How to Decorate a White Sofa


Think your sofa needs to be a bold colour to be interesting? Think again. These eight room ideas will provide ample inspiration for decorating a white sofa – and trust me, it goes much further than simply adding a coloured throw!


Ascot White Sofa

Despite its neutral colour, our Ascot sofa offers enough interest to forgo coloured scatter cushions or throws. The swirling embossed design makes the rolled arms and overall traditional design feel modern, and the large, deep cushions are incredibly inviting and cosy.

To contrast the feeling of luxury encapsulated in the sofa, the rest of the furniture in the room is starker. Clean lines are the order of the day for the coffee table and end table, and the metal trunks by the wall offer another level to the utilitarian feel.

Balancing the rigidity of the tables are some gorgeous, delicate ornaments, including a shallow vase of fresh flowers, and bell vases displaying historic artefacts in the background.

This mixture of delicacy and rigidity, of sumptuous softness and hard lines, works well to create an end result that is neither too hard, nor too soft – but is, as a favourite children’s story character might say, “just right”.


Clarence White Sofa

The timeless elegance of the Clarence is complemented with beautiful scatter cushions, which pick out the muted blues and greys of the surrounding décor perfectly. The florals of the two back cushions still manage to look modern thanks to the simple, understated design, and the stripes of the front cushions.

The whole room is tied together further by matching the floral design of two of the cushions with the footstool, but thanks to the striped design of the two other cushions the look remains elegant and effortless, rather than contrived.


Domino White Sofa

This gorgeous, large modular sofa makes an impact all on its own thanks to its size and clean, modern design. The use of just a few scatter cushions adds a subtle accent of colour that works wonderfully.

With a couple of cushions in muted, earthy colours at one end, and a cushion featuring a simple circular design at the other, the additions provide just the right amount of colour to complement the sofa while retaining the impact of the modern look.


Grosvenor White Sofa

The button back and rolled arms of the Grosvenor sofa are enough to add elegance to any room, but the decoration here manages to bring the traditional design of the piece up-to-date without losing any of its timeless beauty.

On their own, the three cushions in cream, grey and pale pink wouldn’t be enough to really make an impact, but with the addition of the fourth bright pink cushion, the whole room is tied together.

Pulling in a bold shade of raspberry pink from the lampshade and the flowers, whose size and placement balances wonderfully against the sofa, the one bright cushion provides the perfect level of colour to make the décor feel modern, yet still traditional.


Ludlow White Sofa

The clean lines of this sofa offer a 1960s vibe, which provides a level of sophistication that feels masculine in its style. This manly look is paired with cushions in muted greys and blues, matched with a throw in a simple geometrical design that works fantastically in the space.

The simple, understated end tables work brilliantly to maintain the modern look, but the clear table lamps are what really make this room feel gorgeously contemporary. Finally, the pop of yellow in the bowl of lemons and books on the end tables offers just the right amount of brightness to this otherwise muted palate to make the whole place look fresh.


Madrid White Sofa

Thanks to our natural Madrid sofa and the clean, neutral background of the floor and walls, the bright coloured accessories in this room are able to really pop, and create much more of an impact than they otherwise might.

The accessories on the sofa tie the whole room together, and the large cushion is key. Pulling in blues, reds, and browns from the other accessories, it provides a focal point for the colours of the space. This is a great technique for decorating – using a key piece as a colour palate to match other accessories and furnishings to.

The choice of colours in this room are wonderfully bold and bright, and work brilliantly with the white sofa to create a holiday feel.


Marino White Sofa

The success of this room’s design is in the use of texture. Marrying smooth leather and shiny metal with a polished wooden floor makes the space feel ultra-modern, but the addition of a tactile rug keeps the space from feeling cold.

The design of the Marino offers enough impact on its own, and in this particular space, scatter cushions would look out of place. Instead, the room relies on the sofa for inspiration; the two shiny metal decorations framing the piece tie in with the feet of the sofa wonderfully, providing a gorgeous minimalist look.

Meanwhile, the black end tables provide contrast, but still tie into the overall design thanks to their shiny metal legs.


Positano White Sofa

The minimalist look of the Positano is used as a great backdrop here. With blues, greens and greys all vying for attention, the accessories could easily look too busy in a different setting, but here they balance wonderfully thanks to the neutral background and clean design of the flooring and sofa.

The shades of blue and green are important in this room. The olive green is muted enough to allow the more bold blue colours to take centre stage, but there are still just enough splashes of brighter green to provide balance in the accessories on the left end table.

And thanks to the pop of yellow and pink in the flowers, this room looks fresh and modern, while still feeling like it could easily belong in a family home.

Clean and bright

White is actually every colour under the sun rolled into one, which is maybe why a white sofa can be made to look so different in a range of settings. Whether you want a clean, modern look, or a traditional feel, a white sofa can offer you a wonderful starting point for your space. Get creative!

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