI scans. I’ve always adored the scent of vanilla, and I feel that it makes my home feel truly inviting – it works simply wonderfully in the living room.

There are lots of synthetic vanilla scents used in air fresheners that don’t, in my opinion, live up to the real thing. If you can, use a genuine vanilla essential oil in your potpourri or when making candles to create an authentic scent.

4. Citrus


Image credit: Eric Kilby

Is there a scent in this world that signals the arrival of spring more so than citrus? I don’t think so. Lemons and oranges can make your home smell incredibly fresh and clean, and they also work brilliantly with other scents to create a beautiful aroma.

Lyndsey James offers a fantastic, low cost idea for a lemon-based fragrance in her blog. “I saw an article about DIY home fresheners so had to give it a try for myself,” says Lyndsey. “They are fabulously low cost, totally chemical free and what an awesome way to naturally add some aroma to your room!”

Lyndsey advises adding sliced lemons a large sprig of rosemary to a pan of simmering water for a quick and easy DIY home fragrance. I’ve tried it, and it really does smell fabulous!

5. Fresh linen


Image credit: lisaclarke

The scent of fresh linen is a wonderful way to freshen up your home. I love to have the scent of fresh linen in my kitchen and utility room especially, but thanks to the wonders of scented candles and fragrance oil, you can enjoy this aroma throughout your home if you wish – without having to wash your towels every day!

6. Coffee


Image credit: Cheryl Foong

According to John Bingham at The Telegraph, the scent of coffee alone is enough to help us to wake up. I adore the scent of coffee, but I believe that it’s best in small doses, and only in the mornings.

A kitchen filled with the aroma of coffee when you wake up is wonderful, but during the evenings I think a more relaxing scent is best. I’ve found that the best way to create that wonderful coffee smell is to brew up some fresh grounds, so grab a moka pot or cafetiere to create an authentic scent. Synthetic versions just don’t seem to match up.

7. Jasmine


Image credit: tdlucas5000

This beautiful flower is used as a base for many perfumes, and it’s easy to see why. Not only does it smell gorgeous, but it’s said that it also helps to reduce anxiety, which makes it a fantastic contender for your home.

Jasmine can be quite a heady scent, so a subtle approach is best. Choose a reed diffuser or bowl of potpourri to create an understated effect.

8. Fresh flowers


Image credit: Sonny Abesamis

Florals come with a lovely range of scents, but synthetic versions in air fresheners often smell rather different to the real thing. As spring arrives, I love to treat myself to a few bunches of fresh flowers and place them around the home. Sweet peas, carnations and lilies are lovely options. If you prefer an earthier aroma, herbs like rosemary and basil can also work well in vases.

When the flowers start to droop, you can make use out of them by drying them to create your own potpourri.

9. Fresh air

Fresh Air

Image credit: Glasseyes View

Of course, if you live in a city centre or a generally polluted area, then throwing open the windows might not create quite the effect that you’d like. But if the air in your area is of good quality, then this can offer lovely results. I’m a great believer in having a clear out every now and again, and that means flushing out the air in my home, as well as throwing out the clutter.

When the weather is fine, get a couple of fans on the go, open all of your windows (and doors, if possible) and welcome in the fresh air from outside. Freshen up your carpets by sprinkling baking powder onto them and leaving for a couple of hours before vacuuming. What you’ll be left with is the fresh, natural scent of the outdoors.

It’s also the best way, in my opinion, of getting rid of any lingering odours in your home – if you feel like changing the scents in your home, do this first to wipe the slate clean, so to speak.

As Laura Barns from Anglian Home says: “Firstly, giving your home a good clean and airing it out will provide the perfect foundation. Eliminating clutter as well as dirt can be a great way to avoid those more unpleasant smells from lingering, and a good clean will give your home that freshly clean smell which is the ideal starting point to build on.

“The cleaning products you use (and continue to use) should also be taken into consideration. Look at more organic alternatives which are often much more natural in terms of scents as well as ingredients.”

A great smelling home is a happy home!

I hope that I’ve given you some ideas on easy and inexpensive ways to make your home smell lovely. From mouth-watering scents like vanilla and cinnamon, to fresh smells like lemon and linen, the decision on which you should choose really comes down to your personal taste.

I also find that some scents work better in certain seasons – for instance, cinnamon and vanilla are great in autumn and winter, whereas lemon seems to work best in spring and summer. What’s your favourite scent? Let me know in the comments below!

Posted in Homemaking on 22nd May 2015


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