How to Achieve Hygge in Your Home


Have you got hygge in your life? Not sure what that means? This cosy concept comes from the Danish language, although it originated in Norway. The Danes are generally believed to be the happiest in the world, and that might just be down to hygge.

danish homeImage Credit: Dimitry B.

Hygge – pronounced like “hooga” – is a general term for wellbeing, and is often associated with staying cheerful and warm during the winter months and cold weather. Hygge at home can mean a warm atmosphere, good times with family and friends, but it can also stand for warmth, comfort and good food. If there’s a word for cosying up in the colder months, it’s hygge – and you can grab a generous slice of it!

Hygge started out as a Danish and Scandinavian trend which has found its way into interior design and fashion. Now the hygge lifestyle has followed, so if warm blankets, bright fires and delicious food with family and friends sounds good to you, then read on!


Decorate with natural materials

cosy bedroomImage Credit: Nomao Saeki

Hygge is about the simple comforts in life, and the best decoration for the hygge effect is a rustic style. Wood panelling for walls and headboards provide a dark and calm backdrop for crisp white bedcovers and pillows. Wooden furniture won’t draw unwanted attention and naturally suits any house plants in the room.

For sofas or cushions, consider a brown or tan leather, as this will soften with use and perfectly suits the rustic design. However, furs and wool are the hygge cherry-on-the-top: they’re incredibly soft materials, making them the perfect rugs to sink your feet into on a cold morning, and mostly come in natural tones.


Sink into a comfy sofa

Scandinavian sofaThe Jacob 3 Seater Sofa by SofaSofa

A comfy sofa is essential for those cosy winter nights indoors. Emulate the Scandinavian style with the Jacob range, for the simple but snug style. A plain and practical design, and plush seating, not only makes your sofa a prime lounging spot, but you can also add a splash of colour by adding patterned cushions and throws. There’s no better way to spend a rainy day than in a colourful sofa nest!


Invest in some luxury loungewear

loungingImage Credit: Jared Eberhardt

Get comfy in Hygge style after a long day at work. You don’t need to go mad with your money in order to find comfortable clothing, as most clothing brands are producing a variety of loungewear for you to choose from:

  • Loose tops
  • Oversize jumpers
  • Onesies
  • Leggings
  • Harem trousers
  • Beany hats
  • Snoods

The wonderful thing about loose loungewear is that you can look great, feel comfortable, you’re your clothes won’t stop you doing things around the house – it couldn’t be easier to nip to the kitchen for that second bowl of hot soup!


Light the candles

candlesImage Credit: Jedidja

Is anything more relaxing than the warm glow of a candle? Denmark and Scandinavia have a reputation for buying huge numbers of candles, which makes sense for bringing warmth and light to the dark months in winter.

When it comes to illuminating your house, go for a variety of sizes. Not only is it pleasant to look at, but different sized candles can have different effects. For example, tea lights can fit perfectly on a coffee table or mantelpiece, whereas large candles can bring an empty fireplace, or a drafty window sill to life. And don’t forget, you can create a hygge atmosphere by using a variety of candle holders, from lanterns to jars.


Spend time with friends and family

family homeImage Credit: Candice_rose

Being social is an important part of hygge. Invite your favourite people round often, whether for a slap up meal with friends, a sleepover for the children, or a family reunion. Annual events like Christmas or Bonfire night are great, but don’t wait for your calendar to give you a reason to have people round.

This is where your hygge décor – soft lighting, tasty food, a gentle acoustic playlist – can benefit your guests as well as you. The more the merrier when living the hygge lifestyle! Indulge your inner host and crack open the DVDs and the chocolate.


Make meals an occasion

eating at homeImage Credit: Max Handelsman

The more the merrier should also be said for food! Too often, we can find ourselves too busy to make a proper meal or to eat at the same time as everyone else. Put aside some time for more social meals; there’s no better opportunity for quality time together, than sitting down to a hearty meal.

Dishes like stew, Tapas, or serving platters, are great way of uniting your diners, as it requires a lot of passing and sharing, which encourages everyone to interact. Or try a Danish smørrebrød, to really get in the spirit of things!


Enjoy the simple things


Image Credit: cyclonebill

Hygge’s not just about your décor, it’s also about your wellbeing. Whether it’s the crisp of a pastry straight out of the oven or the snuggle of a soft blanket, the things in life that make you feel the happiest are often the simplest. Appreciate the little moments:

  • Open the window to listen to the rain
  • Treat yourself to your favourite bubble bath
  • Warm your hands on a mug of coffee
  • Curl your toes in a soft rug
  • Make an indulgent hot chocolate
  • Enjoy listening to your nearest and dearest talk

Choose a moment every day that’s just for you. Hygge is just as much about being together with everyone as it is about enjoying a moment to yourself. Even a small thing like having breakfast in bed can give you the warm feeling that makes the colder months worth going through.



The Danes clearly knew that they were on to something with hygge! Because the word has no direct translation in English, the benefits can influence all aspects of your lifestyle. Your home can be welcoming, your furniture and clothes comfortable, and your life can be filled with family and friends. So embrace the fuzzy feeling of the hygge lifestyle and enjoy the simple things in life that make us all happy.

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