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When was the last time you tried a sofa bed? If the only memories you have of sofa beds are of the creaky, clunky old thing that your aunt used to wheel out whenever you went to stay, we’ll forgive you for feeling a little apprehensive about purchasing one. But trust us when we say that sofa beds have changed! In fact, if you dismiss the option of a sofa bed entirely, you could really be missing out. Here, we’ve rounded up some reasons why you should think about investing in a sofa bed – as well as a few of our favourite models.

Palma Sofa BedPalma Sofa Bed

It can save on space

No spare bedroom? No problem! As more and more of us are living in inner city flats or terraced houses, limited space can be an issue. That’s where the sofa bed really comes into its own. There’s no need to have a spare bedroom to be able to offer guests a comfortable place to sleep – your living room can be transformed into a guest room instead.

Great for last minute guests

If you’ve ever had to offer guests the floor to sleep on – or gallantly taken the floor yourself when friends have come over to stay, and offered them your bed – then you’ll understand just how brilliant a sofa bed can be. These days, good quality sofa beds are easy to fold out, meaning that you can have a comfortable guest bed ready in a flash.

Works as a reading nook

If you’re anything like us, you’ll love curling up on a comfy sofa and getting lost in a good book, or flicking through a favourite magazine. And when your sofa bed isn’t in use by guests, it can double up as a great spot for you to enjoy a little quiet time. Add a mug of hot chocolate, a snuggly throw, and you’re good to go!

Value for money

Nowadays, sofa beds are comfortable enough to use as a main sofa, so you can save on expense by purchasing a piece of furniture that offers multi-functional use. And hey, we aren’t going to judge if you fancy folding the bed out when there aren’t any guests around so that you can lounge on it yourself while watching Netflix.

Which sofa bed should you choose?

Thankfully, sofa beds have moved on an awful lot since the days when you pretty much needed a degree in astrophysics to be able to make them work. These days, there is a whole host of styles and sizes out there to suit every taste, and they’re really easy to use, too. Here at SofaSofa, we’ve got a huge range of sofa beds to choose from. Here are ten of our favourite styles.


Amelia Sofa Bed

Amelia Sofa Bed

With clean, modern lines, the Amelia still feels inviting thanks to the slight curve of the arms, as well as the deep, squishy moulded foam seat cushions which make this sofa so comfortable. The sofa is fully upholstered in linen effect fabric, and mounted on polished hardwood feet for a modern look.


Barolo Sofa Bed

Barolo Sofa Bed

Fully upholstered in a soft chenille jumbo cord fabric, the Barolo just screams comfort. The polished hardwood feet and clean, modern lines make this a truly stylish sofa bed, but we imagine that the reason your guests will fall in love with it is its comfort factor.


Newport Stripe Sofa Bed

Newport Stripe Sofa Bed

Available in both plain block colours and a new striped fabric, the Newport is one of our bestselling loose cover sofa ranges. Both the outer covers and cushion covers are fully removable and washable, meaning that it’s ideal if you or your guests are prone to spilling the odd drink!


Chesterfield Leather Sofa Bed

Chesterfield Leather Sofa Bed

If you’re looking for a classic, yet contemporary, look, then the Chesterfield is it. This stunning sofa has totally won over the world of interior design, making its way into both period properties and contemporary homes, and fitting in with the surrounding décor with ease. The Chesterfield is such a statement piece, that it will work in pretty much any space. And the Chesterfield sofa bed is no exception. Our offering, featuring hand-studded front facings; fully upholstered hand-buttoned arms, back and border; and superior antiqued leather that has been rubbed back to enhance the aged look; really is something special. You can guarantee that your guests will fall in love with the Chesterfield sofa bed. The only problem may be getting them to leave.


sienna leather sofa bedSienna Leather Sofa Bed

With leather so soft you just can’t help but reach out and touch it, the Sienna leather sofa bed is a joy to behold, as well as a delight to lounge on and sleep in. The moulded foam seat cushions and hollow fill fibre back cushions only add to the comfort, and the sofa’s clean, modern look will work wonderfully in any contemporary setting.


rmtab_hlsvMontana Sofa Bed

The plush chenille Helena fabric of the Montana sofa bed feels truly luxurious, but it might be the ultra-clean lines and contemporary look that will win your guests over. There are seven gorgeous colours to choose from, too, so you’re bound to be able to find one that suits your space.


rmtab_hlsvMezzo Leather Sofa Bed

Available in Saddle Leather and Softgrain Leather, the Mezzo sofa bed offers a stylish, Italian feel with its large cushions and polished hardwood feet. The sleek silhouette is complemented by a simple piping trim across the back cushions, providing just enough of an accent to this masculine sofa, perfect for a gentleman’s apartment.


We hope that we’ve shown you that sofa beds certainly aren’t what they used to be. Nowadays, there are lots of stylish, comfortable, easy to use models available, and the sheer variety means that you’re bound to find the right sofa bed for you and your guests.

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