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Looking for a sofa with an art deco feel?

Art Deco Sofa

The history of art deco

Art deco is a design movement that first originated in France after World War I. The style entered mass production in the 1930s and remained popular until the outbreak of World War II. Art deco furniture has experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years, particularly amongst fans of vintage fashion and culture.

What characteristics should an art deco sofa have?

Art deco is influenced by the art movements art nouveau and cubism, and the glamour of early-Hollywood. If you are after a sofa with an art deco feel, make sure you look for the following characteristics:

  • Frame – strong, streamlined, geometric and angular shapes
  • Fabric – plain, one solid block of colour
  • Colour – rich colours, including cream, green, beige and brown
  • Feet – highly polished wood

See here for a vast range of different sofas that fall under the umbrella of art deco.

Art deco sofas at SofaSofa

While we don’t have any “pure” art deco sofas at SofaSofa, several of our ranges do offer a nod in that direction.


Our Mezzo sofa features the streamlined, geometric look that is popular with art deco fans. It is available in four different leathers and a range of rich colours, including brown, cream and beige. Mounted on polished hardwood feet, it is a great option for people who like aspects of art deco furniture, but want a slightly more accessible alternative.

mezzo sofa

Mezzo range from SofaSofa


Our Scala sofa has similar features to the Mezzo range above, but includes a more rounded frame. It also comes in a choice of 12 rich leathers and is mounted on polished hardwood feet.

scala sofa

Scala range from SofaSofa

Art deco armchairs

In addition to the sofas above, we also offer a range of 1930s art deco inspired armchairs.


From the same range as the Mezzo sofa above, the Mezzo armchair offers equivalent features in a sleek, compact leather chair.

mezzo armchair

Mezzo range from SofaSofa


Tub chairs were very popular in the 1930s, and our Torino tub chair is reminicent of chairs from the art deco period. It features softgrain leather in a choice of ebony, mocha, tobacco or cream. It also retails at just £175, making it a good choice for people who want to a sprinkling of art deco in their home without breaking the bank!

tub chair

Torino range from SofaSofa

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