Declutter Your Home for Good This Spring


Spring is in sight, and with it comes a sense of freshness and new beginnings. Flowers are beginning to bloom and there are lambs in the fields. Spring is also seen as the perfect opportunity to spruce up your home, declutter and add a touch of sparkle.

In fact, spring cleaning has been a custom practiced for thousands of years and is used by many as a yearly opportunity to get rid of rubbish lying about the home. The thought of living with less clutter is appealing and the benefits are well-known. Owning less stuff means having more time for the most important aspects of our lives, and even feeling more comfortable in our own home.

What if your home was organised in a way which meant it wasn’t necessary though? That’s right, you’d never have to spring clean again. If this idea sounds appealing, then you may want to consider the minimalist approach to living. After all, you won’t need to declutter if you don’t have any clutter to begin with.

Here’s how you can put down that furniture polish and get in touch with your inner minimalist:

Clear out broken and unused things


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Becoming a true minimalist will take time and effort but having a structured decluttering plan can make a difference from the start.

The first way to spring clean your home is by discarding broken things that you can’t possibly have a need for, and donating or selling possessions that you no longer use.

There are many different methods and approaches for taking a minimalist approach to decluttering your home, and you may find that one works better for you than another. Here are some general tips to get you started:

  1. Make a plan. Focus on the results you want to see in the various rooms of your home and why. Identify what you could declutter and investigate how you could sell, recycle, or donate it.
  2. Start small. Try getting rid of one unnecessary item a day initially until you gradually build up your minimalist momentum.
  3. If you haven’t used an item for a year, you don’t really need it.
  4. Stop buying stuff you don’t need. An obvious tip for decluttering your home is to stop the flow of clutter coming into your home.
  5. Declutter the easiest things first. Adopting a minimalist approach takes time, so there’s no reason to make your spring cleaning more difficult than it should be. Throw away the easiest clutter to part with and gradually build your resolve to part with more difficult objects.
  6. Be realistic. If you have an item that you will never need, keeping it “just in case” isn’t a justifiable reason. Try to recognise the difference between a useful item and a necessary one.
  7. Respect other people’s belongings. If you want to declutter something that belongs to a significant other or spouse, ask for their permission. Otherwise this can lead to them to develop hoarding tendencies.

Here is a quick room to room guide for decluttering your home.

Set up a recycling station


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Setting up a recycling station is an eco-friendly way to avoid clutter and ensure that your spring cleaning efforts simply become a way of life. As with the decluttering aspect of a minimalist approach, recycling takes willpower and perseverance. If you have limited space in your home, it may even take a little creativity.

You can set up a recycling station in your home by:

1. Deciding where to put it. Would you prefer to have it accessible or out of the way? Kitchens are the obvious choice as they are where most of the recyclable waste will come from. If you’d prefer not to though, you can always store your recycling bins outdoors. Be sure to measure your space to make sure the bins will fit!

2. Choosing a recycling bin that will fit your style and that won’t seem like clutter itself.

3. Set a schedule for recycling. If you take out your recycling on the same day each week, it will gradually become a habit.

Read more about taking a green approach to spring cleaning.


Repaint walls a simple colour


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Over time, old wallpaper and colour schemes that you have outgrown can become clutter in their own right. They can also collect dirt and dust that you may not notice.

Spring cleaning is about giving your home a fresh start and this philosophy should apply to your walls too. Repainting the walls of your home a simple colour makes them into a blank canvas that can be easier to maintain and clean. The repainting process also allows you to re-evaluate the items that you may have had hanging on your walls or on your bookshelves, and gives you the chance to assess them or throw them out if they’re clutter.

When it comes to choosing a new paint colour, taking a minimalist approach can mean that your rooms look brighter, larger, and less messy. All-white walls are therefore worth your consideration and can work throughout your home to create an airy and lighter atmosphere


Ditch old paperwork and update your storage system


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Paper is usually one of the main culprits when it comes to clutter, and we can often trick ourselves into thinking we need to keep otherwise useless documents or letters. Often, we stuff them away into drawers or leave them lying on tables or shelves and forget all about them. However, there are plenty of ways to simplify how you store paperwork to stop it becoming clutter.

Here are a few tips for getting started:

  1. Identify a place for a paper inbox. Decide upon a spot in your home where all new papers (including letters, receipts, homework and even takeaway menus) are stored
  2. Create a simple folder system. Invest in a few folders and label them simply for bills, bank statements and other paperwork you think you should keep.
  3. Make sure you use your storage system! Make a habit of using your folder system and not falling back into the old routine. Go through your paper inbox at least once a week and quickly decide whether you need to bin or keep documents.

Alternatively, you could digitise all vital documents and papers as part of your spring cleaning ritual by scanning and uploading them to an application such as Evernote or Dropbox, so they are available at all times and easily searchable.


Spring cleaning isn’t an easy task, and saying goodbye to clutter can be difficult sometimes, especially if you’ve convinced yourself that we need it. However, by adopting a minimalist approach to your home décor you can begin to separate what you need to keep from what you don’t, and make spring cleaning an unnecessary thing of the past!

Posted in Lifestyle on 28th Feb 2017


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