Accessorise Your Home and Improve Your Health in Style with Storage Footstools


When it comes to interior design, health benefits aren’t usually the first thing that spring to mind (unless you’re using lead based paint, which is a no no!!). Storage footstools however provide your home with a trifecta of goodness, making extra storage space (for magazines, slippers, books, DVD’s, biscuits, etc.), added style as you make additions to your existing furniture suite (or alternatively buy a SofaSofa suite that already has a footstool in the collection, and gain health benefits thanks to elevated feet improving your blood circulation as you sit.

In case you didn’t already know that, we will repeat that last point; footstools help to improve your blood circulation and can prevent long-term circulatory problems caused by too much sitting down. This is a common affliction for the 21st century automaton, who has a sedentary office job that renders them in-active for 7-8 hours of their working day.

Combined with the fact that these storage footstools add heaps of style and ‘complete’ any room or furniture suite, we have selected the perfect storage footstools to complete your home décor (and suggest using the health benefits argument if the other half puts up a fight!).

Traditional Home




Senator Leather Storage Stool in Antique Red

The Senator Leather Storage Stool is our pick for the classic and traditional home; we can picture this particular style in amidst pleated velvet floor length curtains, a brown leather chesterfield furniture suite, a roaring fire in the library and a sophisticated selection of crystal decanters lining the mantelpiece. Upholstered in a sumptuous antique leather, the Senator is ideal for those who love the finer things in life.


Contemporary Home


Austen Storage Stool in Flanders Blue

The Austen Storage stool is a simply designed and beautiful piece. Its clean lines and wood/fabric mix makes it a perfect fit for the contemporary family home, offering up comfort with a side of traditional class. We can see this design in a ‘mix and match’ style room with white wooden floors, berber rugs, modernist art paintings on the walls and minimalist style bookcases. Splashes of colour across a neutral landscape would work incredibly well with this lovely piece.


Elegant-Vintage Home


Windsor Storage Stool in Windsor Gold Floral

Not only is the Windsor Storage Stool a gorgeous addition to your living room, the hidden storage compartment makes it perfect for stashing away the reading material. Cushioned with a soft foam top, the super soft chenille fabric covering gives off a regency-era design, one we can see Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy furnishing their estate in Pemberley with. This would suit a period-themed home décor, adding practicality and sumptuous style to your home effortlessly.


Minimalist Home


Genoa Storage Stool in Carnaby Duck Egg

The Genoa Storage Stool is a favourite amongst the SofaSofa team; it’s very minimal with its clean and simple lines, contrasting wooden feet and the pastel Carnaby Duck Egg linen fabric is a very on trend right now, thanks to Dulux’s Colour of the Year Denim Drift. These tonal, pastel colours are perfect for accenting your home décor; white walls and wooden accents look chic with splashes of colour dotted around the room, and a great way to make an impact in your minimalist home is to use a colourful, contrasting sofa suite which makes the Genoa suite a stellar option.


‘Executive Lounge’ Home


Wilmington Leather Storage Stool in Vintage Oxblood/Oatmeal

The ‘Executive Lounge’ home is how we imagine high-flying wall-street bankers and defense lawyers live; the smell of vintage leather and polished dark wood furnishings, cigar smoke and glasses of rich red wine from the French vineyards of 1923, etc. It’s a luxury-lovers haven, and suits the Wilmington Suite to a ‘T’. The storage footstool delivers not only on style but on practicality too making it a businessman’s best friend at the end of a long day in the office.


The storage footstool is making its way back into people’s homes across the country, and for good reason. As we said before, keeping your legs elevated at the end of a long day at the desk is massively beneficial for your circulation, and adding some stylish storage space to your home is never a bad thing! There are dozens of storage footstool designs to suit any sort of home décor, and they’re this season’s smart and stylish storage option that SofaSofa can’t get enough of.

Get smart with your home furnishings and add storage and style to your home with one of SofaSofa’s storage footstools, made and designed in the UK and perfect for the modern family home.

Posted in Homemaking, Interior Design on 17th Apr 2017


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