Caring For Your Cushions


There’s nothing more exciting than the arrival of a new sofa, and as soon as the drivers have taken it into the room, unpacked and positioned it perfectly, all you want to do is kick back and relax.

We want to you to keep experiencing that new sofa feeling for years to come, so it’s important that you take care of your cushions to ensure their longevity. Read on to get the low down on how to care for your cushions, to get the best from your sofa for as long as possible.

Know your filling

MemoryFoam-fastImage Credit: wikipedia

Before you start to bash and thump your cushions you need to check what your cushions are made of - they won’t always thank for you it! Different cushions need different types of care; for example, plumping a solid block of foam will only end up in you having sore wrists and will make no difference to the cushion whatsoever!

To check what filling you have we recommend reading the product specification, or calling one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff who will be happy to help.

Foam with a Duck Feather wrap

Agatha_room1190The Agatha range at SofaSofa

These cushions offer the support of a foam centre with a sumptuous layer of duck feather on either side to snuggle into. Have a look at our Agatha range to get a feel for the style.

Foam with a Dacron wrap

kwenThe Wentworth range at SofaSofa

These cushions also have a foam centre but instead of feather they have a Dacron wrap which has been wonderfully described by one of our staff as candyfloss! You can have a look at our Wentworth range for inspiration.

Having a foam core gives the benefit of the cushions springing back into their original shape time after time.  Throw in a Feather or Dacron casing and you’ll have the added luxury of somewhere soft to rest your feet after a long day at work.

Don’t worry if there’s a gap between the cushions at the start, this is normal and will disappear after you have sat on them a couple of times.

Follow our quick 5-step picture guide to keep your Foam core cushions in tip top condition:

1. Flip my cushions over a couple of times a week





2. Swap my cushions around every now and then





3. Then as a special treat every couple of weeks or so take each of my cushions off the sofa.

Carefully unzip the outer cover and place my cushion on its edge.

Then, and this is the best bit – beat the upper edge with the flat of your hand.  I really like that!







4. Now turn my cushion a quarter turn and do it again. That’s soooooo good!






5. Finally shake my cushion, redo the zip and return it to the sofa.






I am now fully plumped and ready for a comfy night in…

100% Hollowfill fibre, 100% Feather and Hollowfill Fibre/Feather Mix Cushions

hartford sofaThe Hartford range at SofaSofa

All of these types of cushions offer a softer sit and it’s quite common to sink down into the lovely squishy filling (don’t be alarmed if there’s a bum imprint left when you get up – this is quite normal).  These cushions need to be plumped and turned on a regular basis to avoid excessive flattening.

100% Foam

cleo navy sofa roomsetThe Cleo range at SofaSofa

Foam cushions offer a firm sit and although they will soften through use, they keep their shape and require occasional turning to keep them looking good.  If you really want to treat your cushion you can always take them out of the cover and rotate from front to back (so the front edge now sits at the back).  This will ensure both edges have even wear.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to caring for your cushions, and have picked up some helpful tips. Remember, as long as you put a bit of love into caring for your sofa cushions, they’ll be sure to look after you in return for years to come!

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