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You’ve seen the offers. XX% off, everything half price, buy one get one free, nothing to pay until 2999 (okay we made that last one up). Sofa buyers are constantly bombarded by some of the most ridiculous and quite frankly unbelievable deals. They can’t be real, right? Well, for the most part they aren’t. Furniture retailers are notorious for creating fictitious year long sales with crazy discounts to hook you into buying what you think is an absolute bargain.

After Event pricing

Their tactics are getting cleverer too. As the Office of Fair Trading has become more interested in their antics, many sofa retailers have cunningly switched from offering a straight percentage discount to showing an ‘after event’ price. But try finding the discounted sofa ‘after event’. It will miraculously disappear from the store only to be replaced by another slightly different model with, can you guess? A brand new ‘after event’ offer!

The law is quite simple. The retailer must have offered the product for at least 28 days at the higher price to be able to advertise a reduction. The ‘after event’ promotion gets round this by saying the sofa price will increase after a given date to a predetermined price. Of course it never does because the model is no longer promoted or even displayed after the event has finished. Cunning, eh?

hartford sofa

Hartford (Special) range from SofaSofa

Genuine Discounts

So not all discounts are as good as they appear. But you knew that, anyway. The real trick is being able to spot the genuine discounts from the year long sales tactic.

So how to spot that genuine bargain?

Well first off remember to ask yourself one simple question. Does the higher advertised price look reasonable for the sofa? If it does then you could be onto a winner. Big discounts do exist but you need to consider the pre offer price to judge whether the discount is real or not. If the pre offer price seems sensible for that sofa then the chances are that the reduction is genuine.

newbury sofa

Newbury Range by SofaSofa

Buy in January and July

Another tip is to look out for bargains in the months when sofa dealers need to shift stock. January and summer genuine sales are common in the sofa world as suppliers need to stimulate a seasonally quiet sales period.


Buy direct

One of the best ways to bag a bargain is by going direct. Retailers, e-tailers and even wholesalers add a considerable margin to the price to cover their overheads, so by going direct to the manufacturer you can be sure of a sizable discount. SofaSofa is the largest direct to the public manufacturer with an extensive range of over 50 designs, so a good place to start.



Many sofa companies have an eBay account to sell off end of line, discontinued, soiled or cosmetically imperfect products. If you don’t mind the odd blemish and if you’re happy to compromise on style and shade then eBay could be the place for you.

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