Beach Inspired Home Accessories


Ah, the smell of the fresh sea air and the feeling of sand between your toes - everyone loves being by the seaside! But we all have to go home eventually...

The good news is that you can easily bring a touch of the seaside into your own home with a few little bits of beach inspired design. It's not as daunting a task as it sounds; little pieces here and there can make a big difference. Sometimes all it takes is using the right colours and a bit of dressing.

Sound good? Read on for some of our favourite beach inspired home accessories.



driftwood decorationImage Credit: DariaNepriakhina

Driftwood can be placed anywhere as a focal point or subtle decoration – and you can find it down on the beach for free! The great thing about this everyday piece of beach debris is that it adds a touch of the rustic into your home without making it look cluttered or overdone.

Not only does driftwood smell and feel like the beach, it can work beautifully on top of smooth wooden furniture, such as a chest of drawers or a coffee table. You can also use driftwood to create elegant works of art:

  • Use it to create a unique beach inspired photo frame
  • Paint pieces of driftwood with beautiful colours
  • Put some driftwood next to some tea lights to create tree shadows on your wall

driftwood plantImage Credit: cristty

Why not try:
Putting small pot plants in between driftwood branches for a mixture of green and brown rustic beauty.


Nautical doormat

nautical doormatImage Credit: Wicker Paradise

Good home design can make an impression right from the moment you walk in through the door... One often overlooked item is the lowly doormat.

If you want to give your home a true beach feel, why not take a pick something a little bit nautical for visitors to wipe their feet on?

Doormats are surprisingly versatile for home design because they can work well in plain or colourful styles. If you are going for colour; blues, yellows and rustic reds can fit well with a beach themed home.

Why not try:
Looking at different patterns, such as Celtic knots or patterns using seashells.


Lighthouse sculpture

lighthouse sculptureImage Credit: Jessica

The lighthouse is the classic symbol of the sea side, so why not bring one into your home? There's nothing better than a colourful lighthouse ornament to brighten up:

  • A lonely mantelpiece
  • A well polished shelf
  • A small side table

It doesn't even have to be an ornament either; a little lighthouse motif on a cushion or in a painting can just as easily help recreate the atmosphere of the beach.

lighthouse decorationImage Credit: Amie Fedora

Why not try:
Putting a brightly coloured lighthouse with other vertical ornaments such as candles, incense sticks or other sea faring sculptures.


Hanging shells

decorate shellImage Credit: LeyramOdacrem


Create your very own wind chime using sea shells, so that you can literally hear the beach in your own living room! Seashells perfect for hanging can usually be found for sale in seaside shops. Alternatively though, why not go collecting next time you're on the beach and string them together yourself?

They're perfect for hanging outside your back door, or in a kitchen window where they can catch the breeze.

shell decorationImage Credit: theblueiris

Why not try:
Mixing and matching different types of shells of different colours and different sizes? Each one will make a different noise when they clink together.


Contemporary art

fish paintingImage Credit: Murat Ertürk

Add a touch of artistic style to your home by choosing some paintings or professional photos to go on the walls. It is nice if you can, to seek out local artists living near you and see if any of their designs take your fancy. Having a one of a kind piece to enjoy will make your beach themed home feel even more authentic.

Alternatively, have a look at professional photographs. Black and white photos set a beautiful tone against white or cream walls and don't take too much attention away from the rest of the room.

8303780609_ea0f578306_zImage Credit: tosh chiang

Why not try:
Using one of your own photos if you have any? Next time you’re at the beach, get your best camera (or borrow one) and take some dramatic panoramas, then have the best one blown up and printed in black and white to hang proudly on your wall.


Modern nautical

nautical living roomImage Credit: JurgenLeckie

Go bright and minimalist. You can create a modern nautical theme by using crisp whites and different shades of blue for contrast. As well as these being the typical colours associated with the beach and the navy, they create a wonderful minimum-fuss design and the pale walls help to make the most of the light coming in through the windows.

Rio 2 Seater Sofa from SofaSofaRio 2 seater sofa from SofaSofa

Why not try:
Mixing your blue accent colour with different shades and patterns, as this will offset the plain white wash.


Colourful fish

fish decorationImage Credit: Ed Bierman

There is one obvious choice of ornament for your beach themed home: fish!

Using fish is the perfect way to complete your beach theme with a little extra colour. There are a number of ways to sneak a fishy theme into the house, whether it be a bauble hanging in the window, an ornament on the coffee table or even some subtle fish themed coasters.

Fish OrnamentImage Credit:  russellstreet

Why not try:
Building a collection of fish. They don't all have to be the same size, but vary the colours to add depth to the design.


Vintage fan

vintage decorationImage Credit: Julien Sister

Vintages fans are a classic retro accessory for the nautically themed home. They conjure up images of rusty old-fashioned machinery and can give your house a mature and vintage look. Beach houses tend to be sleek but not necessarily contemporary, so don’t think that everything in the room needs to be the height of modern fashion.

vintage home styleImage Credit: alex_why

Why not try:
Getting down to your local car boot sale, or checking out the charity shops. You're guaranteed to find some retro bargains at knock down prices.


Shell sink

shell bathroomImage Credit: Neil Turner

Your bathroom is the perfect place to play with some beach inspired design because it has smooth surfaces and water. The seashell sink is a truly unique feature that will truly make a “beach inspired” statement.

One option is literally using a large shell – as in the image above. But if you want something a bit simpler (and subtle), try something like the shell inspired sink idea below!

shell decorateImage Credit: romana klee

Why not try:
Decorating around your sink with different sized shells; larger ones make great weights to keep fresh towels down.


Hanging buoy

buoy decorationImage Credit: Barn Images

Nothing says “sailing” and “seaside” quite like the iconic buoy. Dockyards, humble rowing boats and graceful yachts all come to mind when you see this well-known item and it looks just as good in a domestic setting as it does on a boat.

Why not try:
Putting your buoy above a square object such as a mirror or a picture frame, or above some square furniture like a chest of drawers. This can help add variety, because sometimes squares can get a little boring!


Fishing decorations

fishing decorationImage Credit: Clyde Robinson

There are all manner of beach related objects waiting to be added them to your home. Fishing nets (clean ones obviously!) can be draped over an old trunk that's rarely used. Old wine bottles can be filled with sand or you could even try sticking a scroll of paper in the top of one to make your own castaway message in a bottle!

It's the little touches of the sea-side that will add authenticity to your beach theme, so keep an eye out for special pieces whenever you can.

shell jarImage Credit: Katherine

Why not try:
Collecting a good handful of beach pebbles. Give them a good wash under the tap and then put them in a clear jar or vase and fill it up with water. Putting it on a shelf where the light finds it will bring out the best of the pebbles' colours.


Conch shell

conch shellImage Credit: Liji Jinaraj

The conch shell is a particularly beautiful item that you might find at the beach (if you’re very lucky) and it's perfect for finishing your beach theme. It can work in a number of ways; as a paper weight, a centre piece, a shelf ornament or as part of a display.

decorated shellImage Credit: Naval History

Why not try:
If you've already got one conch shell, try decorating a second one. Sequins, water colour paints and mosaic tiles can all work to add a splash of colour to your home.



starfishImage Credit: Jessica

Starfish come in all shapes and sizes so you're sure to find one to suit your home. You can lean them against a wall on a shelf or lay them flat on a dresser top.

starfish decorationsImage Credit: alyssa

Why not try:
Creating a basket of beach “stuff”, including a starfish, some fishing tackle, some pebbles or seashells and placing it next to a piece of driftwood or a lighthouse ornament!



The great thing about the beach is that it is universal; everyone knows what a beach looks like, but no two beaches are exactly the same. This gives you a huge variety of beach home design possibilities to choose from.

Whether it's a rocky pebble theme, smooth seashell contours and colours, or the rustic design of fishing nets and glass vases of sand, there is a beach theme for every home. So go out and find yours!

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