Create the perfect retro look in your living room


Some of us absolutely loathe it and some love it. I am talking about the newly popular retro style in your home.

Inspired by the clean lines and funky colours from the 50s, 60s and 70s, the retro look can be as colourful or as minimalist as you like it. Combine vintage furniture with contemporary accessories and complete a unique 21st century look.

Poppy 3 Seater SofaPoppy 3 Seater Sofa / Poppy Footstool with Woodland Print

Colour Choice

Depending on the existing colour scheme in your living room, there is a great variety as to what you can do to add more colour.
While you can use bright, funky colours to accentuate and contrast parts of your living room, if you are looking to add more colour to larger areas in a small room, then it’s best to go with classic grey and sage green tones.
If you are a fan of funky wallpaper and have a larger room, then the classic 70s patterns look great and create an impression when you don’t hide them with furniture.

Osiris Leaf design wallpaper by www.wallpaperfromthe70s.comOsiris Leaf Design Wallpaper by / Sophia Armchair

Minimalism and modernism

To achieve a modern look with a 70s design twist, it’s important to keep it simple and minimalist with few coordinated colour accents.
Retro and vintage are terms that span across a number of decades and it’s no coincidence that Scandinavian design boasts quite a few notable similarities, such as clean and minimalist lines in furniture. The difference of the two styles is in the colour palette as Scandi design uses more natural colours like grey, white and pastel.

Madrid 3 Seater Loose Cover SofaMadrid 3 Seater Loose Cover Sofa

Magic Word: Accessorise

When you are looking to recreate the perfect retro look you have to get the accessories right. While a big centrepiece sofa can help to set the basic design direction, the right accessories finish the look. For additional touches, you can add scatter cushions or why not create your own cushions with a bit of vintage fabric?

For more inspiration on retro accessories in teal, blue and yellow, take a look at this Scandi retro inspired moodboard.

Vintage Cushion Tutorial by www.homedit.comVintage Cushion Tutorial by

If you haven’t kept your curtains for the last forty years or never changed your lighting, don’t panic. There are a range of places where you can still discover original 70s treasures, such as charity shops with an area for furniture or ebay’s range of vintage and retro collectables.
Invented in 1963 by Mathmos and an all-time favourite, the lava lamp remains a popular and funky lighting solution perfect to recreate this amazing retro style.

Astro Lava Lamp by MathmosAstro Lava Lamp by Mathmos


It’s good to remember that, as we are not living in the 70s anymore, you get to choose the varying degree of this style. You don’t have to have your entire kitchen or bedroom look like a snapshot out of a home design magazine from 1973.
Much discussed in magazines and on the design project website, houzz, there are lessons to learn from how to do 70s.
Whether you choose to add a main piece, such as an amazing sofa, or accessories such as lamps, cushions or a coffee table, it has to be right for you. With delicate curves and classic styling these retro influenced sofas and armchairs bring a distinguished look to any modern living spaces.

Bari 3 Seater SofaBari 3 Seater Sofa

If you have added a stylish retro sofa to your home or even have pictures of your old sofa in the 70s, then we’d love to see them on Facebook.

Poppy Retro Corner Sofa

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