Compact Leather Sofa Beds


Futons are out. Leather sofa beds are most definitely in. More and more of us have sofa beds these days, not only because they’re surprisingly comfy, but because they can fit literally anywhere – especially if you’re short on space.

Pop a diddy leather sofa bed into your home office and you’ll have instant space for unexpected guests, or into your guest bedroom so it can double up as a second sitting room or as a playroom for the kids.

You can even add a compact sofa bed as extra seating in your living room, so that you’ve always got enough space for sleepovers – or so you can stretch out in comfort on a Saturday night in front of the TV.

Small Sofa Beds for Small Rooms

sienna leather sofa bed

Sienna Leather Sofa Bed by SofaSofa 

Generally, if you’re considering buying a sofa bed, it’s because you either don’t have enough space for a full bed, or because you want a bed and a sofa for the price of one (we all love a bargain!), so it’s natural that you’d want it to be compact. A small room – and a small sofa bed to match – doesn’t mean that you have to scrimp on style. There are still plenty of ways to make the most of a small room, to make it feel bigger and brighter. Alternatively, you could just accept the size limits – after all, there isn’t much that you can do to actually make the room bigger, so you could embrace it and turn it into a cosy, tranquil haven.

Making a Room Feel Bigger

When trying to make a small room feel bigger, a compact leather sofa bed is your best choice – opt for a slightly shinier leather, if you can, as it’ll reflect natural light, which will make the room feel bigger. It's also a good idea to use plenty of bright, light colours, but if you can, steer clear of plain white as it can be fairly boring. If you’re stuck on using white, accent it with plenty of bright, bold colours to inject a bit of personality.

mezzo leather sofa bed

Mezzo Leather Sofa Bed by SofaSofa 

Making a Room Feel Cosy

If your main aim isn’t to make the room feel bigger, then embrace plenty of warm colours and textures and just turn the room into a cosy little snug. Warm doesn’t have to mean red, though – there are plenty of options, including deep turquoise, aubergine and a gorgeous olive green. Use plenty of soft and strokable textures, like suede, velvet, sheepskin and butter-soft leather.

Compact sofa beds will slot right into any space – big or small, office or bedroom and even into a dining room – so that you can lay your weary head wherever you fall asleep.

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